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I am one week post op from fat transfer to both...

I am one week post op from fat transfer to both buttocks and breasts. After having my implants removed a year and a half ago I started to consider fat transfer to the breasts. I actually quite liked my breasts after explantation; they were just a little deflated looking at the top. What bothered me more was the fat on my inner thighs and knees. I tried for a long time to accept myself and was able to feel good about myself as a whole, but I was unable to genuinely feel sexy. (Which is pretty sad; don't even get me started on how terrible our culture is for making women need to hack themselves up to feel sexy.)

So, eventually, even though my husband (and I) are pretty against plastic surgery, I decided to have lipo and figured I might as well use the fat. My butt and breasts were both starting to sag so I had my doctor put some fat in both areas.

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9 days post op

The right breast is higher because there is a lot of fat necrosis in the breast and I think it's keeping it from falling and softening like the left one has. Plus the left one already drooped a bit more than the right. Massing the lumpiness and doing occasional warm compresses and hoping those lumps soften up and that I don't end up with totally different looking breasts. :/ My legs don't look much different at this point but there is a lot of swelling so I know they will look thinner in time.


you look awesome
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You look great. Were you happy with dr Chung ? I am thinking about having my breasts done as well
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Are you thinking about seeing Dr. Chung specifically? I am happy so far, although it's only 3 weeks so I don't have my final result. I have lost a lot of volume. The lumpiness is softening in my right breast and that happened (I think) because I had a lot of scar tissue from when I had my implants removed as I had a lot of trouble recovering on that side. They said I should only expect to keep about 30%, which is much lower than other doctors claim to get. I don't know why that is, but I suspect it may be technique? I have read that some people say their doctor does tons and tons of injections or passes and I only remember her doing it in two phases and just squirting it in all at once. I had my eyes closed though. So maybe that's why the lower survival rate?? Idk. I can't say for sure if it's worth it until I see how much is left at the end. I had 220 cc's in each breast so 1/3 of that is only about 70 cc's. I'll update at three weeks with more pics!

Four weeks post op

I meant to post at three weeks but I had family in town so it just didn't happen. The lumpiness in my breast is softening and they are much better matched now. They are exactky the size I want them to be now, so I am hoping I keep most of what I have! Soooo happy with my results. The pics I take are really unflattering lol, I look pretty freakin hot in person! Haha. Going to do a lot of squats now to help fill up some of my looser skin. It's not super loose or anything but I think it would be better if I built some bigger muscles there. So I did some squats this morning! Feeling almost back to normal. At two weeks I felt a lot better. Those first two weeks were absolute he'll trying not to let on either my boobs or my butt. Sorry I still haven't shaved yet since before the surgery in my pics. Taking care of that today! Lol.


You have a beautiful figure. Are you still happy? Where are your lipo marks?
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wow you look amazing.
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Wow, amazing, can't believe your doctor did such an amazing job, G-d bless you
Dr. Jane Chung

Dr. Jane Chung and her staff are amazing; I couldn't recommend more highly.

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