Results Surpassed my Expectations. Evan Ransom is More of an Artist Than a Surgeon - San Francisco, CA

I thought about this for years, and probably...

I thought about this for years, and probably really did not need it. But I am a very young virile 65 year old widowed three times now, and the complaint now was I was a grump and did not ever smile anymore for whatever reason. My eyes and jowls weighed heavily preventing me from just smiling or looking happy like I once did. My chief concern was that the procedure would 'feminize' my face, and makes it an irreversible and obvious decision I would regret. I had seen very few good masculine procedures... because IMHO less is more. I shopped around in NYC, LA, and even overseas for many years. I finally gave SF a go, and Dee and Evan were hands down the most personable and honest I encountered. They made me feel comfortable that I would be pleasantly surprised, and I was. They took care of all the details (I travel a lot internationally for work), and to a person (including my mother!), no one noticed anything more than I was looking good. It came down to the restoration of my best features, my eyes and my smile! Even when my GP advised against the surgery because of my ITP (bleeding condition), Evan did not pressure me, but he hooked my up with some UCSF hematologists for evaluation. Eventually I made the decision that I would gut it out if I could get my platelet count up, and fit the surgery into my busy schedule.. Evan had a choice of many surgery centers and hospitals, and that made me feel even more secure that I could have it done without discomfort or risk at my local hospital. I never needed to use -any- of the pain killers, and I was able to return to work immediately (I am in remote IT and work from home). As a former wrestler, I was accustomed to easily getting black eyes as a badge of courage because of my blood condition (which apparently was more than most people get from this procedure). Also, Evan's charitable work with hard case children speaks volumes to me.. AND .. the price was more than reasonable.. Evan does not pull the condescending MD and does sincerely engage you in discussion no matter how routine. It is now 5 months, and the results seem to get even better... I shaved the beard, I am amazed at how much more my eyes sparkle, and how much more I am smiling again. I just bought another 20 years of youth.

I forgot the BEFORE Pic that really pushed me

This is from a year before the surgery, and I sported a beard to soften the lines.. This was my usual scowl with almost a distorted half smile..

Why I felt compelled to have the work done....

I managed to keep a youthful face until I was ~55, and then I started getting lines and irregular facial distortions of my smile that made me hide it with a beard. By 2012, my face looked like I had a stroke. It just did not look like me, and it was psychologically causing me to withdraw and become weird. If I were not so healthy, it would have been reasonable to accept.
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon

St. Francis Hospital staff in SF was exceptionally professional and went the extra mile with me after the surgery when I was exhausted, hungry, weak from the anesthesia, and sore from the gurney. They worked with my friend to clean me up and get me dressed to be presentable, and did not rush me out the door in a taxi. IMHO, the hospital staff and the post-op were extremely important in my overall positive experience. It could easily have been a messy nightmare without these people.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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devastatingly handsome, even for a 50 year old. kudos to dr. ransom!
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You look great! I am a 56 y/o male and just went through the F/L procedure. I am also thrilled with the results and with my doctor's aesthetic and technique. Congratulations on being so happy as the months go by. I look forward to that as well!
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Thanks for posting- I think it's great that you had an open mind and did this ..! It looks great...!!!!!! You made a great choice in your surgeon... Thank you for sharing the story and photos...
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Hey, your surgeon did a fantastic job. I have heard male facelifts are challenging, but you look great. Your doctor definitely maintained that "guy" thing in your face. Your facelift looks very natural and you look very handsome. Enjoy!
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I will not deny that I came to this with very good genetics and very handsome faced parents. My spry healthy mom is 86 and looks 50. My father just got more handsome as he aged. IMHO a lot of it is due to insuring that we include daily physical activity and radically change our diets. I am also sure it is easier PS to work with someone who just needs minor fixes to just restore rather than reinvent. The artist needs a vision like MichaelAngelo seeing the entire David in a block of stone. IMHO it is unreasonable to expect PS to create something when there is no prior vision.
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I agree and am in the same general frame of mind about healthy lifestyles, exercise and I use a lot of sunscreen. Good skin is a big plus as we age. My dad is 96 and up to a couple of years ago looked like he was in his early 80s at the most. And a skilled PS is very important—one that realizes there is an artistry to this, not just a science.
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Thanks for posting, you look great! Unfortunately there is still some stigma in having PS, especially for men - some people can be self righteous and judgemental.
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@Elena1963 ...There comes a point in your life when you must live it with a positive perspective for yourself, and stop listening to the negative. It comes down to pure economic jealousy, and I have no time for kumbayas who want to rationalize their own miserable existence by judging mine. What would they prefer I spend my $$ on? I do not need or have friends like that, and I have no shortage of supportive family and friends who have encouraged me in every endeavor I have set my mind to. Instead of thinking of PS as a crutch to compensate for some self image personality disorder, I think of it as just another part of my life that I strive to improve and be the best it can... whether professionally, artistically, or athletically. I have no control over what stupid people think. I do have a lot of control over how I live my life. Being the best I can.. pianist, singer, wrestler, teacher, coach, son, technerd, etc... is not only a constant joy for me, but also to my true friends, family, and community. It is all related.
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Well said!
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Thank you for posting. Very few men post their experiences. I tell men all the time, just do it (get the surgery!) You will be glad you did. You look great!
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You look wonderful!
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Thank you so much for sharing. You do look really youthful! I'm so glad all went well for you and that you're on the other side of this enjoying your results. Do you have a "before" photo so we can see the transformation?

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Usgeder! Thank you for sharing here! We need more guys to speak up! I am proud of you for having it done AND for sharing! Kathy
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