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10 Years of Retin A - San Francisco, CA

Retin A starts out harsh. I had 3 weeks of redness...

Retin A starts out harsh. I had 3 weeks of redness and peeling and my dermatologist had me switch to applying every other night. If you can stand the redness and peeling, it's absolutely worth it. I used Retin A and tetracycline for 4 years but after awhile I just needed the Retin A.

I no longer have acne. But as a result of 10 years of applying it, my skin's texture is amazing. Some women pay out of pocket for Retin A because it's also anti-wrinkle, texture-smoothing, and age spot reducing.
So stick with the Retin A for acne. When your acne is gone, stick with Retin A as an anti-aging regimen.
My dermatologist told me that Retin A Micro is the best. No generic and no other Retin A brands provide the same benefits.

I can't say that I agree that generic doesn't provide the same benefit. Maybe in your personal case you have better results, but I've used generic with tremendous results. I think it's important to go with what your personal physician recommends based on your skin type and the results you're after.
I agree! I've been using it for 7 years, initially to treat some sun damage and a plastic surgeon told me that with continued use, the Retin-A would fool my skin into producing more collagen and I'd continue to have great looking skin. He was right. I don't have acne prone skin, I'd very rarely get a blemish, but now I never do. I did have a little fight on my hands when I left the SF Bay Area and had to find a new doctor. I wound up seeing a dermatologist who argued that I should be on a lower dose of Retin-A and he "couldn't believe" a plastic surgeon didn't know better. This was after I told him for how long I'd been using it. (!) I tan in the shade, so even with sunblock on, walking to my car or getting the mail without a hat and glasses means I'll color and I want that to heal quickly and peel off. Of course it didn't. So I was a good girl and used his stuff for a month to prove I wasn't being a "difficult" patient, brought the stuff he gave me back to him and showed him the prescribed tube from my last Dr. and he graciously replaced his weak stuff with 1%...And now I'm a happy camper. i use Retin-A and Obagi Clear and Blender. My original prescribing physician likens it to having a "nano" laser. ;)
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