Palomar Lux1540 for Stretchmarks - San Jose, CA

I've been researching ways of getting rid of my...

I've been researching ways of getting rid of my Stretchmarks for years and finally decided to give it try. I paid $2000 for a 5 session package in northern California. I just completed my 3rd session and can say that I'm seeing good results. My Stretchmarks are on my calves (back of legs) and I've had them since my late teen years. The marks are about 30%-40% better in appearance after 3 sessions. The scars are starting to fade and blend in with the rest of the skin. the only complications I've had so far is with hyperpigmentation since I'm skin IV. I'm told the hyperpigmentation will resolve itself over time. I'm looking forward to my last 2 Sessions!
Do you have any before and after photos? Also, where did you get it done at? Thanks!

Thank you for your review, I am so glad that you are seeing great results so far, how exciting!! How many weeks are your treatments spaced apart?

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