40 Years Old and Have Wanted TT, BL for 13 Years!!! - San Francisco, CA

I finally have booked my TT/BL surgery and have...

I finally have booked my TT/BL surgery and have paid the deposit!!!! I have been dealing with loose, wrinkly stretch-marked skin for over a decade now :( These stretch marks are on my belly AND my boobs :( Clothes have not fit right since my first son was born. I am always trying to suck my belly in and am so self-conscious about the skin. My waist just always looks "thick".
I find that the stretch marks look even worse whenever I lose weight!! The fat fills out the stretch marks and makes them a little less wrinkly.
My boobs look like I am 80 years old...grade 3 ptosis :(
I am shy in the bedroom, and never want the lights on...my poor hubby probably cannot remember the last time he has seen me walk by in a bra and underwear, nevermind naked LOL When I work out at the gym I never get undressed anymore and I shower at home as I have had perfect strangers approach me and comment to me about my stretch marks (such as "I bet you had a big baby with those marks").
I have not bought a pretty set of lingerie in over 14 years. I have also not worn a dress in all of these years either.

I weigh 163.5 lbs this morning. I am hoping to lose another 15-20 lbs before my surgery. I will have to be super strict and keep active to reach this goal. I have already lost 26 lbs in the past 3.5 months, so I think I can accomplish what I am setting out to do as I want the best results I can get.

I will take some pictures at my current weight and will update at 155 and 145 lbs.

All of the reviews posted here have helped me out so very much, so I wanted to contribute as well :)
Dr. Chang

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Great job on your weight loss so far! Look forward to following your journey!
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Hello my Bay Area RS sister. I wish you well on your journey! You must be so excited!
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Thank you for starting your story here! You did great losing all that weight and I'm sure you an lose the rest. Please keep us posted as your big day gets closer!
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