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I have have about ten tattoos and want a majority...

I have have about ten tattoos and want a majority of them removed. Thank goodness most of my tattoos are fairly simple and small. I never thought having tattoos would make me feel so insecure and sad. I specifically dress myself in order to cover my tattoos and it just sucks not feeling confident. I deeply regret getting all of them.. I got them mainly due to spontaneity and teenage angst. I never really thought of the consequences and now just feel straight up embarrassed having these marks of the past. I'm sick of constantly seeing them every time I look in the mirror and I just my bare body back. I definitely learned my lesson and am glad to have found this site to share my experience/ journey to removal with all of you.

I have had two appointments so far and I am content with the results. The place I go to is awesome and my nurse treats multiple tattoos per session (which saves me a lot of mula ;) Though my first appointment I only had one tattoo treated since he wanted me to get the feel of it. He originally quoted me $115 for my 1x6 tattoo on my inner forearm. When I went it for my second treatment, 4/12/13, he treated five tattoos for $250. I was extremely happy.

My skin is still healing, but I noticed some fading. Hopefully when they are fully healed, I'll see more of a drastic difference. Also, during my second treatment, the pain was excruciating. I felt as if I were being skinned alive.. Luckily the pain only lasted a couple of minutes, and then I just felt sore. I feel so grossed out that the skin is a bit raised/ swollen, haha I don't know why. I am hopeful that my skin will be pure once again!


Hi Mae, First off I am so happy I came upon this website...I have been feeling really bad lately (always seems to really flare up when I go in for a laser session).. anyway I just wanted to say I feel your pain 100%. Everything you said is pretty much exactly how I feel. I miss my old body and look forward to the day where I will feel comfortable wearing a bikini again. I am 1 year exactly into my removal. At the end of the day I think I am looking at 3 years - I go every 8 weeks and this time I am actaully waiting 10 weeks to see if I will have more of a fade. I am removing all my tattoos at once, I have 12... some really big, some small. I space my treatments apart but I wanted to do everything at once or else I would be removing until I'm 50! At this point I can handle the laser and the post's the emotional toll all this is taking on me. I look back now and I was never really even comfortable with my tattoos, not sure why I went to such extremes? I just need to find a way to deal with the emotional highs and lows..and not be super hard on myself. Wishing you all the best...
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I'm on my second treatment here in San Antonio I receieved a great deal six treatment for 256 dollars. I only hae one tattoo it's medium size. The skin has bruised and it's only been six days since treatment 'm hoping that it will fade alot. The ink color is black no other colors which I hope will fade completely.

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Thank you for your review, keep us posted - based on your progress so far, you will have great results!
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Hi everyone! Happy to say itching & peeling...

Hi everyone! Happy to say itching & peeling finally stopped. But I do see some shiny areas at certain agains.. What does this mean?! I hope that doesn't mean scarring.. ToT

The area also is kinda dry and flakey. My next appointment is may 21 & I'm so stoked. It seems like I see instant results after each treatment, and during the waiting period I see little fading... It sometimes even looks darker... Haha, again, I'm glad all tje ink is black & shading so the process shouldn't be super super long right?! Probably a year left..? :p

It's summer time and I'm still too embarrassed to wear anything that will expose my tattoos.. Now I will suffer the heat of the sun! I can't wait til they're all removed (which will be awhile from now)'; so I can finally feel comfortable wearing shorts again! Stay hopeful everyone, time will go by quickly & we will all have bare skin once again!


Hey there just checking in for an update on your progress, do you have any photos to share with us? 
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Hi everyone! So happy I came across this site. I'm looking to get 4 small-average sized chinese symbols removed off of my ribs. I go in tomorrow to Guilford, CT for my consultation... It's only black ink and I'm excited to get it removed. However, I hope to God it won't leave any scarring. Does anyone know if there is possibilities of the skin looking 100% normal again?
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hi, where are you getting the tattoos removed in SF? thanks!

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