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I have been reading and gathering info from your...

I have been reading and gathering info from your wonderful site for a few months . Ladies you sound so positive and happy . I hope to be able to report something positive soon. So I am 54 and have tried once before about 6 years ago for breast reduction . But my insurance refused to pay.I think it was Aetna . So here I am again waiting on an answer from Blue Shield of CA PPO . I have a lot more documented evidence that I need it this time . I have been "blessed" with big boobies since a young girl 36C . I am now a 42G . Can anyone whose insurance paid for their surgery tell me about how long it takes for them to answer? My PS has been very helpful so far and seems to think I will have no problem .Anyhow at least I am in the waiting process. Its taken so long to get to this point . Thanks for this wonderful place where I can read about women who have been where I am that gives me courage and hope .

I am still waiting on my insurance to approve my...

I am still waiting on my insurance to approve my surgery :(

Still waiting for the insurance company's response...

Still waiting for the insurance company's response. I spoke with Donna at Dr. Lepore's office yesterday who said its normally 2 weeks at least before they hear from them. I am just antsy about being rejected . I just want to have the BR surgery scheduled so I can get it over with. Hopefully by this time next week I will have some news. In the mean time I am reading all the ladies posts and getting educated on what to expect.

I am feeling VERY frustrated tonight. So I've been...

I am feeling VERY frustrated tonight. So I've been waiting on my insurance to approve my BR and today I get a letter from them stating I don't need prior authorization buy they don't guarantee payment until the claim has been received and viewed for Medical necessity and eligibility. Can anyone help me understand this ?

Ladies I have been approved by my insurance!!!!!! ...

Ladies I have been approved by my insurance!!!!!! I will know more tomorrow about when my surgery will be . Hope its soon

So my insurance will pay for my BR. My question is...

So my insurance will pay for my BR. My question is will I have to pay my deductible before my surgery ?

So lovely ladies I will be having my surgery in...

So lovely ladies I will be having my surgery in April.!!!!! I will have an exact date next week. Now when I say I am over the moon with excitement I'm not exaggerating :-) I have hoped and prayed and labourer with my insurance for sooooo long .And now its happening! Thanks t:o everyone who has gone through it , I am prepared for what's coming. Now the actual pain I am not prepared for .But it will be okay.In April I will be posting about the healing process. Just so stinking excited :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

I am so confused on what size surgical bras to get...

I am so confused on what size surgical bras to get. I have been shopping online and have found some I like . But not sure what size . Right now I am wearing a 38G to a 40G depending on the brand. I want to be a C but not sure if PS will take me that small. He says a D. Please any help anyone can give me will be appreciated . This is causing me more anxiety than the surgery. Ugh!!!!

I got the call this morning .... surgery date is...

I got the call this morning .... surgery date is April 15!!!!!! Wow! I can't believe its finally happening! I have wanted this for a very long time. Pre-op is April 10. Gotta get things ready. I ordered 2 more surgical bras .

So I found out today that my surgery will be done...

So I found out today that my surgery will be done in the hospital because of my insurance paying. Will I have to stay over night or go home that evening? Anybody else go through this ?

So I'm trying to get everything ready . I go for...

So I'm trying to get everything ready . I go for pre-op on the 10. Guess I will know more then . This is my problem and I know you ladies will know what to tell me . I live in a Townhouse. When I enter my home I have to go up 13 stairs to get to my living area. I have a big comfy recliner but no bathroom on this level. Then 13 more stairs to my bedrooms and bathrooms. Where do you suggest I stay and sleep ? Walking up the stairs will definitely give me the walking I need during recovery. From reading I can understand that I will be exhausted. What to do ? HELP!!!!

Well my pre-op went pretty good . He says he will...

Well my pre-op went pretty good . He says he will do his best for me . But will make sure he preserves the blood flow to the nipples and breast tissue. I am okay with it now . Everything will turn out as it should for my good . I believe in the power of prayer and I have prayed over the surgery, the surgeon and the outcome . I am very excited and hope the next few days fly by .

So I'm all set for Monday . Got the calls from the...

So I'm all set for Monday . Got the calls from the hospital and should talk to the anesthesiologist Sunday night . All of my prescriptions are filled . I am just so ready!!!! I still can't believe it! I have wanted this for soooo long . And I love this group of amazing women . I have always wanted to be in the itty bitty titty club

Today is the last day to carry around this heavy...

Today is the last day to carry around this heavy load . I hate to seem ungrateful . I know a lot of women who lost their breasts to cancer . And believe me when I say I am thankful for healthy breasts. But I just don't NEED them to be this big . And I don't know where they came from because my mother and my sister were both small boobied. My mom is deceased but she used to joke about her being so small and me being so large . My sister is 5'7 and 120 lbs .soaking wet. I have always envied her. So she really doesn't understand why I want and need this surgery. No one really does. And that is why I'm so glad I found this group of women who are supportive and can relate to why I feel this is a necessary surgery for me . I go in bright and early tomorrow morning at 5:30 . I am at peace with my decision . I am not scared ... I have waited so long and now its my turn . Thank you for all the encouragement, prayers and information. You ladies ROCK!!!

I am finally on the smaller side. Not sure how...

I am finally on the smaller side. Not sure how small yet because of the bandages. Surgery went well . I wasn't nervous when I went it . They gave me this heated gown which I wanted to bring home with me:-) Dr. Came in and marked me and I chose my nipple size . They took me back to the surgery room and I laid down on the table put they put oxygen mask on my face and I woke up in recovery. It went Pretty smooth. No vomiting or nausea because of the patch behind my ear. My sweet hubs has taken good care of me :-) My pain level has been a one all day .I am taking my poo pills with my pain meds. Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. Going to sleep now

I cannot believe how good I feel!!! I am having...

I cannot believe how good I feel!!! I am having some zingers and nipple sensation .Very happy the nipples have feeling already. Other than feeling exhausted I feel great. I finally went poo . That was a major hurtle. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. Can't wait to take a shower.

Going for my first post-op appointment today at...

Going for my first post-op appointment today at 3:30. He said he would remove the drains:-) :-) :-) :-) This will be my first look at my little boobies :-) Very excited !!!

The drains are out!!! Dr. Said he took over 500...

The drains are out!!! Dr. Said he took over 500 in the left breast and 450 in the right. They are bruised but I think they are lovely . Dr. Said there's still a lot of swelling . Good news is I can take a shower.I will post pics.Thanks to all you wonderful encouragers and prayer warriors.You are truly awesome!!!

Day 4 of post-op and feeling great! I haven't had...

Day 4 of post-op and feeling great! I haven't had a pain pill since 2:00 AM . Dealing with soreness.But nothing I can't handle . My first shower will be today :-) Can't wait to wash my hair:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) I still keep looking at my perky set ...still in awe of how cute they are.

Sooooo the zingers started this evening right...

Sooooo the zingers started this evening right after my first shower.... all I can say is OUCH!!!

5 days post-op and the itching begins!!!! ...

5 days post-op and the itching begins!!!! Benadryl will be my best friend today :-) I have a lot of sensation in my breasts now . Last night the zingers were off the chain !!! I guess that just means everything is healing nicely . So far ladies my journey to smaller tata's has been pretty easy . I am thankful for no setbacks at this point.

Ladies I have a question ... my PS told told me to...

Ladies I have a question ... my PS told told me to use neosporin on my nipples and cover with a gauze pad.But what about the incisions underneath and along the side ?What's the best and most comfortable thing you used?

I am one week post-op today and am starting to...

I am one week post-op today and am starting to feel myself again. Very little swelling and bruising seems to be better .Incisions are still tender . But I think this has gone pretty good . Very happy with my boobies.

I wanted to share something . You know a lot of...

I wanted to share something . You know a lot of people talk about those of us who choose this surgery. They think we are vain . But for me it has helped me in more that just smaller breasts . I have struggled for about 8 years with neck stiffness and incredible neck and shoulder pain . My surgeon has suggested cervical fusion to help alleviate the pain , but I've been too scared to have it done . I did have shoulder surgery because I had lost the use of my arm and the shoulder surgery helped that . But since having my reduction I haven't had pain! And I can now move my head from side to side and look over both my shoulders without turning my entire body around . So for me this was a win win for me . I ended up with the breasts I wanted and my neck now moves normally .

I'm 12 days out and still sore . How long does...

I'm 12 days out and still sore . How long does the soreness last ? My hubs and me went shopping today and I wanted a nap when I got home. But I am feeling so good :-)

2 weeks post-op and I see my PS today . I am...

2 weeks post-op and I see my PS today . I am feeling great! I've had no problems . Except for being sore and a little fatigue I feel like myself again.

The stitches are out and everything looks great ....

The stitches are out and everything looks great . Got the go ahead to massage the little ones and use the scar treatment. What a relief to have the stitches out .

Ladies what is the best thing you used on your...

Ladies what is the best thing you used on your scars ? Silicon gel sheeting or something else?

Ladies when did you start using your scar products...

Ladies when did you start using your scar products ? And when did you start? And what worked best for you ?

So today it seems like I did too much and tonight...

So today it seems like I did too much and tonight I am paying for it . Swollen achy breasts . Lesson learned .... tomorrow rest and more rest .

While I am doing good with my recovery at 19 days...

While I am doing good with my recovery at 19 days Post-op I am very sore and my nipples are very sensitive . I can only guess that this will improve as the weeks go by. If not I will be one cranky little boobed lady . I have read some of the questions to the PS here on real self about the soreness and wound care, and I could not be more confused. I think I need to stop reading so much lol

I am 4 weeks post op and I feel so blessed to...

I am 4 weeks post op and I feel so blessed to have this surgery and have healed with no problems . I am now back to walking. Very little soreness , hardly any zingers and my energy level has improved . I waited so long for this . And I haven't regretted my decision for this surgery one time . I know I need to lose weight and work on my tummy . But I'm already on it! My reduction wasn't huge . Total of 3 lbs was taken . From a 40G to a 38 D . They are perfect for my body and I am thankful every time I look at them . My advice to any lady contemplating this surgery is , you will know when your ready . And if you love what you already have that is good too. Its all about our personal choice and what we need individually. Don't let anyone talk you into it .... and don't let anyone talk you out of it if that is your choice . Because we only have this one life ,so live it to the fullest . I know I am :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

splitting stitches

Ladies I am 31 days post op and have had no problems . However this evening I found an internal stitch peeking out under my breast . What do I do ? Its just starting so is there anything I need to do ? I am assuming this is normal ? Most of my scabs are off . But I haven't been using anything under my breasts since surgery . I've just been showering and making sure they're dry . Any advice would be appreciated :-).

5 weeks post op!

Here I am 5 weeks post op and I am still dealing with this exhaustion! Ugh!!!! I'm not even sure its all from my surgery now . I have a very sore hard spot in my left breast that isn't softening up . I called my dr this morning and I see him tomorrow. Has anyone else experienced this ? He did more work on lefty so I'm hoping it has something to do with that . Other than that and being tired my breasts are healing good . The scars look good . My right breast has softened up but the left one hasn't . I know that healing takes time .

Nothing to worry about :-) :-) :-)

I saw my PS today about the hard spot in my left breast and he said it was normal . He says sometimes it takes months for certain areas to soften up . So relieved about that :-). He took my after pictures today and doesn't plan to see me again until November . Unless I have a problem . I asked him about how some ladies breasts split and he said not to worry because mine wouldn't . I hope he's right :-) So I don't have anymore scanning . My scars look good and I can buy a real bra now . He also pulled the two stitches out under my breasts . I am excited to not be sore and not be tired . And that will come in time . Also very excited to report my XL surgical bra is loose now . So I won't be wearing that anymore :-) :-) :-) Thanks for all your prayers. I feel like I am over a huge hurdle today :-)

My surgeon is a rock star!

And by the way ... did I say my surgeon is a ROCKS STAR ?! Because He Is!!! :-) :-) :-) I couldn't be happier. Now I think I'll take a nap :-)

cup size

ladies I went to Macy's today and they measured me and right now I am a 36DD . But that's OK . He told me I wouldn't be a C . Because it would compromise the blood flow . In the months to come I hope to be a D :-) The lady at Macy's was very impressed and commented that I was so brave to have the surgery. All in all I feel pretty darn happy :-). And as a bonus to my day our 7th grandchild was born this morning :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) I'm a pretty blessed Glam/Maw today .

6 weeks postop this coming Monday ....

Some days I look at my breasts and think they're still big ....then I look at my before pictures and realize they're the perfect size for me .

7 weeks postop

Loving my new shape

I love the way my breasts have taken a softer more feminine look instead of the boxy shape they were after surgery . At times I would be disappointed that my breasts were so boxy .I would look at other ladies pictures and their breasts looked so pretty right out of surgery .Mine did not . But they have dropped and fluffed into beautiful little jewels.And I am so pleased:-) :-) :-)

First time in over 15 years ...

I am being very brave at age 54 ... but I am also very proud that I can post the picture of me in my first swimsuit after 15 years of hiding under overly large clothes . This is a milestone for me . I was horrified to try it on in the dressing room . There's no where to hide under those lights . So I did buy it and plan to wear it to the pool this summer. All because of my BR . It has given me so much confidence .It really has changed how I see myself in a positive way . So ladies if you're considering a BR please don't let fear hold you back . It truly is worth it:-) :-) :-)

Swimsuit weather...

concerned about a nodule

Ladies I have found a nodule in my left breast that's feels different from the hard spots I have . I have called my PS and am scheduled to see him on July 2 because I go to see my new grand angel next week . Has anyone else had anything like this? I am close to 9 weeks postop. It has me a little concerned .

Giving away gently used surgical bras

Hi lovely ladies :-). It's been a while since my last update . I have been busy :-) :-) :-) My 5 year old grandson just went home after spending 5 weeks with us . I spent a week with my son and wife and their beautiful new baby boy in Ohio . And 2 weeks in WV with my oldest son ,his wife and 2 children . I returned home this past Sunday and am still recuperating .lol Anyhoo... I am doing great!!! My reduction was April 15,2013. My breasts are lovely and I feel wonderful . I still get a zinger occasionally .But nothing major. And I have spent a lot of time at the pool this summer . My confidence is over the top!!! So I'm hoping this doesn't sound weird but if anyone is getting ready for their BR and need surgical bras I have three. I wore them for a few weeks but they are in great condition .There are 2 black ...one is the Marena surgical bra size XL ...another black one Isavela size large ...a beige one Isavela size XL . There is no charge and I will pay shipping to anywhere in the US. If you are interested inbox me a message with your info . I know they're used.But sometimes we don't always have the money to pay for bras. They aren't stained or anything . Just a thought . If no one wants them I will find somewhere to donate them . Blessings sweet ladies and happy healing.

5 months post op

Hi lovely ladies :-) Its been a while since my last update . So I am posting a picture of me at 5 months postop . I am doing good . But I am still having some breast pain , zingers and my scars hurt a lot and itch like crazy . I am using Palmer's oil and paper tape . My breast scars are fading nicely but the ones on my sides are ropey and hurt like I first had surgery . I am still glad I had my surgery and recovery as been pretty easy . But my scars are so irritating. Maybe its my age ...not sure . But I will be glad when they really heal.
Best of luck to all of you who are waiting on surgery or are recovering .

I found one of my old bras

I found one of my old bras . I couldn't believe the difference . I tried it on and it was so incredibly big that I smiled all day . Here are a couple of pictures of what I wore and what I wear now .'

6 month update

Wow! How time has flies . Its right at 6 months postop and I wanted to give my update . I am still in awe of my new boobies :-). I look pretty good in my tops if I do say so myself . They started out so boxy gut have shaped up so well that sometimes I forget how bad they were befoe surgery .

part 2 of 6 month update .

Silly thing posted before I finished :-) Anyhow I'm sitting here with my right nipple being over active and my left nipple with no feeling . I still have numbness in both breasts underneath . My breasts ache and still have zingers. My scars itch nd it does no good to scratch them because its internal . My sides still have red ropey scars which is what itches the most . I never could sleep on my stomach and still can't. They hurt when I try . I don't regret the . surgery .But I wonder if all this will go away . I still wear a 38 dd. Was hoping for a c or d . But didn't get it . Too bad :( But still better than a g cup. All in all my surgery has been a great success . But the healing takes time and patience . I still recommend it . It completely cured my neck and back pain . So that in itself makes it worth while. Blessings to all who are going in for surgery...waiting to have surgery ... and recovering from surgery . You won't regret it .
San Jose Plastic Surgeon

I researched PS in my area . I decided on Dr. Lepore after much consideration and his credentials and before and after photos. My breast reduction was April 15 , 2013 . At 2 weeks post-op I m very happy with my results . Dr. Lepore was very caring, and answered all my questions and any concerns I had . My results are beautiful! And I couldn't be happier. I would definitely recommend him .

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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thanks for the update. So glad you are happy with your decision and that you are pain free now.
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Thank you ty5740
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You look fantastic!!! I am so happy for you! I am scheduling mine for Jan and am starting to go through peoples stories :) Thank You for sharing.
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Thank you Msblue . Best of luck with your surgery . You won't be sorry . Its the best thing I've done for ME :-) :-) :-)
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I'm still laughing at the new/old bra comparison. I'm temped to burn my old bras! There is nothing like being on the other side!
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I got rid of mine . But I found this one while cleaning out some boxes. The difference in size was so crazy I just had to post them .
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You look beautiful! I LOVE the picture of the old bra, crazy what we endured! I hearthat the ropey scars will eventually soften too, silicon strips work best, but massage suppose to help. Blessings sister!
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I was allergic to the silicon strips AVA :( And thank you for the compliment.
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Awe man, never considered being allergic, I am sensitve to tape/bandaids so I may also be to the strips....
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Thanks mamakas6, AVA 07, excited2max. I had this vision of how I would look after the reduction. But in reality they look better than I could ever dream . Blessings ...
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You are really healing nicely:)
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Thank you .
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Wow 5 months! You look great, healing is a strange process, but like you, so glad I did it :)
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U look great my friend. Yay
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Thank you girlie:-)
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You look great! It was so nice of you to donate your bras! Oh, and your body looks great too. :)
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Thank you crittermom. I just wanted to pay it took forward.
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Well look at you!!! You look amazing! I was just telling a friend who asked how I was feeling (2 weeks post op) my only regret is not doing this 10 years ago!
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Thank you mamakas6. :-)
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Hi Glitter, I want to thank you again for the bras, they are awesome, please post new pictures, I think you look fantastic, hope yoor good vibes are on the bras and my new boobs look great too, 2 days to go, see you soon on the other side!
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Again you are welcome and you are in my prayers for wonderful results and no problems . I will try and post new pics soon .
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You look so lovely! Good for you getting a new lease on life!!
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Thank you nubbins . This surgery has given me such confidence. I went home visit my family and friends this month and they couldn't believe the difference in me . I feel more alive now than I've felt in years .
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You look great! Just wanted to comment on your fantastic idea about donating you slightly used surgical bras! They are extremely expensive, and I doubt any of us had fully used them. I too, like you, wore mine for only a short time and am willing to pass the on to someone who needs or wants them.....I'll post details of bras on my page.....Wishing you a continuous recovery, ap
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Thank you a gab for the compliment . A lady on here has surgery this Thursday (I think) and she received my bras yesterday . They are def too expensive to toss away . Its nice to pay it forward .And the shipping cost was very little . Blessings ....
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