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I just walked in the door from my first Pixel. I...

I just walked in the door from my first Pixel. I wanted to tackle my ever-expanding nose pores, and the old acne scaring on my chin that is becoming more noticeable as I age.

I went to a med spa where I have gone many times for PhotoFacials, Restylane, Dermasweeps, and just plain facials in the past 5 years or so. I am very comfortable there and seem to go there for something about 3 or 4 times per year. Aestheticians do the facials and nurses do the more medical procedures.

Their Pixel process includes both a pre and post care same day treatment. The pre treatment was a Dermasweep procedure, and the application of a numbing cream. The Dermasweep was very aggressive, more aggressive than when I've had a facial with Dermasweep done by the same aesthetician. This makes sense to me: why waste time pixeling off skin that can be taken off by exfoliation? After the numbing cream was put on I had to read magazines for 30-40 minutes while it took affect.

The nurse who did my Pixel has done Photofacials for me in the past. She was friendly and nice, and showed me the laser gun. She also explained that since the laser is burning my skin that I would be smelling burnt skin--I'm glad she told me this else I would have been freaking out during the process.

The Pixel hurt much less that the Photofacials I have had. The flashes of light were much less intense and the prick was more focus and less of a hard "snap." Certain areas were more sensitive than others, and naturally those were my "problem" areas that received 2 or 3 passes with the laser. The nurse was very good about telling me what the healing process would look like, and what any danger signs would be. My time with the nurse was about 20 minutes, then off to post care.

Post care: the aesthetician used an oxygen infuser gizmo to blow cool moist air onto my face. This did sting for about 10 seconds then began to feel cooling and soothing. After about 10 minutes of this she put on another layer of numbing cream so I would be able to drive home. She was very good about warning me that this was the worst pain, but that it would be over in 30-40 seconds, when the numbing agents kicked in. She was right--it was the only time I had to take slow, deep breaths to handle the pain. She held a fan up to my face until the lidocaine or whatever kicked in. After that she slathered me with sunblock.

Home care: I was given a care package of LaRoche-Posay and Obagi samples to take home, along with a 2 pages of instructions. She went over the instructions in detail with me. The samples included: spring water spay, zinc-based sunblock, gentle cleanser, and a soothing cream mixed with hydro-cortisone. The office is supposed to call me tomorrow to make sure everything is going all right.

Right now I look like I fell asleep in the sun with a screen door over my face. The procedure was done on a Friday at noon, and I have the coming week off work, so hopefully I will be good to go come the Monday after next.

Updates to follow...

Hi, it is Tuesday morning now. I am shedding like...

Hi, it is Tuesday morning now. I am shedding like mad. Let me see if I can remember my timeline...

My treatment was at noon on Friday. My face felt raw and hot for the rest of the day. It hurt, but not horribly. I was worried I would be unable to sleep, but I took a benadryl and was fine.

Saturday morning: most of the pain was gone. My face kind of shiny and hard, like I had coated it in Elmers glue and let it dry, but with the checkerboard pixel pattern. It was no longer sensitive to the touch when I applied cream, but it was tight. I put a lot of cream on every few hours to help ease the tightness.

Sunday: I started to see the beginning of peeling, right at the 48 hour mark. Not much, but the Elmer's glue was beginning to crack...no pain, no itching.

Monday: lots and lots of peeling, starting in my "problem areas" where I had had several passes. A little itchy, but I drank lots of water and took a benadryl at night. The peeling skin is coming off in small bits, not big sheets.

Tuesday: still peeling. The skin underneath is very pink. I think I scratched in my sleep and have a few tiny spots that look a bit raw, so I put some Neosporin on those areas to ward off infection. Kinda getting sick of all the skin flaking off on everything I do!

Hello again. It is now Thursday morning. I...

Hello again.

It is now Thursday morning. I have finished peeling: I was almost completely done peeling by Wednesday morning, I'd say. Most of the loose skin came off in the show.

My skin is still a bit pink, but I've always struggled with redness so I'm probably the only person who notices that I am a bit pinker than usual. My skin is very soft and smooth, and has a "glow" to it. My mother, who has naturally great skin and has always fussed over my acne and redness, saw me this morning and noticed a difference.

My acne scars, pore size, and fine lines are all slightly improved. It is my understanding that these should continue to improve a bit over the next few weeks as my collagen rebuilds. I hope this is true, as with the cost of the Pixel I feel like my current results could have been gotten with a much less expensive chemical peel.

The aesthetician told me that while a 2nd pixel treatment is recommended, she has seen great results on my skin type with one pixel treatment and a followup medium-depth chemical peel 6-8 weeks later. I may do that, just depending.

I'll update my "worth it" in a while, after I see what the next few weeks bring.

Hello. It's been 3 weeks since my procedure....

Hello. It's been 3 weeks since my procedure. My skin is fully healed, and has been for some time.

I would say that all of the things I wanted to address with the Pixel were all improved--somewhat. The acne scars on my chin are smoother, the enlarged pores on my nose are smaller, and my fine lines are finer. Did they disappear? Not by a long shot. But they are all better. I can see why several treatments are recommended.

I am going to follow the advice of my aesthetician and do a chemical peel in the next few weeks. I don't have the $$$ for more Pixel, but I want to take advantage of the partial results I did see from the treatment. I am going to do an at-home TCA peel from Makeup Artist's Choice, at 15%. I think that I will do spot treatments so I don't have as much down time. I'm so sensitive to sun and products that my friends/coworkers are used to seeing me with a red or flaky patch on my face!

All in all I would say that is was worth it.

Epi Center Med Spa

Competent and caring staff, lots of experience.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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FYI; Peels have abosolutly no relation to any laser treatment.

Pixel Co2 is what I did.
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I'm sorry Miss C is was just refering to the fact that i really wanted to have pixel resurfacing but unfortunatly i'm not really a good candidate for it so i found another option for dark skin.
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Is the pixel laser treatment the same thing as the pixel CO2 treatment?
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i think it's the same, during my consultation i was told about the CO2, and erbium yag lasers(color blind laser).
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Hi Tylie,

A question very similar to yours was asked in our Doctor Q&A. You might want to check out the answers to Best CO2 Resurfacing, it might help. Keep us updated.



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I had the Pixel CO2 treatment yesterday for acne scars and pores, there was no pain during, after or today. None. I did wince about 5 times on sensitive areas, it was quite short, a sec or two.

However, I was given pain pills and a great numbing crean an hour before. It was $1200.
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please let me know your results after you heal. i think i'm gonna go with an oxy trio peel, because evryone is telling me that i'm not a good candidate for the laser treatment.
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It is basically the water evaporation caused by the pixel laser that gives the immediate effect of pixel laser resurfacing. However its healing response is similar to that of chemical peeling; the only difference between the two is that it comes with a more pronounced outcome.

An added advantage of pixel laser resurfacing is that the treatment is practically painless and blood free as the heat energy emitted from the laser seals the skin’s body vessels. In addition to this, as the blood vessels get immediately sealed, there is a reduced risk of infection in pixel laser resurfacing when compared to other skin tightening techniques.

Basically, the pixel laser here creates a stimulatory effect on collagen fiber synthesis. This leads to an increase in the percentage of collagen fibers in the skin, which in turn improves the elasticity of the skin. All this consequently leads to skin tightening and reduction of wrinkles.
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Thank you for the explanation:)
I need to address adult acne but I was on accutane and have to wait a full year to do anything. So researching while I wait.
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i'm still debating on this procedure because i'm going on vaca in a frew months, one doctor did suggest accutane but it never worked for me in my teens. Tylie howed the accutane work for you?
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Well I had nice skin until I turned 18 and went on BCP to regulate 'things'. Then the acne (hormonal) started. At about 22 I went on Accutane and it worked great with very little side effects. It lasted about 15 years. After my last child was born it was back with the deep ones that are so painful and was really trying to wear makeup all the time or be in a dark room. I went on Claravis ending in August last year. This time my hair fell out in clumps, cholesterol was high and my skin would tear even with a minor bump against a surface. I went off after only a month. So it didn't do anything positive. I have no idea the dosage I was on before when it worked. This time it was 40 mg one day then 80mg the next alternating. Maybe too much?
5 know it gets a bad wrap but when I have tried absolutely everything else I really could care less the side effects if it would work. I went gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, even tried vegitarian all for about a year. Besides being cranky nothing changed for my skin and charting my cycle proves it is hormonal. The dopctors want to do more BCP but I can't since they raise my BP and cholesterol etc.
I think our bodies change as we age and maybe what didn't work in the past may now?
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wow Tylie, you have tried a lot of options, it's funny how the pregnacy glow causes acne in some including me. i just purchased 3 oxy trio peels and one even tone peel as recomended by urban skin solutions. they have me on pca blemish soap, retinol renewal pads(every other day), glysal pads, and spf 55, i'm already starting to see big improvements from all the peeling these products are causing. i go for my first peel on friday. i'll take a few pics post peel.
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what is the difference between the pixel treatment and the chemical peel? I was told they were the same thing.
Thank you.
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Hi Tylie,

Pixel uses a laser to resurface the skin. There is a video of it being done from one of our doctors in the Q&A.

A Chemical Peel uses a chemical solution to resurface. For more info you should check out the question, Is Chemical Peel or Laser Skin Resurfacing the Best Treatment for Me, from our doctor Q&A. Let us know what you decide.



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i'm going in for my 1st treatmennt in may, i'm so glad that i found such an detailed review of the procedure. i am very worried because i was told that the 1st procedure will actually make my skin worse because it will bring all the acne bacteria to my skins surface, yet still i'm willing to try anything to have clear skin for once in my life. i was told that i would have to get 4 treatments to acheive the results i want.
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Thanks for the detail update. Much appreciated. And yes, please keep us posted. I am in the same area, looking at the same place and same procedure. So would love to know how things will improve (hopefully :-)
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Hi eleash, 

Welcome to the Pixel Laser community. So it's been almost two days since you last updated, have you finished peeling? It's great that your doctor informed you step by step of how everything was going to go. What prompted you to have this procedure done? This review is great because of your day to day coverage of how everything went. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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