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Hi! I am a divorced Mom of five children. I...


I am a divorced Mom of five children. I had my first when I was 17 and then in the next 10 years I had 4 more! They were all big, beautiful babies, and I got HUGE each preganancy. (I thought it was fun to be so big!)

Before my 1st baby I was 5'4" and weighed 104lbs. (I was 16 when I got pregnant) I gained 56lbs in the next nine months! Needless to say, it was difficult getting the weight off, but I dieted and did aerobics five nights a week. Got back to 103lbs and could wear a bikini again. (tiny extra skin, but not bad)

My next two came within 13 months of each other and then the next two within 2 1/2 years of each other.
I ended up weighing well over 160. (not pregnant) I nursed all of them and the last two I nursed over a year each!

When I turned 30 I was tired of having to wear elastic waisted pants and oversized shirts! I got a personal trainer for 3 months and went on Jenny Craig. I lost all the weight, and even did a Jenny Craig commercial!

However, my tummy and breasts are extremely gross! Bikini? Ha! Haven't worn one since I was a teen!
I've been wanting a Mommy Makeover for soo long, but have been very scared! However, I am tired of being so grossed out about myself. I want to not be afraid to date a man past three dates because of my secret gross-ness!

I want to be able to wear jeans and not have to hide my skin hanging over the top of them! I need to fill in my empty breasts, so they don't look like deflated balloons without a bra on!

Anway, thanks for reading! Oh, I am now 41 and weigh 120.. I run, do a boot camp class, and dance ballet and jazz.
Will post some pictures when I get a chance. :)

Well, the more I read about everyone's...

Well, the more I read about everyone's experiences, the more I wonder why my surgery is scheduled to be so long?

I am having full tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and liposuction on my back. The surgery is estimated at 8 hours.. ahh! So scary!! Anyone else have such a long surgery?
I've never been under before, what is it like to wake up from something like this?

Soo, I went in for my pre-op yesterday....

Soo, I went in for my pre-op yesterday. Unfortunately, I got lost in Palo Alto somehow after being stuck in traffic on the freeway and I was a half hour late!!!! I was soo frazzled by the time I got there it was all like a dream - signed my life away on a bunch of papers, payed a ton of money in three seperate checks and went over, briefly, what I my ps will be doing and took some more pics..
I will be going with silicone, 370-390 implants - he will decide during surgery which ones will be best on me within that range.

I got prescriptions as well.
Singulair -

I also am getting the pain pump since I will be having the muscle repair. Though it seems it doesn't make much of a difference on some of the ladies here..

I will have three drains. One for my tummy and one in each breast. I didn't know I would need drains for a breas augmentation, I thought they were for lifts - oh well! Though, this dr likes to take the drains out at 2-3 days.

I am scared to death, however I am confident in my dr. I will be extremely busy in the next two weeks. I have a dance performances this weekend and then I go to Hawaii to meet my son who will be back from a two month training on a ship.

I am so scared of the pain I will feel and of being under for so long.. I hope I deal with all of it well, as I am a wimp!!!!

I'm already so nervous, I can't sleep - I am scared to hope I will love the outcome!!!!

Well, onto my busy day! Have a great day ladies!

Less than two weeks to go and I am sooo busy!!!...

Less than two weeks to go and I am sooo busy!!! This weekend is mine and my daugters dance recital and then I leave for Hawaii for five days to greet my son and come home with him and then in four days after that - surgery!!

I had a horrible dream that I got the surgery and did not have my pain medicines! I was having to go to the pharmacy all bandaged and people staring at me and bumping into my -children climbing on me - yikes! I woke up and still felt like I couldn't move, wow, I must be very scared and too busy to think of it during the day!

I am so crazy to be doing this, I sure hope it's worth it. I hope I look better after and not worse, and I hope for no major complications. My sister got an infection after her c-section and that was horrible.. ugh.. I guess I'm just hoping for the best!

Back from Hawaii at 3am (after a four hour delay...

Back from Hawaii at 3am (after a four hour delay in Honolulu!!) I was so busy I really had no time to think about my surgery! (which is a good thing I suppose)
I am hoping that the next time I go to Hawaii, I will be able to feel more confident in myself with my mm!!
I am scared about my surgery and I think that all you ladies who have done it are soo brave!!
I have soo much to do before it comes up - ahh!! hee hee!

Tommorrow is the day - it feels like a dream! I...

Tommorrow is the day - it feels like a dream! I hope all goes well!!!

Hi again! Well, I've made it this far!...

Hi again!

Well, I've made it this far! It's been rough for me - with a lot of nausea and feeling faint. My dr. takes the draines out at only two days and I felt much better after that!

Still no appetite and I can't take the vicodin anymore since I found out I'm allergic to it! I had really bad shortness of breathe, but I thought it was from the tight binders - nope! So now I need to try and do my best on no vicodin.. At least I can breathe better!

Post op day 2 was the worst for me, I thought I wouldn't make it on the drive back to the dr!!! It was sooo awful -sooo nauseaus and faint and exteme malaise!! He took out the drains and it was better so soon. It did not hurt at all to get the drains out, also my pain pump for my tummy worked so well, I never had pain in my tummy except for the insision site.

Not gone #2 yet, but not really eating yet either. I tried to eat something today and got nauseaus again! :( This would all be so much better without nausea!!!

Also I have this weird numbness and stabbing pain in my right thigh. Doc said it could sometimes happen, so it makes walking that much more difficult..

Well, I will be 4 dalys post op tommorrow - can't wait to eat again!!

Hope everyone else is well..

BTW, my waist is teeny tiny and my breasts look great, even with all the bruising I can tell!

Ok, the swelling has begun. and begun in earnest -...

Ok, the swelling has begun. and begun in earnest - only slept for an hour last night because of it - so horrible!

Yesterday was so blah! I took M.O.M. and then had such bad runs that I got painful, very painful hemmerhoids (I don't care about spelling - too tired and swollen..) I had my son go get me some prep H and it really helped! I thanked him for helping me to get it, he said no prob - just no help putting in on - LOL!

I could eat yesterday, but felt dizzy a little after each time..

I am moving around a lot better as my kids have noticed.. Still hurts like heck though!! Only on Extra Strength Tyl. bc of adverse reactions to the pain meds.

I hate this swelling - it pulls on my incisions and hurts! boo hoo!!!

I keep getting a tickle in my throat (the kind that makes your eyes water and need to cough) Oh, forget about coughing - I found having menthol type cough drops nearby a huge help!

Oh, I forgot to mention I got an un-expected side effect to the surgery. I have numbness all the way down the front of my right thigh - to my knee (I had no lipo on my legs) I don't care about that so much as the extremely sharp pain I get when I walk on it!!!! Ugh, it hurts so much and even when I was on the strong pain meds, it hurt worse than anything else. The dr. said sometimes that can happen, it was unfortunate that it happened to me, but he said it WILL go away and I am counting on that!!

Lots of ladies with surgeries today - best of luck to all of you!!

Feeling pretty good again today - oh my - it is...

Feeling pretty good again today - oh my - it is soo nice to have my appetite back! I have been eating what I want and actually the swelling has not gotten any worse. I am always wearing my binder.

I had a little oozing from my drain, so the doc ordered cipro for me, just to be on the safe side!

Showering takes a long time. I hate taking off my binders - just because I feel less held in! Especially with my breasts. If it wasn't for alll the horrible bruising from the lipo (and the swelling) I think I would look great.. I will try and get a picture - too bad so much bruising!

I still have that pain in my leg, but I had about an hour and a half of no pain in it yesterday and I thought perhaps a miracle happened! Alas, the pain came back, but this is a great sign that this nerve stuff will indeed get better as the doctor assured me it will.

Now that the rest of my pains are subsiding, I do realize I have the same pain and numbness in my lower back as my leg. So, it is from the lipo. Sometimes I get depressed about this pain, but I try to keep hopeful - especially after my hour and a half yesterday!! :D

Oops! Took a step backwards last night and it was...

Oops! Took a step backwards last night and it was all my fault! :(

What did I do? I ate too much!! Not pleasant, not pleasant at all - painful and still is!!!! It was difficult to me, since I had not eaten well for a week and I was finally really enjoying something! but I paid for it, all night long I was in pain and frustrated that I did it! Oh well, I won't be doing that again!!! ha ha!

One week post op today, yay! - still feeling pains and soreness, but only on tylenol. Not standing up straight yet, but better. Breasts still very tender. Getting up and down is a breeze now. Sleep is still a discomfort as my breathing is still shallow and sometimes I wake up having to take a breath..

Otherwise, happy to be a week post op! :)

I am so bruised! I mean, I am just black and blue...

I am so bruised! I mean, I am just black and blue everywhere. My underarms, under my breasts, my abdomen, down my back, on the sides of my back, my pubic area - ugh.. I see other's pics and they are not all bruisey like me! :( I have always bruised soo easily and it lasts a long time, so it's no surprise, but still..

Still in a lot of pain and walking slowly and hunched over like a 90 year old. Soo, guess I'm feeling a little down today! Sorry about the rant!!

11 days post-op.. I overdid it today, with not...

11 days post-op.. I overdid it today, with not much!! I tried to go for a little walk. I walked outside for only 8 minutes and then I got home and felt like I was going to pass out. :( boo hoo! After being a runner, dancer and taking bikini bootcamp classes - I feel soo discouraged!! I felt so miserable for about a half hour, had my feet up.

I also have a very sharp pain in my right groin when I move sometimes while lying down. This is a stabbing pain that is horrible. Twice I have cried out loud in pain, as it is so bad.. :( I think it's part of the stupid nerve damage. Too bad I have that and the leg pain on top of everything, but I see that getting this is very rare.

Everything looks great though, and I can see that the bruising is going down a little now.. I just need to take it easy for a while!!! :)

Will be four weeks post op tomorrow - yay! It's...

Will be four weeks post op tomorrow - yay! It's been a rough journey, as I know it is for many. The pain in my groin is gone now, phew! I am standing up much straighter (though it took me a while!) and I am walking almost 20 minutes now, and feeling good.

The pain in my breasts is almost gone, still just a tad sore. Tummy is feeling a little weird, and some pain if the car goes over bumps etc. I am still on cipro for a small infection in the center of my scar. Scar is super thin, like a red pencil line otherwise..

Yesterday I went to the bank, I wore black yoga pants and a body hugging top. When I walked into the bank it was full of women working there at desks etc, they all stopped and STARED at me as I walked in and went to the teller. Ha ha! Full breasts and a tiny waist doesn't come easy! I just held my head high and smiled a little. GREAT feeling!!!! :D

I am now about 4 months post op. I uploaded a...

I am now about 4 months post op. I uploaded a picture of myself taken by my Mom in Hawaii last Sept. My swelling is all gone now, and though I still feel tightness in my belly button area, I feel so great! My leg is better (phew!) and now I can concentrate on toning once again.

Been a long time since I've posted!

So it will be almost 3 years now since my mommy makeover. It was a long process physically and mentally for me, but I am soo glad I did it!
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon

I am beginning to forget all the suffering I had, and though I have the pain in my leg - I believe it will pass.. I am enjoying what I see in the mirror despite the bruising and am excited for my future with a feminine figure!!

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So, how did you swallow spending that much money on yourself? I really want my procedure done, but the amount of money is killing me. I have 4 kids and keep thinking of all the things we could do with thousands of dollars. Feeling guilty...but really hate my boobs!!
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I know, it was surreal handing over the check and thinking of all that money, but for me it was something that was super important. I would rather have spent it on the makeover than new furniture, etc. I took out a personal loan to pay for it, and then payed it off monthly, so it wasn't a huge dent in my monthly budget, but still, I know what you mean! I felt really awful about the way I looked, and always kept my t-shirt on during sex. Now, I feel great in a bikini, and it's kinda liberating. Best of luck to you! I know it's a tough choice, but also a very personal one.
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Great idea about the loan! I'm excited and nervous, but I'm pretty sure I'm doing it! Thanks again!
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Thanks for sharing your story! I have my first consultation next week!
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Best of luck, tell me how your consultation goes! :)
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1st consult was just ok...the second was WAY better. I do need a lift with my aug, but I felt way more comfortable with the second doc. I'm trying to justify spending that much money on me!
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Thanks for the update! You look amazing! care to share recent pics on the TT scar? I'd love to see how it looks at 3 years Post op.
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Okay ,thank you! My date is set for June 6th...... yea 371cc's would be without the lift, and 351 cc's would be with the lift. He did say I would need a lift in a couple yrs. that's way I was thinking I should get it now. and he said the scar would be big with lift ....So now I really don't know what to do. seen your pinup you look so good!
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Thanks! and that's great, June is coming so soon! I know, I had to decide on lift or no lift. I had a tummy tuck and lipo on my back, and I was worried about length of surgery, scars etc so I decided on no lift. My nipples did not point down, just deflated breasts from nursing etc.. yuck! I am pretty happy with them now, not perfect as with a lift, but no scars at least! I may get a lift later.. I have seen the scars with people that have had the lift, and they are red but after a while they turn white and not too bad. Dr. Commons is really good with scars though, my tummy tuck scar is a thin white line now.
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thanks makes me feel so much better... mine is 9.5 hours, I'm worried such a long time. yeah your right on the scar in time it will turn white. Gad to hear Dr.Commons is good with scars!
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I have a date set with Dr.Commons...... I'm 5'4 weight 130 ..... I just don't know what size.... Dr. Commons said 351 cc's or 371 cc's I left his office and thought 371 now again i think it might be to big :/
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Hi there! Hmm. well, it's really a personal choice. Gosh it's been almost three years ago. I got about 380 cc's I wear a 34DD victoria secret sizing. However I did not get a lift, so it needed to lift with size. I did a pinup shoot recently, i'll post the pic. you can see a nice flat tummy and my breasts do not look gigantic. When are you having surgery? I'm 5'4" weigh 120 right now, so very similar to you. If I got a lift I may have gotten smaller implants..
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so what size implants did you get?
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Hi there! I will be having surgery with Dr. Commons and was wondering how you are liking the changes almost 2 years post op?
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Actually, I am even more satisfied than ever! I have been exercising a lot and the exercise along with the tummy tuck and lipo, looks fantastic! Do be patient with yourself and let yourself heal after wards, be sure and walk around though! What are you having done?
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Great to hear that! I'm doing TT, lipo and bbl on 10/14. Would love to see pics at 2 years post op. how's your scar? Is it pretty much invisible?
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Oh yeah, the scar is a thin white line now.. I'm excited to hear about your bbl and how that turns out! Ok, I'll try and get some 2 year pics up soon!
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Hi there! It's me again, I forgot to ask - where did you have lipo? and how was dealing with that compared to the TT recovery? I am having my whole back, arms and front lipo'd and also fat grafts to the butt and I'm worried about all that swelling everywhere! Also, How long did it take before you could walk straight? I have to be back at work in 3 weeks so I'm a wee bit worried.
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Hi, 2 years Post-Op - I saw your question on exercise (push-ups) are you completely back to your old routine or do you find that you still have limitations? Thanks and regards!
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Hello! Thanks for you question! Yes, I am able to do push-ups again. It took longer than expected to feel comfortable doing them. After a while, it didn't hurt, but just felt really weird! It creeped me out at first, but now I'm used to it. I do yoga, dance (ballet and jazz) run, and lift weights. It's just super frustrating to wait for the body to heal, but it does. :) Good luck!!
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So good to hear this about exercise. This is one of my concerns with getting a BA. I am thinking of 375cc's, did you have to get high compression bras to run?
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No, I just use regular sports bras :) I just make sure they are a good fit.
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How are you doing?
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I'm doing really well, thank you! Sorry for not replying sooner, I didn't see your message until now. How are you? I saw your pics and you look fantastic!
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Thank you so much for posting your story. You are like my body double! Even my husband saw your pics and was like "whoa, is that you?!" I just had my first consult and will most likey be getting a full TT with a periareolar lift and 400cc silicone implants. Have you had your lift yet? I'm having a hard time deciding whether I want a full or periareolar. Hmmm. Thanks again for sharing! Your amazing results have me feeling really positive!
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