Anyone Have Any Good Doctors for the BBL in Sacramento, or Bay Area? - San Francisco, CA

I am trying to get a BBL in a couple of months. I...

I am trying to get a BBL in a couple of months. I am curious if anyone knows of any doctors in CA to recomend for the procedure??? Thank you for any and all responses..Just trying to find a local Dr. I love Dr J's work, but there is no way I can afford to travel there, and stay, and expences with surgery... would like to find someone local.

check out dr. hughes in LA. Read my profile. I had the same struggle
I'am also starting to only consider Florida surgeons as well.
Ladies I'am in the same position, I live in the Bay Area and have all but given up on finding a good bbl doctor. The few that I have found have outrageous prices. My number one pick is Dr.Yilly in the Dominincan Republic but Iam scared out of my mind going outside the country but I really like her work and it seems like its the only way I'am going to get this done.
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