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I researched for months about Fraxel: Repair...

I researched for months about Fraxel: Repair hoping to find a physician in the San Francisco Bay Area who does it under I.V. sedation. I had no luck, so I decided to go ahead and endure the pain. It has been less than 72 hours since I had my lower face (upper lip and chin) and around the eyes done with Fraxel: repair 600 micron. My skin is very red, looks burnt, itchy and stings. I have been taking half Vicodin every 8 hours. Hopefully, I can sleep tonight. The procedure and recovery are painful. So far I have experienced pain and fear. I am hoping for satisfactory results because the downtime and discomfort are extensive.

Thanks for sharing with us.  Do you plan on doing more than one treatment, like a series?  Or just the one time?  Keep us posted on your healing progress and any results.


4th day of Fraxel repair

In a follow-up appointment my doctor assured me everything is fine and some pain is expected. The swelling has gone down but the stinging remains. I constantly apply a moisturizer from SkinMedica and most of the treated area has peeled off. I can see recovery starting and I am looking forward to the results. My doctor is very conservative and used very low intensity around the eyes. I will keep you posted in a couple of days.

Day 6 - Fraxel: repair

Still a little swollen, the stinging persists and my face feels stretching. The chin and upper lip recover easier because the skin is thicker than the cheek area. Heat is coming from within, there is a lot of redness, scabbing and the sand paper feeling. Healing is slow, the SkinMedica cream miraculous but expensive. My doctor gave me two tubes, no charge.

Day 9

Scabbing is 90% gone. I am very red like a bad sunburn but no more stinging. My skin is mostly smooth but I can't talk about real results yet because I am still swollen. The SkinMedica was great for me. The redness is so intense it will pop thru the make up especially when I get a little warm. I am going out tomorrow night after 10 days of house sitting!! I will update in a week or so.

Day 16

The chin area and upper lip recover much faster. Around the eyes and nasal folds looks burnt and a kind of raw. Make-up will cover it temporarily but the redness comes thru. During the day I still look "damaged" but at night is not noticeable. I cannot comment on results yet and probably not for at least another 2-3 weeks.
Thank you for sharing your experience and now it has been five months and I'm wondering how you are doing? Has the redness gone down and is your face blending with the rest and your neck? I read here from one woman who complained about loss of volumn under her eyes and face as well so I'm worried about lasers melting fat when I thought it was suppose to stimulate collegen to build volumn. I would like to get the c02 as I'm looking for extreme results but realize there is even more pain and redness involved so still researching this and clearly this must be done by someone who is thoroughly experienced with all skin types.
The redness is gone but the CO2 laser is way more aggressive. Downtime would be around 3-4 for a full face Fraxel"repair. Having said that one can go out after 2 weeks but it is obvious that something is done on the face. The laser does not stimulate collagen, does not melt fat and the results for fine lines are satisfactory. I have done only the lower part of my face and it blends in with cheeks and neck because my skin is very fair. Make sure you find an expert, allow plenty recovery time and have realistic expectations.

i am on day...11 of the my procedure... swelling has gone down..heat has subsided some. i give myself vinegar soaks twice a day it has helped. However i am still very red. I have a skin medica cream also...makes me redder. Now i am just letting air get to it (no lotion.) it feels like it is healing faster. I am still peelling some. It is possible i may have to take another week of work. I am hoping makeup is going to cover the redness.

San Francisco Dermatologic Surgeon

I will continue updating my experience and review the doctor in a week or two.

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