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I have steadily gained weight around my midriff...

I have steadily gained weight around my midriff over the last 2 years - despite diet and regular exercise. I did insanity for 4 weeks, 6 days a week and lost fat from all over the body except my tummy. I decided to get the fat sucked out and start anew.
I saw the ads for Physicians Skin and Weight on billboards and Facebook and decided to give it a try. I got a consultation the same day I called and an appointment for surgery the next Friday which was awesome!
Planning to get upper and lower abdomen, flanks and bra rolls done.

More painful than I expected

I got my procedure done 4 days ago. Had 1300ccs of fat removed from my upper and lower abdomen, flanks and bra-roll. It took 3 hours and was a great deal more painful than expected. The process of filling in the tumescent fluid was uncomfortable and so was the suctioning. The lasering wasn't as painful. The doctor had to give me demerol because of how painful it was.
The first night was restful because of the medication. I leaked a lot but the pads absorbed it. I leaked again the second day. Took 500mg tylenol both days. The third day I was sore and uncomfortable. Today is the fourth day and I feel very tired. and low. My brain isn't as sharp....
Did my post-op checkup yesterday and the nurse said that I was healing ok. She showed me how to correctly wear the compression garment. She suggested Arnica supplements for the swelling.

12 days post

Am feeling much better. Got myself a TC body shaper from Nordstrom. It is very firm and helps keep the swelling down. I do have swelling still. My midriff is sore to touch.My flanks hurt when I lie on my side, but I am feeling better as the days go on. I am planning to work out today.
The pics that I uploaded are from day 4. You can see the bruising and some swelling. Day 1 was the best look - flat and thin - I hope that will be the final look after I heal.
Am feeling knots and develop under the skin - I am massaging them.

1 month later - am looking and feeling better

I am wearing a body shaper all the time. If I don't wear it then my tummy feels tender. I feel hard ridges where the tunnels are healing and I have been massaging them to help absorb the scar tissue. I sometimes feel a tugging especially around my belly button. I have started working out - did insanity the other day. jumping seemed to jiggle the mid-riff area and that was uncomfortable.
My lower belly is showing a lot of improvement but not my flanks and bra roll as much.

Got bra roll area redone

I went for my 6 month check up in April w Dr. Shailaja Menon. My lower stomach and waist area looked great, but the bra roll area did not. She agreed to redo that area for free! It took a while to schedule - finally got the surgery scheduled for July 11th.
The procedure was quick and relatively comfortable. Only the numbing procedure was painful. She removed 200cc of fat from the two areas.
She also noticed better toning of my abdomen - I attribute it to yoga.
I am delighted w my decision to do SmartLipo. I highly recommend Dr. Shailaja Menon. She is knowledgeable and gets results.
DR. Shailaja Menon

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Can you post updated pics? Thank you.
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Hope your revision gives you the end result you want Happy healing
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Nice, I wanna make sure I get all that done as well, Great results!
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Hi my fellow Bay Area RS woman I hope you are loving your results and the revision on your bra roll. Glad she redid it for free. Happy healing.
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Good that u were able to have the revision at no cost. Good luck.
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Your pictures look great. I can definitely see the difference. I am 7 weeks out and still wear some sort of compression almost all the time. I just seem to swell up like a balloon if I don't. They say it takes 6 months to see the final result so you still have a long way to go.
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Glad you're starting to feel better! My hips still bother me when I'm sleeping. I just get so stiff and sore lying for long periods of time. Good luck!
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I started to feel much better around Day 8-10. I was back to being able to do my normal activities and getting outside walking in the sunshine. Try to get lots of rest and don't hesitate to take medication for the pain. Good luck!
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing with us!

I'm so glad you're happy with your results. When are you planning on having the other areas treated? We'd love to see a before/after photo, if you have any you feel comfortable sharing.

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