Bad Permalip Experience- I Want Them Removed NOW! - San Jose, CA

I got my permalip implant surgery 3 months ago. My...

I got my permalip implant surgery 3 months ago. My lips were so thin, when I smiled they disappeared. After I got my stitches removed, I noticed that my smile looked horrible. It was somewhat uneven and unnatural. The implants are uncomfortable and just plain annoying. It is really hard for me to open my mouth and smile. I really hate it! The only benefit to the implants is that I actually have large enough lips to wear lipstick. I really want to get my implants removed but I'm not sure what my lips/smile will look like after they are taken out. Will my lips look like they used to or will there be extra skin/tissue left over from the decrease in size. I need advice!

All women of America and the world....please skip the lip injections. It doesn't look right....even if you don't have a bad experience. Seriously....I like hot women, (and regular women, any cool, normal women)....and the fat-lip/duck-lip/caterpillar-lip thing has got to go! Even if it's subtle.....I don't want my lips making out with that.

Hi Sweetgirl,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the reivew. I am so sorry you don't like your implants. Have you gone back to your doctor to find out if they can do anything? If you get them taken out do you think you could get a filler instead. Please keep us updated.



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