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Male Vaser/UAL Lipo Done Today! - San Francisco, CA

I'm a male in my 30s who spent most of my young...

I'm a male in my 30s who spent most of my young life over 250 lbs (when I was younger than 20). I thiankfully lost and kept most of that weight off but in my 20s had a huge bag of belly skin which i had removed via abdominoplasty. As I'ev aged 10 years I've gained some weight and am at 215. My love handles grew disproportionately to the rest of my belly and waist and I finally saw a doctor and had 4 liters lipoed from my abdomen sides and back.

HUGE success so far though I'm still wrapped like a sausage with pads and can't see anything. I almost cried today as I brushed my arm against my flank and didn't bump a bulge of fat.

I'm having an awful time getting comfortable and to sleep. I'm not in pain it's just I feel like I don't have the strength to push and pull myself in and out of bed so I'm propped up with blankets and pillows on the couch. Pain is non-existant! just soreness and hard to get up and down right now. If i get the nerve I'll post pictures soon.

Day 2

Night 1 and Day 2 are rough. The pain is not awful but I still find it really hard to get up and down. I'm much more sore today. It feels like when you have a great workout but it doesn't hit your muscles until a day or two later. I think i CAN get up and down but I'm scared because I can feel it and I know there's nothing to "rip" (or is there?) but I feel like I'm going to rip or pull something. Was hoping to stick to Extra Strength tylenol these days but right now I'm happily taking my vicodin.

Asl I'm constipated as expected. I ate really crappy on my surgery day and there's a lot that needs to come out but it's not budging. It's making the bloating and swelling worse so my advice to you all is keep the diet clean right after! I'm not ready for a laxative or anything but might need it in a day or two.

OH one more thing for the men

They put a catheter in my while I was under general anesthesia. I was partially awake when they took it out and it hurt. It burns when I pee so while that pain is starting to subside, it was probably the most painful part of this procedure. Also I almost passed out when they put the IV in. I'm so squeamish that I'm fine with the surgery but the other prep and recovery freaked me out the most!

Day2 evening update

I have been SO SORE all day. I could barely move to and from the couch but randomly I feel like I've turned a positive corner. I'm getting up and down more easily and I think some swelling is going down because the binding garment is starting to feel less restrictive.

Day 3!

Today I feel a million times better. Soreness is starting to subside and I can get on and off the couch much more comfortably. I took milk of magnesia last night and finally got things moving this morning which made a WORLD of difference. Some of my pain and cramping it turns out was just gas and constipation. Looking forward to take off my padding friday!

Day 5. Showered and pads removed!

HOLY COW. My expectations have been completed surpassed. Not only was the fat removed but my body was sculpted. For the first time in my life I have normal curves, with hips and flanks smaller than my waist. I couldn't be happier. The pain is nearly gone. I'm down to broken up pieces of vicodin alternating with extra strength tylenol. I think I"ll stop them completely by tomorrow or Sunday. As soon as I see my doctor monday I'll see if i can get all the before and after photos and post them.

All in all recovery was harder than I expected (even though surgery was monday and today on friday i feel amazing) but I'd do it again in a heart beat.

One more note for the men. Apparently bruises travel to surrounding areas. i know girls that have had nose work and they get terrible black eyes. Well for the men out there, don't be alarmed if you wake up to a black and blue penis and scrotum. I'm told it's perfectly normal and will go away in about a week.
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Congrats any pics
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Congratulations! I love your perspective and how you nailed it on that "bump a bulge of fat." Glad to hear you are doing so well and look forward to hearing more of your progress (and possibly seeing?). Thanks for posting your experience!
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Thanks! I tried to live with it as long as I could. Like I said I'm 215lbs now and at one point I was 170 lbs and I STILL had huge flanks and love handles so while I struggled with the stigmas over this surgery, I knew 170 lbs or 215lbs, i couldn't get rid of that fat. When I go through airport security I get pulled out and frisked 2 out of 3 times because they think I have something taped to my body. It's awful. So I had to do this for my own mental health. After this recovery though, I don't really ever want any more procedures haha
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Congrats!! Hoping for a speedy recovery.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for much for sharing your experience with us!

I'm sog lad everything went well and you're not in too much pain post-op! How long do you expect the recovery period to last, before you back to a normal routine?

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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I'm hoping recovery is just a matter of days but knowing how I recover from injuries and workouts I'm pretty confident I'll be feeling good within a week. I'm WAY squeamish so as much as i want these pads off they are sort of comforting right now. I can see reddish fluid starting to work through the pads though. I can take them off in three more days and shower then. Hoping I feel good that day!
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I'm sure a shower will help you feel better! It's mostly mental, but whenever I'm sick or laid up, a shower always makes me feel just a little bit better.

I hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly! Do you know when you should see your final results?

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results should be immediate aside from some swelling. Like I said above I used bump my own flanks when my arms hung next to my body and right now there's no more bump! I'm not trying to have an athlete's body, just fix the blatant irregularities and I think that's happened so I'm thrilled right now. I CANNOT wait to try on clothes. Because I always had these huge flanks i have to buy every shirt a size too big otherwise they fit until i sit then all the bottom buttons pull open. I've learned to avoid sitting. When I'm at bars and things I always stand. To be done with that anxiety will make this procedure worth every frickin penny
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I'm glad you feel so good about your surgery, it makes it worth while! I just read about the catheter, I didn't think Lipo was the type of procedure where a catheter would be needed. Did you have it in for very long?

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I didn't know I was going to have one either really. Surgery was 2.5-3 hours I think
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