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Absolutely a wonderful experience! For people who...

Absolutely a wonderful experience! For people who come in and expect a doctor to make you beautiful based on his judgement only .. You need to do more research. Sure, the doctor is trained to operate facial plastic surgical , but what's beautiful to one might not be beautiful to another ! So whoever that wrote underneath saying doctor lay doesn't know what he is doing, you're absolutely wrong. You clearly don't know what you want in the first place . In fact, when I met doctor lay 2 years ago (I was younger of course) but because of the fact doctor Lay felt like I am not ready to make a permanent decision, he refused to work on me. I was of course like many women, seek to be beautiful like the women on the magazine with certain nose that doesn't even fit my face but was the trend of what's considered beautiful today. As time goes by though, I've done more research, comparing my face shape and what's the appropriate nose shape that would fit my face. I came to doctor lay second time around and with a steady and conscious mind, I gave him enough reason to work on me. He is the most knowledgable, caring and most importantly ethical doctor you'll find out there. Remember, doctors are not god ! They can only do so much.. It is you, your own will to become someone you want to look like. Don't believe me? Look at those women in Korea. They all look alike because of the recent "trend". So make sure when you consult with doctor lay, be very thorough. What would you want your tip to look like? What are you trying to achieve? And of course he, himself will give you professional advices whether that fits you or not. 

All in all, very happy with his kind hospitality. He is not all about the money or being famous for creating a Barbie . He makes you who you are ! His staff are wonderful to work with! You know sometimes when you're done with a service , they take your money , do their job and let you go. We'll trust me, his office is his heart and soul and his work is his pride! His staff went above and beyond to provide you patients care. I enjoy talking I every one of them. I am a psychology major and these people are direct, no bs, and they will refuse business if they don't feel like you need it without overselling anything. I paid these guys for their skills, I put them to test that's beyond what they usually do and they exceed my expectation through their skills and knowledge! Just wonderful ! And here's another thing. He is known for working on ethnic group, especially Asian patients. Not only is he knowledgable on the anatomy of Asian facial structure, he is very knowledgeable of the Asian culture! And that makes me comfortable bringing my aunts, grandma or cousins in. Because he knows how to deal of different age group and treat how they would like to be treated, not just as a client. Very respectful man, great man! I am currently healing but I cannot say enough about the service of this clinic!

So far so good

Here is 1 week after surgery . Just had my stitches removed ! I am still pretty bruised and swollen. But, so darn natural looking .

This is how I looked before !!!

So this is how my nose look before surgery. Even after contouring and everything, it still somewhat flat and short.

This is how I want my nose to look

Ofcourse I know it cannot look exactly like that. But Dr lay studied the look that I am going for and tried to turn my short nose into hers. She has a good bridge with a defined yet button looking tip. The cartilage dr lay grafted amazingly resembles hers, especially when light hits. The shape is kind of like a heart (:

Photos of the look

2 weeks surgery

Been super busy but here is the side view . I am still pretty swollen. I guess being Asian, you intake more salt than anyone else aha .

1 month

1 month and I am extremely happy with the result so far. I just hope it looks better as time goes by because I heard with cartilage grafting.. Things could change. However, I trust my doctor completely (:


Overall I am extremely happy. Dr lay has been wonderful from my initial consultation til 2 years later and then surgery and follow ups. Remember that plastic surgery is just like makeup except it is permanent. The whole purpose is to accentuate your own beauty not create you into someone different. I am happy i am still myself except all the Asian people think I have perfect nose but nobody knows I got plastic surgery. I am still a bit swollen but I am one happy girl. I no longer need to contour to make my nose more prominent. Thank you Dr lay !

Last photo (:

Me drvn through the storm.. Feeling all pretty even when it's pouring and gloomy ehehee
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon

Respectful, skillful and always eager to solve patients problems . Not the know it all type like many doctors. Meticulous on his research to help patient reach their goals .

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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can we get a more recent update photo on your scars and how your nose looks plz? ur results looks amazing. I'm a lil hesitant on whether i should get mine done or not because i don't exactly hate my nose but i would like some minor changes to it.
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Hi, i barely go on this site anymore. Can you email me at . talk to you soon (:
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hey.. i love ur results do you happen to have any older pics of you with your side profile? I feel your nose already had that curvy profile before as well.. i just want to see how much he's heightened the profile of your nose.
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I love the results!! Very natural on you :). Seeing your results and reading other reviews on him has convinced me to set up a consultation with him for rhinoplasty
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Your nose looks gorgeous. Did you choose local or general anesthesia ? I'm getting mine done but I'm still debating if I should pick local or general.
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Hello, I chose local instead of being hospitalized to sleep. The reason to that is that sleeping is actually not good for you. Especially depending on how many hours you'll be sleeping when getting your nose done! Also, I like to be aware of how my nose look right after surgery. So the moment when he stitched me up , I asked to see it right away just to make sure it doesn't look funky with uneven nostrils or whatever reason it is. (:
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Thanks for posting your review and pictures. It looks amazing! So, I decided to book a consultation with him. So excited! My only concern is I'm not familiar with California it makes me a little bit nervous.
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Hi... You can contact me personally and I can give you more details .
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Did you get your bridge augmented? If so, did it involve an implant?
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Oops... sorry just read that you had cartilage grafting. Did he place a graft to both your tip and bridge?
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Hello, Dr lay grafts anywhere you want him to including bridge and top. However, I chose not to put grafting on my bridge because I did a lot of research and no matter how good a doctor is, the cartilage placed on the bridge can never be as precise of shape as silicone implants. I chose dr lay because his ratio of infection is 0% . He is very meticulous and clean with his work and he takes full responsibility with his client. Any doctor who tells you they do perfect job at cartilage grafting for the bridge is full with crap! Make sure you do your research. If technology progress better with cartilage graftinfn on the bridge, I will do it! However, I'd like my bridge to look as natural and flawless in high and width as possible. Therefore I chose silicone . I do not do gortex bc it is porous and easier for infection. I love my results because I knew exactly what I wanted !
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Oh wow great response. I've been doing a lot of research on this very issue, and frankly the more I read, the more confusing it gets. There's so much controversy on implant material and the statements from different doctors is very conflicting. Of course everyone knows about the complications from silicone implants (extrusion, scar contracture, shifting, infection) but cartilage also has it's own issues (warping, resorption). Does Dr. Lay personally recommend silicone over cartilage grafts? I know you stated that he leaves the decision to you as to where to graft cartilage, but is his personal preference for silicone?
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Hi, He based it on the price I am willing to pay. If it's cartilage grafting, he has to make another incision (he wants to take it out of my rib) and it cost more. I did my own research and I knew I didn't want gortex as an implant, so it was between cartilage and silicone. But when I did extensive research through multiple consultations and talking to his clients, dr lay is very successful in his surgery with zero complication since he practice. He also travels to talk about Asian facial plastic surgery, especially for nose and eyes. So I was comfortable to get the silicone instead of paying more for cartilage on bridge. And yes, all techniques have their own complication but I care the most for is result.. With silicone, the shape is more prominent and precise on bridge than with cartilage .
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If it ever extrude, then I'll go for cartilage later down the road. But so far, I am happy and the fact that I can come back anytime to follow up (: he is very meticulous when it comes to making sure clients come in for their follow ups to make sure the results is what he wanted to be .
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I got my nose done about 3 years ago. I was trying to enhance my natural nose but instead, I got a whole new nose I did not want or like. When I go out in public, especially around family. My elders (of course, Asian) would ask me about my nose in public. In front of everyone and it's humiliating. :( I want a revision. Your nose look so beautiful and natural. Dr. Lay did a phenomenal job. Thank you for the review. This will definitely help me. I'm curious, how is your scar is healing?
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It is wonderful. It is so minimal to the point no one can tell I got a nose job. In fact.. No one can tell!! They just say.. Wow Venus, the older you get the better you look. And they wish they are like me.. Of courE they have no idea about my nose. The sad thing is you already had a nose job and is now going for a reconstruction rhinoplasty. All my aunts had theirs done in Korea thinking the trend is pretty and ended up going to dr lay to fix it. He did an amazing job. The reason is when a nose has been fixed. A lot of ur natural tissue has been lost, therefore it is really important to find a doctor who are successful with their reconstructive work. Ur nose will never return to its original state.. However if the doctor is good enough, he can fix it to achieve what you're looking for as well as the long term results. Call dr lay and let him know Venus sent you. He treats all my friends and family very nice and would do his best to help you. I've heard some cases where he turned the clients down because of their personality or asking unrealistic nose job. I hope that helps .
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Thank you Venus, for the reply and I will definitely let him know you sent me. I was younger and naive and now living with a regret every time I look in the mirror or take a picture. I don't even take selfies anymore because I feel so insecure of this nose. I have an appointment with Dr. Lay next month. Hopefully he could help me. If you do not mind. I would like to know if your aunts expressed how they like their revision with Dr. Lay. I'm just really nervous because I really want to get it right this time around.
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Hi, my aunts photos are posted on his website. However he can show you more detailed photos once you get there! Just ask to see Venus' aunts ! Both my aunts are loyal patients of his! If doctor lay is uncomfortable fixing you, he will never work on you regardless of how much you'll pay that tells you he's very reliable! Bring in a photo of your old self and what you're looking to achieve! Make sure you tell him specifically what you're looking to achieve !
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Will do! Thanks again :)
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No problem! I hope it goes well and I really advised you you stay in the area for at least 1 month for him to follow up after ur reconstructive rhinoplasty. Also, post up some photos ! This is a community and we all hope to share and learn from each other. No judgement whatsoever than judging the doctors ahahhaa . Remember the first 30 days u' feel really ugly! I felt like a Pokemon because of how swollen I was ! But then after that... Every seems to return to normal but 100 times better and much more confident ! I wish you the best and I cannot wait to see another Success story like my aunties and mine .
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gorgeous results!!
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Hi Ruyen, Thanks. I will go ahead and message you with all the questions you have. Good luck if you do choose Dr. Lay (:
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Thanks for coming back and adding your photos! I agree with you, your nose does look super natural, but also refined and gorgeous! Wow! I can't wait to see how it looks when the swelling goes down even more. What was your recovery from this like?
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Hi Angie, Thanks for feedback. I honestly hate the recovery process, al though I've heard worse. I had bruises under my eyes and swelling. But that's common. I didn't go out, had to hide from the world because of how anti plastic surgery the people around me are. But I am loving the result .
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Thanks so much for sharing your opinion about your doctor.

I would love to add your experience to the Asian rhinoplasty community, but it would be helpful if you could provide some more detail about your experience with your procedure/treatment. I suggest adding pros and cons and/or before and after photos - optional of course, so that other community members can use your review as a guide through their journey.

Looking forward to your response so I can add your review to the Asian rhinoplasty community.
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