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I had my flanks, love handles and lower and bottom...

I had my flanks, love handles and lower and bottom abdomen completed. I have always had problems with my tummy even before I became a mother so the idea that it would be flat had me sold in seconds! I am hoping that I am happy with the results and that I am not disappointed in spending money and the time.

Day 7

I have compared and pre and post measurements and the only difference is 1inch on my hips that has gone down. Waist still 32, and hips 37. I have become discouraged from seeing other posts. Dr. took out close to 9lbs. I want to feel like myself again and not ache!
It looks great!! Huge difference. I
It takes a little time. I did not have much pain, in fact, the most uncomfortable part was the garment and binder. Goods luck.

Feeling a bit better

I went back to read my two other postings and boy do I sound like Debbie Downer.... sorry about that... but that is really how I felt at the time. I also took a fall down the stairs and went in the morning of the procedure with a huge bruise from the fall from last night... so, I'm dealing both with that injury as well as the procedure... talk about adding to the situation right? The fall was on the left side and I can definitely feel that pain more... ugh...

Yesterday we went to the bowling alley for a birthday party and I wore a long flowing dress over my garment. It felt sore at times but was glad that I was able to get out of the house for a bit with it on as the day before I had had a meeting at work and was in PAIN the entire day, in fact, I took it off during lunch...

I also noticed a difference this morning when I weighed myself, (I've found that every morning I lose ounces) I am excited to get back in the 130's! I weighed 136 before the holidays and then screwed myself over... and weighed in at 141 the day of the procedure. So much for timing it right, huh? :-)

I like to go without the garment in the morning for a little bit to breathe from the night before and I can certainly notice a difference when I put my sweats and a tank top on. It is a lot flatter.

So, I'm happy to report that I'm feeling better and look forward to the progress each day. Now if I could bend over that would be great.

Oh, husband and I also had sex last night. Talk about killing the romance of it all... he kept asking me if I was okay and if it hurt...

I will take pictures tomorrow and post.
Sounds like everything is moving in a good direction for you. I love reading everyone's updates. I compare them to my own. Some I come out feeling good about my progress and others I think I am definitely not doing as good as some. Does anyone else have these feelings?
Thank you. It's nice to see that others see it differently than myself. We are so much more critical of ourselves!

Feeling a lot more like myself! Whoo hoo!

So, yesterday I ditched the garment and wore Spanx for the day. I figured it was that or burn the garment that I have learned to dislike very much!! I did sleep with the garment though. Today I am back in the garment and honestly I have not complained at all so that is a good thing! I am also on day 2 of not taking any Advil nor Tylenol. I also took measurements this morning and I am down 1 inch on my waist and hips. 31 waist and 36 on my hips. I'm feeling so much happier and hopeful as I am seeing results. Can not wait to see myself in 3 months! I also started applying Arnica to my bruises as of Thursday night and can tell a huge difference as they are going away. I noticed a lump above my belly button but I am wondering if that is due to the swelling and bruising from my belly button as the Dr. placed an incision in that place.

I forgot to add...

I kid you all not but I've started using Preparation H all over and I don't know if it's in my mind but not only has it helped with the pain from my stair fall, but all over my body... you should all try it!
I use Preperation H on my eyes. I might try it because it is supposed to shrink tissue and heal inflammation.
Yes, you should!
I think the same as well. If I compare myself it makes me upset! :-(

Shrinking little by little

I took this morning pictures as I have not updated them in a week, I believe. I also weighed myself and notice that I go down each day. I might try on my jeans today but don't want to get upset or disappointed if they do not fit!

Lumpy bump above navel

One thing you will be able to tell in the side picture is the lumpy bumpy above my navel. Anybody else have that? I'm not too bothered by it at the moment as I'm sure it is due to the swelling where there was an incision. I'm hoping the swelling will go away.
I have the lumpy bump above my navel too!! I give it aggressive massages every day
Do not get to aggressive. I did that last week and one of the bottom scabs came off and a bloody fluid drained. I fact it soaked a bath towel. I called PS and was told to watch for infection and not to message for a few days and then massage only gently for a week..
Yes, in fact from your picture mine may be a little more uneven in that area than you. I know that is where I felt the most discomfort so I attributed it to that. Either it was a more difficult area to get to or more fat removed than I thought in that area.

A bit tingly

Tomorrow will be two weeks and I'm feeling a lot like myself. I find myself getting in and out of bed a bit quicker as well as being able to sweep and clean. There are parts that I touch like my lower back that are tingly when I touch them. My scabs are also now starting to peel off which is nice. Today was the first day that I went without my original garment. I even slept last night without the garment and I had the best sleep I've had since the procedure. I was also able to fit into my jeans this morning! Muffin top gone but still bloated to the point where the pants are not smaller. I am going to attempt to go for a run. I'm going to start with 1 mile and build up each week to see how it goes. I also am starting my period so it will be interesting to see how the bloating will be with being on my period. Anybody already go through that experience? Do we get more bloated? I also weighed my

cut off mid sentence

myself and noticed I had gone up a pound but I'm going to relate that to my period.
Do you think things are improving now yo u r two weeks out. I can see the difference in your pictures. I personally get discouraged because I seen improvement immediately, especially on my waist but since then things seem to stay the same. I have hard lumps they say will go away but they cause discomfort with and without cg. Overall, I guess if things never improved I would still be able to see a good improvement on what I look like in clothes. I am three weeks out today. Some scabs came off a week ago but the two on the lower front are still firmly attached. I guess it proves how different each of us are.
Honestly, the only thing I am concentrating on right now is to feeling the same way I did before the procedure and being able to walk around and getting up and down like a normal person. I showed a friend what did the other day, I was not going to say anything, but she shared she is getting a tummy tuck, and so, I told her what I had done and she said that she noticed a big difference especially having no more muffin top. Made me feel better about myself. I've been told to wait until the 3 month mark because of the swelling, that I'm sure we still have a lot of now with the bruising. I really need to watch what I eat because I'm finding that I am falling to eating more snacks that usual!

Forgotten to post

Well, I'm going to be honest and say that I have not worn the garment for about a week, only one day I wore it while I was back at work. I was just reading other posts and all of you are still wearing your garment. Should I continue to wear it on a daily basis? My doc. told me two weeks and once that expired I threw the garment off to the side. I can notice a difference with my pants. I don't have to suck it in to get into them! I am still bloated around especially my belly button where it pokes out and therefore don't have a flatter stomache.. will have to ask the dr. at my next appt. in two weeks. I've taken my measurements and I'm still around the same 31 inch waist and 35 in the hips. I went running yesterday... i attempted to run.. it hurt and was so uncomfortable.. I mainly walked instead of running the mile. I will have to wear the garment next time I run this week. Still tingly and not feeling 100%, my girls or husband will brush me and it will irritate and I'll jump from the small sting. I have weighed myself and I am now at around 137.5. I am now going to go and put my garment on atleast while being at home. I will post pictures later this week.

5 weeks out

So... It's been 5 weeks on Saturday and I still have tingles and numbness. I'm also not really losing much weight so to motivate me I'm going back to WeihhtWatchers tomorrow as I have reached lifetime. Im also not wearing my garment so much. I did wear it today all day at work . I really do need a shaper. My waist is still at 30 but my tummy is getting flatter although I do notice excess skin on my lower abdomen. I'm hoping I see more results in the next month or two . It also makes me a little sad that no one has mentioned I look different. Makes me think I look the same . :-(

5 week pictures

Do you have any hardness or clumsiness? I can see the difference. Are you pleased so far with 'results? It does look like your tummy is not to swelled. So glad for you.
I am currently on my monthly cycle... and with the extra bloating I am very tingly and sensitive around waist and hips. I guess in my mind I would look smaller by this point, but then I think how happy I have felt the last couple of days that I can wear a top without feeling like I have to cover my stomache or muffin top. My husband complemented me on seeing a difference. I guess I'm still waiting for people to say something, but I do not care about that anymore. As long as I am happy that is what should matter the most. My jeans that once fit me tight are fitting a lot looser. I'm hoping to lose 1 or 2 inches off my waist. I'm currently at 30 inches whereas before surgery I was at 34 inches.
Epsom salt is found in the pharmacy, mixed with water and used for sprains, swelling, etc. My masseuse recommended them. I soak a towel in the Epsom salt water, squeeze it out and hold it in place by wrapping plastic wrap. I leave it 20 - 30 minutes twice a day before I message.

Just keep going.. just keep going....

This week is the first time that I was giddy while trying on clothes while shopping. I do not remember the last time I put on a pair of jeans and a shirt or sweater without having my stomach or love handles making me upset that nothing ever fits right. I had a constant smile on my face. In fact, I also went to get a bra fitting and learned that I am one inch smaller around the band length and so with new support and a shrinking torso I am one happy girl. I am still measuring at 30 inches, I'm hoping to get to 28, but at this point I am happy.
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