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I had upper eyelid surgery back in November and am...

I had upper eyelid surgery back in November and am very unhappy with the results. I regret trusting him and not doing more research... turns out the he is not an actual Plastic Surgeon and only an ENT "Ear, Nose and Throat" doctor. My eyes are not symmetrical and there is very visible scarring on both. To make things worse, I am now being told by specialists that nothing can be done to correct any of it. Going to Dr. Lay was the worst decision I ever made in my life!!! Don't make the same mistake!!!
I'm considering going to Dr. Lay for my ptosis. It would be helpful if you post pictures. Thanks!
I can not stress enough how much I DO NOT recommend Dr. Lay! I will try to post some pictures for you (need to crop them first) and send a detailed description of my experience. Choosing Dr. Lay has haunted me everyday since my surgery over a year ago. These procedures should be performed by an 'experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon' in a hospital, not an 'ENT/Facial Plastic Surgeon' in his back office. Trust me, do some shopping around and pay the consultation fees if needed, it will be well worth it!
Hi A1973, Can you please update with photos. Thanks!
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Worst mistake I ever was was going to Dr. Lay!!! Run the other direction!!!

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