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Extremely painful, No visible results, not worth...

Extremely painful, No visible results, not worth it!! The procedure was performed by an assistant, not the doctor. I did not have pain meds or lidocaine for pain as I was told this could lead to bruising. Big mistake! For over an hour, I felt like I was being electrocuted with every jolt.

As for the results, I was extremely swollen for days around the eyes- the swelling equivalent to looking like I was stung by a bee. In fact, the top of my eyelids created hoods over my eyes that I could see when my eyes were open and I felt heaviness in the upper eye-lid area. The swelling was worse in the morning and would dissipate over the course of a day. This lasted for about 4 days. Let's talk about the numbness! Do you know what it feels like when you go to the dentist and have your mouth numbed and you can't feel a thing? And when you attempt to drink from a straw or a cup and water dribbles down your cheek because you cannot feel a thing? Well, I was extremely concerned when I had numbness like this the next day and became even more concerned of nerve damage when the numbness lasted not one, two or three days, but SEVEN days!!! Once the numbness and swelling went away, I was hopeful that the pain and worry I experienced would all be worth it when I would notice a bit of a lift in the eye brow/lid area. Month 1, Month 2, Month 3 passed and nothing! No noticeable differences..

Very disappointed with the results. Look ladies.. If you are looking for the answer to skin tightening, Ulthera is not the answer. I even asked the doctor- if Ulthera really works, why doesn't every plastic surgeon have one in their office? He said that the company wants to keep the therapy "exclusive" to only a select few doctors. From a business/investment strategy standpoint, does this make sense? Absolutely not. The reason why not every plastic surgeon has this in their office is because it doesn't work, or it doesn't produce satisfactory results. From a physians standpoint, they know they can make $3,000 from a procedure but only the smart, ethical ones realize that if You have one happy customer, they will tell one friend. If You have one UNHAPPY customer, they tell ALL their friends. I've never posted reviews before and this time around, I feel it's justified. It's not worth it!! Save your money!

Dr Gray

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I totally agree! I had the procedure 6 months ago at the Vanderveer center in Portland. Not only was it painful, it was expensive and I see no results! If anything, I have lost volume in face. Keep your money in your pocket!
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Couldn't agree more. Very painful treatment + NO results could be documented by my doctor after almost 3 months + $3500 = a huge waste. My neck still hurts. I'll give it one more months and if still no results I'll be reporting to the Better Business Bureau, AMA, etc. Also worry about the effects of the inflammation on overall health.
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Sorry you went through this. Keep us posted.
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I agree with this poster that it is not worth it. I usually don't post reviews, but feel that people should know that in all likelihood they will pay a substantial sum for few results. Although it is advertised otherwise, problems and side effects are not uncommon. I would advise against Ultherapy.
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Sounds like you had a rough time and are really unhappy. I'll cross my fingers that at the 6 month mark you'll see a better outcome. That is the time mark I was told I should see a decent comparison between before and after. I was never told to expect to see changes at the first, 2nd or 3rd month....but if they appear early, I'm fine with that!

I was also told it was painful - so I went in with the "no pain/no gain" mindset. Nothing has ever come close to childbirth so I wasn't particularly worried about getting through it.

I decided to have Ultherapy after a ton of research. Because of my age (I'm in my 60's) I know I may not see the same results as someone younger, but surgery is off the radar, and my neck just kept on getting lazier and lazier and one brow droopier than the other.

The treatment was pretty zippy. I did take medication. Initially I took ibuprofen, 2 tylenol and a valium. At half time I added a vicodin - but honestly, it didn't make any difference. I did not have numbing cream.

There were only certain areas that were zippy enough to take my breath away. But again, I was not expecting a pain free experience so maybe I was in a better place psychologically. The nurse who treated me had had Ultherapy herself so she described how it would feel pretty accurately and I was forewarned when she was getting to a sensitive location.

I had my trusty mp3 player so when the zips got zippier, I turned up the volume. Between "Beat It" and "Billie Jean" I was able to handle the next zip and the next until they were all done.

(I'm a "be prepared" junkie, so I had a pillow to hold on to, my music player and the nurse gave me a little vibrator to buzz when I felt the need - they all helped)

I was told I would feel sore and potentially have some numb areas. I did bruise, but I think because I had a fairly aggressive treatment. It was easy to cover with some CoverFX that I got at Sephora.

I have an area under my chin that is a bit numb (2 weeks out) but that same area is where I see some actual early tightening. Kind of a nice early bonus since I wasn't expecting anything yet.

From everything I've read, I think if people are told they will see immediate lifting, they are being misled. Maybe some will, but the tightness I felt the first three days was from some swelling ( again, nothing major and I was told that if I did feel tighter, most of it was the result of probable swelling).

I studied a LOT about how the treatment works and can fully understand why it takes time. I am also really patient.

Also, my studies made it clear Ultherapy is not an alternative to liposuction and if someone has seriously loose skin, it probably won't be that effective.

Once I reach my 6 month mark, I absolutely intend to post my befores and afters.
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I think your assessment of this procedure is spot on. I hope the patients seeking this treatment will do the research you did so their expectations are in line with the reality of a long-term outcome. I had the procedure done two days ago and won't be looking for real results for months. I had the same mindset with Thermage a couple years ago and was very happy with the outcome even though I was the only one who noticed the difference. I also took the Tramadol/Tylenol combo, along with a minute dose of Xanax (should have taken a bit more). Visualization of a relaxing beach helped me get through the tough spots, but next time I think the iPod is a great idea!
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I can understand why you would be disappointed if you didn't see good results. Are you considering trying another treatment, or just letting things be what they are?

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