Many Rounds of ArteFill and Very Lilttle Change - San Francisco, CA

I have have had lots of injections. The...

I have have had lots of injections. The dermatologist injected more than 20k of ArteFill in my cheek bones, cheeks, nasal folds, and there is not much progress at all.

I am not sure what to do. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you for all your comments. My experience...

Thank you for all your comments. My experience seems quite different in that the ArteFill treatment had very little effect. And the little effect it did have is uneven: I am lopsided.

The doctor is Dr. Mosser in San Francisco, and now he does not want to inject more or otherwise remedy the situation.

I am at a loss about what to do, and I now have spent all my savings.

2 years and 20k later: ArteFill yielded no effect from Dr. Scott Mosser

I thought I would update you. I wish I hadn't spent the time and money, and the healing process was very intense from 6-7 rounds of ArteFill injections in a few month period of time. All that for nothing. While there was some immediate filling of lines due to the swelling, there was absolutely no improvement otherwise.

Dr. Scott Mosser was happy to take the 20k, and lead me to believe he had used ArteFill before. When there was no positive effect from the injections, he mentioned that it was new on the market and untested. He claimed no responsibility.

In terms of the comments about having a wasting disease or HIV, I have neither. I am healthy, thank goodness.

What I learned: Meet patients who have had work done with a doctor before you trust you wallet and face to that doc, and stick with known and tested products and procedures. For example, I would look great if I had spent that money on Sculptra or other known fillers even though they are temporary. At least I would have gotten something for my money.
Dr. Scott Mosser

I marked this as "don't recommend" because I don't know how to solve my situation. He is very nice, but we have not achieved my original goal of looking a little more youthful, and I am $20,000.00 into this. He does not seem to have a solution either.

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I suggest you read the FDA's guidelines and wish I did before I was given the hard sell on Artefill. Even the company that makes this product does not recommend it for the areas filled in my face and that was directly from a conversation with their rep in customer service. After the injection I also wet to a Plastic Surgeon for advice on what I could do to get it out of my face. He told me that he never fills "off label" which is what you want to do and he was completely surprised about my filled areas and that 18 syringes were used. I have had several people contact me about their bad results since I posted about mine and actually met one of them by chance through a hair dresser. My damage is minimal compared to hers.I suggest trying some of the new laser treatments reviewed on this site, better to be not totally satisfied than out money AND have permanent damage.Just my 2 cents.
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Thanks for you candid remarks. I'm so sorry this has happened. The opinion I sought here (still in the process of finding the right doc) wanted to do up to 20 viles of artefill. Sounds pretty caustic considering it's permanent. I'm in the Edmond/OKC area.. if anyone knows of a really exceptional doctor in my area. Thanks for sharing your experience. It's made me leery of shelling out so much money for so much artefill, not knowing what the results will be. I know he takes it slow... but still. My heart goes out to you! Thanks again for sharing!
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Sorry about you situation. I just had a nose job(1 syringe) and face lift (5 syringes) and I look like 10 years younger. I'm 39 years old. My concern were sagging on my face, smile lines, and nasolabial folds. My doctor lifted my face and injected Artefill (5 syringes for both)on both sides of my forehead. My face is now much smaller, chin is sharper, and lines around my mouth are not as deep, and it has eye-lift effect! My doctor lifted my face at first to create "foundation" and move to lower part of my face so that she doesn't have to use much Artefill to fill in my wrinkles. Make sense, right? I was on a diet because my face looked big compared to the face when I was young. I thought that I could get the small face back if I lost weight. It wasn't about my weight but was all about sagging/aging. I'm very sorry that you've lost so much money but I believe it is possible for you to gain a happy result with the right doctor.
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IGC, I am so sorry to hear this! I feel lucky now that the worst that happened to me was nothing. Good luck on your journey. I hope this gets resolved, and that something is done to help your appearance. Appearance is very important in society (career, dating, etc.). I agree with you that the public should know. I had researched Artefill online, but found only good reviews. Perhaps the doctors like Scott Mosser pay for online sites to only show good comments about them and about new products like Artefill. These practitioners should take more responsibility for patient care. And products should be better tested, particularly the permanent ones.
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Read my reviews of this product and injector. Scary that we are exposed to supposed professionals where we feel safe enough to commit to this filler. This was not done in a Motel 6 hotel room. My file is going to FDA next, I have contacted them about my experience. The Medical board has also said I should file a complaint against the injector.
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I had the worst possible experience with Artefill and still working on getting my money back, finally after many many emails and letters her insurance company contacted me, but not till I was going to pass my file to a lawyer. I am permanently damaged but I have met someone with worse damage than me.
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Just to clarify - the Artefill spheres remain in the skin. The bovine collagen degrades in 2 to 3 months.

Generally during that time period new natural collagen forms around and between the PMMA spheres so there is a gradual additional improvement in the first 6 months.

Again, facial wasting, weight loss or age can prevent expected outcomes from Artefill or any filler. If none of these are an issue, then for certain there should be some communication between you, your surgeon and the company.
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This does sound very unusual. Artefill is only 20% actual product - the other 80% is bovine collagen.
The 20% of PMMA (the permanent spheres that remain in the skin) is meant to create a collagen response.

May I ask your age? Collagen production capability slows with age and the older we get, the less likely we are to "respond" as expected.

But I would assume you would have had this much product injected over a fairly extended period of time, so there should have been an indication it was not working well after the first set of injections.

You might consider asking the surgeon to have the company which makes Artefill, Suneva Medical, investigate your situation. It's not impossible that the product itself was defective or had an improper ratio of PMMA to collagen. The doctor will have all the lot numbers of the syringes used in your treatments so there can be some exact followup.

Placement depth is important in results. Nasolabial folds are notorious for swallowing large amounts of fillers and not showing much results.

But I'm assuming from your payout that you had 15 to 20 syringes and unless there is facial wasting going on from immune deficiency or illness, it would seem you would have a fairly substantial appearance improvement.
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Hey Zondi,

I kind of got scarred after reading the reviews and asked for my money back hehe. I am going to get another opinion from another doctor. I've heard of Dr. Romano I've had my radiesse done before by Dr. Mabrie in SF but now live in O.C thinking I might even have Dr. Mabrie do my artefill eventually.
Can I ask what areas you got it done? and how does it look now after one year. As well as how many injections you had.
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Hello Aziza84,

I had the cc amount that is a minimum purchase and it was used over 3 sessions gradually building up the areas. It was primarily used in the bracket area on each side of my upper lip but I also had him smooth the transition between the nostril region of my nose and the upper part as I wanted a subtle transition between the two regions. He can use the Artefill in most regions.
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I had Artefill injected over a year ago and it was incredible. Fortunately the doctor himself took time to carefully explain the pros and cons as well as what results to expect. Dr. Romano in San Francisco comes highly recommended after my experience! He did every injection procedure by himself for me. Very skilled.......
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i agree with (inside and out) I never heard of 20k in Artefill! I would think that is dangerous. Maybe you meant another injection? I will be getting mine done in 2 weeks and I might need another touch up in couple of months depending on how satisfied I am. Keep us posted.
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This is ArteFill for sure. I didn't realize that this many injections was uncommon. It seemed quite "normal" at the teims.
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My previous co-worker actually works for Dr. Mosser, but I know live in Orange County. I used to help manage a team of Nurses this is how I know about him because I heard Dr. Mosser is one of the best surgeons out there. I was suppose to get my artefill done back in April here in O.C, but I actually changed my mind and asked for my money back after hearing so many reviews I wasn't 100% ready yet until I get more information so for now I have not done anything. I atually used to have a dr in SF who would do my Radiesse and he was wonderful I have disscuss to him about doing Artefill and maybe in the future will have him do it. I think it is best to go to someone who performs different types of fillers and knows about each and every one out there. The Dr.'s name is Dr. David Mabrie in SF he did my Radiesse. I am sorry about your experience. If Dr. Mosser can not fix you maybe someone else can. Have a wonderful Monday!
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I had approx 2000.00 put in there....mariontes and hollows on cheeks. My plastic surgeon only hires RNs for his business. It was about 3 years ago. I remain very pleased...except one of the hollows is starting to come back now...but have lost about 10 lbs since then. Is your doc certified? For real? Google the heck out of him because that's a lot of artefill and something should've happened for you. Unless you have severe wasting syndrome (AIDS patients). This blows my mind. You may have a little lawsuit on your hands....and I would research and pursue. Maybe he didn't even use artefill...maybe it was just saline! Did you receieve an intial skin test? That would've been mandatory to prove you were not allergic to the bovine substance in it....if he didn't give that....then I would wonder even more. You neeed to investigate. Sounds like a scam to me. Although he couldve faked the skin test with saline also. This stuff happens a lot!!! There are a lot of imposters out there? Ever had any other work done by him? Blessings.
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Yes, the ArteFill treatment had very little effect. And the little effect it did have is uneven: I am lopsided.

I am at a loss about what to do, and I now have spent all my savings.

Dr. Mosser does not want to inject more or otherwise remedy the situation.
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Hello San Francisco,

This is my first time signing in to this forum. But I think you should get a second opinion, even though doc's dont comment much on each others work. But you could get an idea of what you should expect. I hope you dont get those side effects over time that some others got.

In terms of the investment, I agree that seems very steep especially compared to the other prices listed here. I think you should talk to him directly about the problem. Most of them are reasonable and want happy patients. Hopefully he will give you a discount maybe even for volume.

Please keep us posted,
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Yes 20k. The more I learn, the more I see that the amount injected and price is way out of line.

In terms of who the surgeon is, this is somebody in San Francisco. I am still hoping he will be fair.
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$20, in 20k? Twenty thousand dollars? That seems excessive. Who is the doctor?
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Hi San Francisco,

Welcome to the community. I'm sorry you didn't get the results you were looking for. You might want to check out the answers to the question, "Does artefill work in cheeks" in our Dr Q&A it might help. Please keep us updated and thanks for the review.



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