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Hi, I am 47 yrs old, with every disc problem known...

Hi, I am 47 yrs old, with every disc problem known to man kind in my lower back. I also have bursitis & neuropathy (no diabetes). I have a long list of other medical issues, but they aren't related to all this. I am currently 80 - 100 lbs overweight, & my breasts are a size I. After surgery, the Dr thinks he will remove about 10 lbs & I will happily be a D cup!


Go for it! I am overweight too, but had my breast reduction (40DDD/E down to nice 40C). It helps immensely, and my guess is it will help with some of your health issues. I KNOW it will make you feel better. Best wishes and I look forward to hearing about your results.
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Congrats on this awesome decision - you will be so pleased :-)
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good luck it is life changing I would definitely do it again...patience is my biggest hurtle at the moment.
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Before photos

46 I, hoping to go down to D

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Overweight more noticeable after surgery?

As I mentioned & you can see from my pic, I've got a pretty good stomach in place. I'm wondering once I do the BR, is my stomach going to be even more noticeable? Of course of like to lose the weight, but as we all know it's easier said than done . I considered having WLS, but I feel it is to risky for me , so that leaves good 'ole fashion diet & e ex exercise. Did anyone feel like their stomach looked bigger after surgery? Dix it moti Ate u to lose the extra weight


I was really worried that my stomach would look bigger after surgery too! But since my breasts are lifted and perkier :) they still protrude out farther than my tummy. Now I do notice my tummy more, but overall I really think Iook slimmer. You will be able to stand up straighter and that in itself makes a world of difference. I am more anxious to start exercising when given the all clear. Good luck! No matter what your breasts will look amazing and you will see your self confidence increase. :)
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I'm 35 y/o a 38 J I'm 5'3 192 pounds. I worry a b/r will make me look fatter but I think ppl can see my fatness now, I just can't see it because my huge boobs hide the view. I say go for it. I have low disc problems too and now shoulder and neck pain all the time. I think being healthy and pain free is more important than looking slim. I'm trying to think this way but it's hard. Everyone wants to look nice :) best of luck.
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Yup, tummy def more noticeable, have same issue. Working on losing some weight, and gonna have a tummy tuck to remove the flap left from c-section.
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Getting a bit anxious

Hi Ladies, thanks so much for the responses, I greatly appreciate it! I love this forum, because I get to read about all the ins & outs from people who have actually experienced it. Today I got word my insurance approved everything which is of course, what I want, but...there is a little part of me that is worried about the pain afterwards, & the chance that I might not be happy with the results, or I could end up with an infection or something like that. I am just going to keep praying that all goes well, & that this is the right thing for me. Thanks again for continuing to share your stories!


All normal feelings. I have had many surgeries and I woke thinking this pain isn't so will be amazed at how it will change your life for the better!
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I was worried too, and that I was going to die. But I didn't. I breezed through it. It was painful but the drugs kept that under control. I was ok. I had some issues with healing but got through that too.
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I had the same fears before surgery but once I woke up I realized that this was the best decision I could have ever made. There was pain and sometimes there are healing issues but in the end it's so worth it :-)
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Doc did these yesterday & they don't come off in the shower


I am sure you will feel so much lighter!!! I am excited for you :) Lots of luck and a good recovery!
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Waiting to know how you are. I have had you in my thoughts.
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Hoping your surgery went well. Looking forward to seeing how you are doing. Hope you have a wonderful recovery.
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