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20 days PO getting better. New pictures- before and after- San Francisco, CA

Well, I'm 39, 5'6" and have never had body issues....

Well, I'm 39, 5'6" and have never had body issues. But then I started poppin' out dem babies and "poof" the body that I thought I would have forever was gone.

I'm so nervous and scared - the big day is TOMORROW! I've been in a literal haze since I decided to get a TT. Everything has moved super fast for me. I had my fourth child last year and I just got tired of people asking me if I was pregnant again - one year later!! The last straw was when my electrician said to me a few months ago that I must be tired. I said "why?" and he pointed to my stomach - then said "what are you ... like three months pregnant?"

Turns out I have an umbilical hernia and so no amount of exercise would have helped get me to the flatside. So here I go, to repair my hernia and as the cherry on top get a TT and lipo of the flanks.

Hello lovely ladies! Just had my hernia repair, TT...

Hello lovely ladies! Just had my hernia repair, TT and lipo of the flanks yesterday morning. Can you say TERRIFIED. I was sure to give my husband a long list of to-dos in the event of my untimely demise :) the scariest part was actually signing the anesthesia waiver that included risks like hemmoraging, heart attack, broken teeth and DEATH? Now what's up with the broken teeth!!?? Anyhoo, the last thing I remember was telling the anesthesiologist that I would haunt him if I didn't wake up. Woke up in a shared recovery room with a gaggle of folks -- okay, like three people. I'm sure I looked like a hot mess. The pain has been more than I expected. I was taking one tablet of hydrocodon every 4 hours, but took two pills last time and that seemed to give me a bit of relief .

Besides the pain, the other hardest part has been getting in and out of bed to pee. I managed to take one picture with my iPad. But it's not very good. Hubby confiscated my camera so I would "relax". HA! Spent the afternoon eating jello and soup with like 4 crackers with my first-grader sitting next to my bed reading me stories.

I noticed a lot of people stacked up on supplies before their procedures. Not me. Only thing we made sure to have in advance was jello:) Also, unlike a lot of people that were dieting before surgery, I was living it up - eating whatever I wanted. Now I have no appetite.

Had my TT/lipo/hernia repair on Friday and just...

Had my TT/lipo/hernia repair on Friday and just went in today for my first PS post surgery visit. Is it me or does my stomach look like a cone shape? He says the swelling will go down a bit more -- "a BIT"??!!! he even said he lipoed part of my stomach to give me a two-pack, which will be noticiable once the swelling goes down.

What do you gals think? Be HONEST!!

I read all these stories about women feeling great...

I read all these stories about women feeling great 3 to 5 days after surgery, so I am feeling a little discouraged. I am 10 days postop and am still hunched over and in pain. What's up with that? I have my third doctor's visit this coming Thursday. Hopefully I will finally get my drains removed.

I really wonder about all the women on this site...

I really wonder about all the women on this site that were able to squeeze into their dream bikinis / outfits three days after surgery. I'm not sure if it's because my Dr used glue and not tape on my incision, but I didn't like clothes rubbing against me so I've been wearing the surgery bodysuit corset 24 hours a day, every day and only yesterday felt good enough to try on all those vacation swim suits I've been storing in my closet.

So everything fits WAY better, but I'm still swollen, especially at the end of the day. I go back to work in a couple of days and am worried about getting tired and driving a long distance, but hey - gotta earn that $$$$ ! Anyhoo, I'm liking my tummy better these days, but am looking forward to the day the swelling will disappear and the scar will be less noticeable.

Forgot to mention, finally got my drains out....

Forgot to mention, finally got my drains out. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Michael Cedars

He was recommended by a friend who did her breast reduction like 20 years ago. I did get a consultation w/one other PS, but chose this guy because I read somewhere that he was a real "artist" about his work. Yeah, I know that's a lame reason, but to be honest, I really trust my friend's opinion and I'm just too busy with work and kids and "life" to spend a lot of time doing consults, which, by the way run around $150-$200 in the Northern California area! UPDATE 9/27/12 While I'm still not 100% where I want to be, I'm seeing more of what I like everday and have to give Dr. Cedars props. He is very knowledgeable and I've had no complications. He is very attentive and his staff is very responsive. I would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking about getting a tummy tuck in the San Francisco Bay area.

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island girl you look great and it just gets better with time
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hang in there...there's so many changes that take place over the first few months.  i'm 4 months post op now and some days i swear the flubber is back, then the next day i feel slim again!?  
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Islandgrrl you are looking great. I am 4 weeks PO and still dont like when certain clothes rub against the site. And I still itch. I love how clothes just look way better now. Happy healing.
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Hi sweets, I am just now walking straight at 3 weeks post op. Don't be discouraged, we all heal differently. I too also felt like I had pain etc forlonger than others. Each day will get better...that truely is so! I am proof! This is a long process...to heal and see final results.Its hard to remain positive, I know.:-/
Happy healing!
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I am 18 days post op and still hunch over, especially late in the day when swelling is at its max......AND I still have a drain in, so hang in there, this is a marathon, not a sprint!
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Tensgurl is it bad that I feel better you still got your drains in so I'm not the only one. Lol
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Hi Im 19days post op and the day your drains come out you will feel a whole lot better. It's much easier to walk but im still hunched over at times and my back is kinda sore at night.
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I am 19 days PO (I think) and I am still hunched over sometime and still have my drains. Some nights I am so uncomfortable I'd be up most the night. Like the ladies here always tell me, give it time.
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When I look at your before pictures and the ones right now, I can see that what you have now looks hard and swollen (instead of soft and gooshey like before.) That seems to me like inflamed muscles and skin that will go back down, whereas as we know that gooshey will NEVER go down without help! So I can totally understand why you are discouraged and worried, but as Cherrybabi said, you don't even have your drains out yet!!!!! It is WAAAAYYYY too early to say that things aren't going well. And I saw people who had their surgeries 6 months before and they could still really wipe themselves out and get sore again if they did too much at the gym.
I have decided that I have to think of this like having a baby -- it takes 9 months to really recover afterwards, NOT three weeks (despite what you might read some french women do ;)
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I am 17 days post opt and I still hunch over at times. And I still had pain at 10 days but nothing compared to how I felt the 1st day. Doing great is a "state of mind" and that is why I was always positive but I had my share of rough days also....and one day of some serious regret/depression. But you will feel better once you are drainless! You will see a huge improvement after that. So believe me still walking with a bend at 10 days is normal and still having pain is normal as well. You are fine sweetie!
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I am sure you are swelling. I didn't really have lipo on my stomach so I think that is why my swelling isn't as bad there, but I did have lipo on my thighs, and they are still swollen. I can't even get some of my pants over my thighs. Lipo can cause a lot of swelling!
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Results change everyday...relax, it WILL get better....
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Congrats on your surgery! I think I looked better at 7 or 10 days than at 14 or 20. Things have got to even out, swelling becomes different, incisions heal, muscles tense and relax and start working again. Be good to yourself, it's amazing what time and positive thoughts will do. (and lots of water.) Happy healing.
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i guess i wasn't prepared for my result to fluctuate over time. did you use any of those scar strips? my ps doesn't believe they work and said i shouldn't put anything on my scar since he put glue on it.
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I use scar strips every single day. Since I am one of those gals who likes her CG, leaving the scar strips on is easiest. I think my scar is doing great. But you can't use it until the incision is totally closed. I didn't have glue. Every PS is different and I followed instructions from mine to a T. Happy healing - every day it gets better!
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Islandgrrl you are just swelling right now. Mine was perfectly flat the day after surgery. But some days it will look like a puffer fish. It will go away, no worries.
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You have a lot of swelling! I would wait a week or two before you make your final judgement. I am 11 days post opt and I have moments when I am like EWWWWW I DON'T LIKE THIS. Just as rlrichardson said one day I too see something I like and then the next day I morph into something else.

You also have redness and bruising that distracts from your results so when you are looking at yourself you are taking everything into consideration. Remember you have to smooth out from the lipo as well. So take it easy and concentrate on healing my darling.
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i read somewhere that people who've had a tummy tuck should massage their belly everyday. did you do that, or heard anything like that before.?
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I was not loving my belly first week and still have moments. But day 7 I saw something I liked. And the next day it was gone:) give it time! Happy healing!
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Congratulations! It is still early in your recovery. The results will get better each day.
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I hope your pain goes away fast I was thinking about you and hoping things had gone well. I am happy you made it through okay.
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Thanks Anna. I spoke to my PS today and told him the pain meds he gave me are not working. Since i got my procedure on Friday I have to wait until Monday to see him. Hopefully things will get better by then. But at the end of it all, I'm just glad I'm alive!!!
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CONGRATS! And happy healing !!!
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Hey cherribabi,

Thanks for the morale support. Trying not to think about things. Just checked my bp again. Its a little high. Gonna try to stop thinking about things. That should help alot!
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Inbox me love!
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