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I have my surgery scheduled for this week. I've...

I have my surgery scheduled for this week. I've always felt self-conscious about my weak chin, especially after seeing pictures of my profile. I guess I'm hoping to match what I picture myself to look like, seeing myself face-on in the mirror. Anyway, I am feeling anxious about my surgery this week, and hoping for the best.


Stay positive. I can't wait to see your results. Please let us see pictures as well as let us know the size and type of implant you get. The more details the better. I plan on getting mine done in the next 6 months when I get all the money saved. I also live near the bay so doctor info would be a help to. Thank you and good luck.
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Thanks – can't believe it's already tomorrow! I'll post more details soon.


Can't believe it's tomorrow already! I'm posting a couple 'before' pictures for reference. Hoping all goes well and the recovery isn't too bad.


Today is the day. Good luck. Looks like you chose the doctor that I am more than likely going to go with.
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Look forward to updates. I have plans on doing the same soon.
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What kind of anesthesia will the doctor use for the chin augmentation procedure?good luck
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Post-surgery, so far so good

Had the surgery this morning, and I'm back at home resting up. Doctor has be wrapped in a big ace bandage and asked I keep it on for two days, so the big reveal won't be until Sunday. Definitely sore, and I hear tomorrow may be worse before it starts getting better.

Thought I could share more details in case it's helpful for anyone else out there. When I had my pre-op consultation, the doc explained he tries different sized implants while I'm under and makes the decision then. We talked about my goals (wanted a more athletic, masculine look, but not overdone) and I trusted him from there. He told me afterwards he used a large, pre-jowl Mittelman with wings, but he also customized it with another capsule piece he sewed to the front/top for more projection there. He had told me about that option at my pre-op visit. He said my chin was unusual in that it goes more vertical in shape, so he would have to work on getting the implant higher than usual and projecting outward, instead of down, which would happen if he placed it at the more normal location at the bottom of the chin.

I liked how Dr. Mabrie seemed to have a good eye for detail and thought his before and after results on other patients were impressive, which is the main reason why I ended up choosing him. I did consult with another doctor, who had a different viewpoint that gave me a little pause. He thought that implants placed from under the chin had more of a risk of shifting downwards over 10-20 years, so he preferred going through the mouth. I decided the risk was ok with me.

Ok stay tuned for the reveal in a couple days!


Great first post-op post. Very informative. Thank you for including the exact implant type and size as well as Dr. Mabrie's approach. From what I have seen and read of his work, Id be foolish not to go to him since I only live 3 hours away.
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I just got my chin implant yesterday too! I also had some liposuction under the chin area. I had my surgery yesterday at 3:30 and today I'm feeling verrrrry swollen and my lip is so puffed out. I can barely open my mouth or talk. Is your lip really swollen too? Also, I'm in the same boat... I can't see it until they take the head wrap off. Kind of nerve-wrecking because I have no idea what its' going to look like! Anyways, tanks for sharing your story!
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I'm pretty swollen and it's hard to eat but I'm managing. Good luck to you with your results and recovery too!

Two days post-op

Got the wraps off, and what a shock. Still getting used to it, and I know the swelling will go down. I think the surgeon did a good job just thinking about what people will say.


Love it! What a great result.
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Wow! Looks really good for only being a couple days out!!!
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Looks good man.
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First day back at work

Had my post-op visit, where the doctor took out the sutures and answered some questions. Still have a bandage under my chin that should come off in 3-5 days.

Went to work after that, and it was a bit of a stressful day for me! I totally overthink things so bear with me. Most of what I've read on this site seemed really nonchalant, that people don't notice much. My doctor said the same thing, that even one of his patient's mothers didn't notice. I didn't know how it would be for me. My plan was to wear this new pair of glasses with a slight prescription that I had gotten recently to give people something to fixate on if I looked different to them. I haven't worn glasses since I got Lasik a decade ago. The glasses worked, for the most part. A few people just complimented me on them, but a few people kind of wigged out. One co-worker said, nice glasses, but kept looking at me. She said, "Something else is different." Another co-worker, who I've worked with closely for four years, came in to a meeting late and said, "Oh my God, I totally didn't recognize you in those glasses! You look like a completely different person, especially in profile!" I gave them both the swollen-from-dental-surgery excuse and said it was an abscess. I do think there is some "mental voodoo" that happens where people come to accept that this is what you look like and don't think twice about it.

A couple co-workers who I had told about the procedure were delighted for me and said it looked good.

Anyway I think I'm mostly out of the woods, but I have to keep wearing these darn glasses for a little while.

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Another thing

Also, I had noticed a bit of looseness in the skin under my chin that wasn't there when I first got my bandages off. The doctor said that will continue to tighten as I heal in the next few weeks.


If you wouldnt mind one more update to see how its going, I would really appreciate it. Your results have. Convinced me that Mabrie is the way to go and Im scheduling a consult.
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Any chance you could give us another update and let us know how you feel now that you are further removed from the operation.
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look like good
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11 days post

Just a quick update. Feeling more like "myself" now -- it took about 7 days. One thing I didn't realize before is the implant isn't totally snug for 2-3 weeks after the surgery, at least for me. The doctor suggested I nudge it slightly upwards so it doesn't settle too far down and make my face look too long. It's a little surreal to be pushing your face around though! Here's a before and after pic of me 11 days out.

Also feel comfortable meeting old friends, etc. They don't notice! Only thing left is what my folks will think.


Although the end result is very nice, I am a little afraid of how an additional piece is sewn onto the top of the implant because the doctor is assuming that the healing process will lock the implant in place. I feel that a custom would have done best. Althought it would've cost at least 2x.
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Wow! Your chin looks so perfect! It's like you were born with it. Did your parents notice?
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Looks amazing! I hope mine turns out just as good. :-)
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David Mabrie, MD

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