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I'm one week away from surgery and I still can't...

I'm one week away from surgery and I still can't convience my boyfriend!
Last week I bought 3 post surgery bras, today I ordered my scar gel, Kelo-Cote. My house is clean, laundry is done, but I just can't seem to get him to agree. He gets very upset just talking about it. I have been considering the reduction for about 5 yrs now. I'm a 36D but I'm only 5 ft. tall and weight 125lbs. My boobs are saggy..I don't like what I see in the mirror. I'm nervous and scared, but I know I want to do this...The boyfriend stresses me, and at this point I'm not sure he will be there for me... if I move forward I'm taking a risk on loosing him. :(

Today marks 9 days post surgery. What a great...

Today marks 9 days post surgery. What a great experience this has been.
The day of my surgery was unbelievable. I arrived at the hospital at 6am, the hospital staff was amazing, everyone was extremely nice and friendly. After my vitals and IV were done I got to talk to the anesthesiologist, he talked to me for about five minutes...that sure helped my nerves. At 8am, I was taken to the Operating room, the room was a bit cold but as soon as I pointed it out i was covered with two warm blankets!!! the OR was extremely clean and the bed was so comfortable. There where about 5 hospital staff in there one of those was my PS and my anesthesiologist. Although the others introduced themselves to me, I don't remember who they were. After my PS was done with measurement I went into a deep sleep. Three hours later I woke up in the recovery room, there was a nurse checking my vitals, she asked if I was nauseas and immediate gave me a shot of phenegram...not sure on the spelling. Other then the nausea I had no pain! As soon as I got home I took a vicodin per doctors orders and went to sleep. I woke up three hours later and had a Campbell's chicken soup with crackers. I went to bed at 10pm and still didn't have any pain. The next day I woke up and went to my PS office and had my drains removed...still no pain. After I left his office
I went to the park for a short 20 mins walk. After the park I had lunch and then took a nap. On day 2 post surgery I went to Macy's looking for a comfortable bra. And still no pain. On day 3 post surgery I went the movies and still no pain. Well needless to say, I've been pain free since the surgery. I am extremely happy with this experience. My boobs are perfect. My boyfriend is still mad and won't look at them. He has been at my side since the night before surgery but won't really talk to me. He bought me a lot soups and juices and even helped clean up a little but overall he is not being very nice. He is distant and hasn't shown any affection.
Daniel Jacobs

My procedure is scheduled with Dr. Jacobs at Santa Teresa Kaiser. I got referred to him by my family practice doctor, who is also a physician at Kaiser.

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they did a really great job i hope and pray they do me the same way.... godbless...
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hi you look great! what size are you after pics??
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My husband said he wanted to smack the surgeon I know how you feel. bottom line they don't have to carry them around,suffer backache, stiff necks as soon as mine was done within a week I had no pins and needles in my arms and hands overall I'm thrilled, he's pissed so what I'm happy, think the same for yourself hell have to get used to the new you as mine will. Sometimes I think they don't like to see us happy . My husbands not so bad now after I told him to stop being a big baby lol x
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I'm sorry he wasn't supportive sometimes people have a hard time with change. This was for you and I'm very happy the experience was a good one. I hope your boyfriend comes around. I would continue to tell him how the things that you appreciated he did for you. Do you know why he didn't support you fully on this? good luck
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its good he is helping u. maybe now that he knows u are ok u can both talk about the road ur relationship is going and see what u decide to do next. for now focus on healing and recovering as ur body has been thru alot. good luck and happy healing hon. xxx
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How did everything good?
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I'm excited and a little nervous, tomorrow is my surgery and I still can't get my boyfriend's support, this is so hard. I really need him to be there. I have to register at 6AM. I hope I can relax and get some rest tonight. Between the boyfriend and the surgery...I'm a nervous wreck. Ladies...PLEASE pray for me that all goes well tomorrow.
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Hey, Lexy! How did surgery go?  Hope you are doing well. How did things go with your boyfriend?
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Things like this can certainly test a relationship, but you are doing this for your health and your body. A loving partner will support a decision that is going to improve the quality of your life. Good luck!
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Thanks Iowa71 Tomorrow is my surgery, and he is not planning on taking me to the hospital...I've made up my mind, If he doesn't show up for my surgery...then he's out. I can do this alone, I have a huge loving family that will take care of me.
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I agree 100% with Kimmers! Its YOUR body. If he cannot be there for you when you need his support,get a boyfriend reduction too!:)
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Welcome to the community!   You keep your chin up and continue to move forward!    Remember you are doing this for you and only you!    You need to feel good about yourself and that is all that matters.  

If my man told me he was leaving due to this surgery; I would hold the door open for him.   

You are going to feel amazing when this is over.  Your confidence will go through the roof!

Hang in there girlie and stay positive.  

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Thanks for the support Kimmers25!
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You bet girlie:)

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DO THIS FOR YOU!!! NO ONE ELSE MATTERS!!! my BF was hesItant at fIrst, but realIzed that I needed to be happy & comfortable In my own skIn. my confIdence Is through the fuckIng roof now!!! when I walk Into the room I feel amazIng & sexy, and It shows. the BF saId he wIshed I would've done It sooner! If your dude leaves you'll be ok. maybe thIs Is a sIgn sInce he's not beIng supportIve. thIs wIll truly be one of the best decIsIons you'll ever make yourself happy gIrl!
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Thank you Voluptuous! You're right, I need to be happy and comfortable in my own skin. I can do this w/o him.
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