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I had my first breast aug in 2006 after 2 children...

I had my first breast aug in 2006 after 2 children and a husband who encouraged me. I had considered while vacationing how nice it would be to have nice breasts like some of the gals in a bathing suit. I finally had money and well I knew other women who looked nice and had one so what the hell I would look better ,... I had some put in the surgery went fine . Except they bottomed out they where 350cc under the muscle . So on the advise of my surgeon and the support of my husband. In 2007 I went bigger cause I had the room in my natural skin envelope instead of replacing one I replaced both bigger 450cc overfilled to 480cc. Regardless of which size I had I never had any capsular contraction but I felt both sizes were unnatural,uncomfortable and not pretty. I Remember getting the second set and wanting to get rid of them right away. I never did because everybody else kept telling me they are great. Im crazy to remove them. Now I'm a large 36d saline ,I am now 145lbs and 5'5 . I started as 127 pounds 36b at 28 yrs old. I did not have more children with them . But I did have some stretch marks as a result .I Learn to live with them and through the years my health has decreased I have chronic back pain in my upper and lower back my shoulders my neck. Have pain in my hips I'm tired and my muscles burn when I walk . I'm exhausted and have chronic fatigue .I lay in bed between events in my life . I cannot sleep. I have to take a slew of pain pills and muscle relaxers. From all the pills I have to take to feel good I now I have inflammation of the stomach, severe gastritis . Which is causing more pain. I've been into the ER lots over the years 10 times what the cost of the breast augmentation cost I have paid in doctor bills. I've had heart palpitations. I have cystitis, migraines. I wake up after tossing and turning all night and every day and it hurts to move my hands l I feel like someone with arthritis ? My favorite thing is to be a mother and even though ive been the best mother I could be I have to been very tired and try my hardest to not be crabby because of the pain ive be too tired a lot of times to play with my kids and spend time with them because I'm irritated because how I feel .I have enjoyed my work but I find myself putting on a smile because I don't want anybody to know how bad I hurt and trying to focus on making others happy. I think I have had every Test in the book that you can think of. I've gained almost 20 pounds over the last five years due to my decreased activity. I was a runner. I quit running since 2007 . I've been to at least five surgeons that tell me it has absolutely nothing to do with my breast plastic .that they look great, they have refused to even think of that idea of removal, i'm told I will be deformed, unhappy. Basically in my opinion they don't want to be responsible for it they only want to be responsible for augmenting them because then they know they'll look good...
This year after a lot of praying and frankly begging and asking God to help me find out what is wrong with me and going through ruling out any other things. I'm going to get a explant and removal. It's not a beauty issue it's a health issue for me. It's hard because I used to be a model and very happy with my body. But for me plastic surgery is a f ing nightmare. For the beauty outside there's pain and scaring internally for it .
I'm due to be deflated tomorrow and then be in surgery in approx. a week after. I have chickened out on the deflation twice now but I'm going to the appointment tomorrow. I Can make myself because I cannot sleep with a heating pad on my back and keep taking all this medicine and painkillers and acting like it will resolve. People have wandered if I'm dying due to how sick I get or crazy cause nothing much shows on tests.
I'm especially having a bad attitude because of the last procedure with the Vaser liposuction scarring my body done by the best surgeon that is famous in my area. I'm scared to go into this procedure but I am. I'm hoping I will not need a lift but I won't know until I get to it. I may have a lift if I can't deal with how it looks only if I'm deformed and it's traumatic on my mind cause that's not healthy either.I'm okay if my breasts are saggy and it doesn't look good but if it's extreme I feel I will have no choice.
I'm going to focus on hopefully feeling better and being able to Move on .im A positive person this is just a negative experience for me. I do have an understanding surgeon who wants to help which is awesome. I have been reading lots of reviews thank you to all the strong women who braved it before me. I couldn't do it alone.


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I don't think they can be fixed. I'm gonna need the lift. It's bad. Not sure if a miracle could fix this. Thanks gals . I'm bipolar w emotions. Of course I feel better the bra shopping is negative not positive , trying to find a 36 a training bras my little niece has bigger, sorry I'm negative, I feel like my lift is a crap shoot. I was okay ,,, now I'm scared going to pick my breasts from a crane machine . I should be more thankful like day 1. Less pain, but I hate no control of the situation ,
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I highly recommend you googling Susan Kolb M.D she has written a book" the naked truth about implants" very informative info. She has had both saline and silicone implants.
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Awaiting Explant and deflated

Well i have seen some improvement. ; ( feeling sad and scared. Still bummed about the lift? More surgery than just an explant? I feel I have no option ; (
36d back to b =
I'm happy they are coming out worth it! But a lift? Still stressing me it seams like another big surgery. Maybe I should rethink and do in two steps? I'm starting to get bad anxiety on the surgery side .im still glad I'm explanting. Looking at other ex plants my heart is just broken from all the other people who have to do this , I'm sorry for all of us. But not to scare anyone away from it. The way I'm feeling 75% less pain can't wait to get rid of other bio toxin symptoms , nothing is better than that.


Sounds very similar to my story. I had to lift, did it at the same time as explant. As of right now I am no longer on anti inflammitories, pain killers, or muscle relaxers. It has only been 4 weeks to the day! Feel like I am 20 years old again! Good luck!
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Great to here :) thx. Today is my big day im sitting outside of the surgery center now . ( taLk about anxiety !!) I was an hr early . My nerves are racked! I'm happy these plastic things at the bottom of my boobs are coming out. I'm still terrified of the lift. Not sure why I'm such a chicken shit this time, I m gonna tell my dr I'm freaking hopefully she will make me feel better. Thank you to all the gals and their comments!! I could use some prayers !! See you on the other side!
I'm glad your feeling better my back hurts less. But I need to get the implants out still feeling bad.

Chronic pain

I'm on the other side I did it !! And I did the lift for me the scars where worth it !! But I say deflate is you consider this and then see if you need a lift. Save money and mind power and more surgery get results sooner . Or just if not needed explant and be healthy.

My doctor did a full capsulectomy, explant and the use of lipo under my pits to create w nicer shape. It's something she uses like as in a reduction to help even things out. So the surgery of course was not fun the recovery was okay they where soar and crampy and I waited till I felt okay to leave the surgery suite. I'm on antibiotic, nausea Meds, and oxycodone pain is manageable. I have drains. I peeked and they look good w:/out seeing the whole thing. I do have some serious bruising from the little lipo used to contour. I'm just chilling hope it all comes out okay.
It goes to prove you want them out there's always a solution . I will do my dr recommendation as I see the results more and post more pics. Tomorrow


Good for you!! I was diagnosed with Lymes a few years back... Chronic pain, etc. now that I've ex planted, not ONE symptom remains !!
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I hope you are healing nicely - if you have a moment, please update us. Thank you.
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Dr Lauren Greenberg

Healing nicely . I had a lovely dr that was smart, honest , artful and caring . She was highly talented, really supported what was best for me. She's smart and I like her approach . Everything was done to the right degree and not overdone ! I would suggest her to anyone who is interested in a breast procedure (since that was my experience ) I always knew I was in good hands from a Day 1 and i am very particular :)

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