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TT Lipo & BBL - San Jose, CA

I'm a 29 year old 5' 120lbs mother of 5 gorgeous...

I'm a 29 year old 5' 120lbs mother of 5 gorgeous children, I'm really excited/nervous never had any type of surgery but so looking forward to getting my tummy to as normal looking as possible with the bonus of a nice bigger butt.. I'm kind of scared of the recovery having these procedures done at the same time. Can anyone who had these done at the same time tell me their experience?


I had TT & Lipo done on April 25th 6 weeks ago and I feel great now. Not 100% but 90% back to normal. The Lipo still hurts off and on especially when I stretch it's like a bad bad bad sunburn. Bruising went away in 2 to 3 weeks. Good luck to you!
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Thanks for the info, I'm glad your feeling almost 100% now. I'm taking 2 months off work for my recovery. Are you still swollen?
I have my up days and down days with swelling. I have noticed if I eat salty foods like Mexican I am like a balloon stay away from salt period if you can. It is not always swollen it does tend to be worse at night.


I'm so excited my surgery is coming up soon I can't believe it's around the corner! I have my Percocet & antibiotics ready I bought more pillows washed my blankets did a lot of cleaning I think I'm as ready as can be to have this done.

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More pics

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Excited & nervous

Tomorrow is my big day! I'm excited & nervous I want to get a good night sleep but I can't stop thinking & feeling nervous. Thank God I have my mom & her support she'll be taking care of me during my recovery. I'll post pics & update as soon as I feel up to it.


Good luck for today. I can't wait to see your post pics. Your before pics are very similar to mine so ill be very interested to hear how you get on. I'm scheduled for 25th June - only 8 days away :)
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Thank you! everything has gone well so far I'm home now it's jst a matter of time now hopefully my healing goes well & the pain not too bad yet my procedure was abou 4hrs long jst took pain meds. I'll post pics ASAP.


Well I'm now going through the recovery process everything is going well so far I do have pain but it's more soreness where I had the lipo & some burning on the incision I've been taking my meds every 4 hours as directed by my doc. Thank God I have my mom to help me out she is really supportive & helpful & Thank God everything is going good so far I have 2 drains my right one has had the most drainage, so far they don't bother me that much I tuck them in my compression garment. I can't wait to look at my belly I haven't seen my scar or my belly button just the bruising from the lipo, I have an apt tomorrow I'll update after I'm so excited to take a peek at my new tummy. Oh & my butt is hard on some areas & sore.


So happy your doing well, keep us posted.
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Congratulations! & good luck to you. I actually had a little melt down today the pain was a little hard to deal with getting up from bed & laying back down is kind of hard just make sure you take your meds on time.
Oh dear, hope you pain free now TAKE YOUR MEDS ON TIME :) Wishing you a better day today :)

1st post op.

I went in to my appt today & got my drains removed. I'm so happy with my results so far. I'm swollen & sore but looking at my stomach makes everything worth it. My bottom looks better too but I'm just posting pics of my stomach for now. The most difficult & painful day for me was the 2nd day post op and I was only on Percocet no pain pump. Everything has gone well so far thank God!


Your stomach looks good!! So I'm having TT,BBL, and lipo on June 28!! So I'm curious as to how you've been able to sleep?? This is one of my main concerns, however, my PS has told me to just sleep on my side sine I can't lay on my new booty or on my stomach!!
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Congats! I'm sure u'll love your results. That has been really uncomfortable for me I've been sleeping on my back with a doughnut pillow! The first 4 days were the worst, thank God I'm feeling so much better now. It all gets better with time make sure you rest lots & have someone with you 24/7 at least 3 days. ;)
Your pics look great!
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2 weeks 5days post op

I'm updating my progress since it been almost 3 weeks my recovery hasn't been as bad as I expected, thank God! However I've had some swelling & a difficult time standing & sitting down I'm still sore as well from my lipo. I'm able to drive now do some light cleaning no moping or sweeping though. I can also fit into my jeans which I thought would take longer, so far I'm really happy with my healing & my results my scar is low & I like my belly button as for my bottom I can see a difference but not too much. I'm still getting used to my new body it feels so surreal. ?


You incision is so nice and low. Looking forward to your progress.
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Thank you! I'll post more pics in a week or so, I still have swelling.
U look great, I hope I have similar results
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4 weeks + post op

It's been a bit more than a month since I had my surgery, every day that passes by it gets better I still have swelling which gets worse by night time I also have an area where I had lipo that's still hard & my stomach muscles still feel sore if I sneeze cough etc. I wear my compression garment for comfort now but I don't have to wear anymore, I'm able to do everything I would do before the surgery but with care. Also please make sure you have someone to help you out you will get exhausted & you need a lot of rest. ;)


U look great!! :) congrats
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You look great, my body is similar to yours and I'm 5"2 so I'm hoping I get amazing results also!
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Thank you try to rest as much as possible, follow your docs instructions & I'm sure u'll look great & heal soon! ;)

Dog ear

Well it's almost 4 months post tt I'm very happy with my results in general however I have a small dog ear on my right side, my doctor will do lipo on it by the end of this month hopefully that will fix the problem. Other than that everything has gone well I'm able to exercise now my body looks so much better that it did before I can wear jeans without my stomach hanging out. I still swell by the end of the day but it's not as bad anymore. I will update after my lipo & post more pics! xoxoxo :)


Goodluck xxxx
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Thank you
San Jose Plastic Surgeon

Dr Pham was great I'm really pleased with my results so far, it's been a month post op I wanted to wait to give a review but no need to wait any longer my results are amazing I had a tummy tuck lipo & fat transfer to butt. My tt incision is low as I had requested my bottom looks great as well. I'm so happy I trusted him & had my surgery done. He's really a great doc I definitely recommend him.

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