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Hello everyone--I had my rhinoplasty done along...

Hello everyone--I had my rhinoplasty done along with a turbinate reduction because of my deviated septum on the 25th of June (so it's been 11 days). The reason I went along with this was to have the hump on my nose smoothed out and cause I just felt my nose was crooked from the front. My surgeon did put a cartilage graft to even out the nose--but I still feel it is crooked from the front (probably due to swelling?); I really like how the R/L views have come out. I'm not sure if it is the swelling still that needs to come down or I'm just freaking out too early. I just don't want the nose to return back to being crooked after the 3 month mark and then there can be nothing done :( Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I've been waiting patiently each day, taking a look, taking pictures, and the swelling seems to be uneven daily. I have another scheduled appointment with my surgeon in August before I leave for Amman, Jordan and my 3 month mark is in December when I get back, so I'm hoping by then everything will be alright (fingers crossed), if not I'll have to discuss other options (there should be some I'm hoping?). Thanks again in advance.
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He was great and very open with everything; told me he was excited to work on the nose and see the improvement he can bring with what we both agreed on. Was very straight forward and to the point which was great.

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Wow your nose looks amazing, particularly so soon after surgery. You had a lot of work done so uneven swelling will probably hang around for some time. I hope you get your concerns sorted out soon. By the way, my swelling has been uneven too but it is progressing, and concerns I had about crookedness are fading. All the best!
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Hey there,

I just took a second look at that second photo and I see what you mean. I wanted to let you know about this link as well, where doctors discuss uneven rhinoplasty swelling that can cause your nose to look crooked while it's healing.

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thanks so much angie! my upper nose is still fluctuating in its swelling, so maybe that's what making it look more uneven too. Being patient and hoping for the best.
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i see some crookedness but did your surgeon say it would be straight? i know some people just cant be fixed in that sense
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We were both going for an improvement in the nose and he said he would try his best to straighten the bottom part, but because of cartilage's memory it maybe harder. He did do cartilage grafts to balance it out though. thinking it maybe the swelling making it seem more obvious?
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Is the surgeoun u picked a local surgeoun? Yes ur nose is soooo much better than before. But if I'm gonna be honest, since I'm a perfectionist. I see some uneveness on ur nose, not so much on the tip, but more towards the bridge. Did u speak with your physician about it? Its not much noticable tho!
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Yes he was a local surgeon. I have a follow up with him soon. The swelling is still fluctuating--im not sure how long this fluctuation lasts for though. I have indents on both sides of my nose along with the swelling, which maybe making it look more crooked (not sure)? ahhhh
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. I think your nose looks great! There are pretty much always revision options, but at this point I would suggest not obsessing too much and try to be patient. You're in early days and the swelling can take months to subside.

Please keep us posted as you continue to heal!

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thank you! i will!
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I would wait, u know they say a nose needs 1 year to heal perfectly....so u might see changes in the next few months. Don't stress over it.....ur nose is a very sensetive area and bones were broken and what not. It maybe just some swelling perhaps some scar tissue....but u will never know until u wait for at least 6 months and see if u notice any changes.
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