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Facelift - San Francisco, CA

I expected to see a more youthful me

I expected to see a more youthful me. I do in some aspects, but the weight on the bad side of the scale is much heavier than the good!

I spent a whole lot of money for facelift, necklift, and browlift. I was awake during part of the procedure and felt, cutting, burning, suturing. When I told the Dr. he said, of coure, you were in twilight. Not asleep. NEWS FLASH -He was so cheap that he was his own anesthesiologist. I even heard the nurse say, she's waking up, should I giver her more? He said not to and proceeded to work on me. NIGHTMARE!!!

I had massive headaces from the brow-lift and he indicated nothing he did should give me a headache. He doesn't treat headaches and I should call my primary care doctor.

Okay, so after a week, one eye is nearly closed and the other open wide. Eventually they have sort of evened out--not totally!

The sutures under my chin came undone sometime shortly after the procedure. He accused me of taking them out myself! Additonally, we wait six months. If I need scar revision, I'll have to find another doctor and it will cost. NO RESPONSIBILITY!!!

My neck was hanging on one side from one week after the proceedure. I asked if it would tighten up. I kept asking about what I called the Goyter on my neck..though I was ONLY attempting to lighten the INSANITY! his reponse was, I have no control over how you heal. It's not my fault!! Finally, after 6 weeks, he tells me to order a chin strap. Do you think he could have provided one? I used it and OF COURSE it didn't work. Why would it six weeks after the procedure?!

I began calling other doctors (ones that I interviewed prior to selecting Kulick) who said because of the amount of skin on my neck prior to the surgery, vertical neck lift was likely not a good one for me. Kulick insists it works for everyone and mine is the ONLY procedure that resulted in hanging skin.

The plan (which I underwent a few days ago) was to lipo under my neck. This was done in his office with a local. Wow! Did that hurt!! I am instructed to wear the chin strap for 6 - 8 weeks constantly. I go back on Friday to get the sutures removed. I won't remove the dressing until then as I don't want to, again, be accused of removing any sutures.

I have been very clear that this is his only chance at redemption. If it doesn't work, I will be looking for a new doctor to re-do my neck.

I am so disappointed and feel like I chose the wrong doctor. I am happy to post pictures of my results.

I've actually asked for my pictures from him, but he's playing a game and telling me they are not at his office. I expect them on FRIDAY or will be calling the medical board.

Please report your bad experience to the state board and any other website. I have had ps and my dr corrected every problem, though I had few. I good board certified doc is usually very concerned about their reputation. Spread the word.
Dear Menlo Kat,
I certainly hope you have seen some resolve to your disastrous experience. There false advertising continues to sucker people in to the bait and switch they've got going on.
As long as he is still working to resolve them. that is what the Board Cert if about. Every case along with photos must be submitted and reviewed every 10 years.. Good luck to both of you.
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

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