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I purchased 24 squares of liposonix for my abs...

I purchased 24 squares of liposonix for my abs (lower and upper), flanks, and arms. I'm small 5'3 and 125 and workout 6-7 days a week (running, triathlons, gym) and 34. My body stores most of its weight in the waist so liposonix seemed like a good non invasive option. I researched several spas in the area and decided on Aura Skin Spa. The staff was very nice and helpful. I was worried about the pain after all the horror stories I've heard. I showed up an hour before my appointment and took the painkillers they recommended. They were able to use the highest possible setting and completed three full passes on all areas. Even with the drugs there was definitely some pain involved. I have a really high pain threshold and was able to tolerate it without making her stop. My flanks, especially close to my hip bone were the most painful and I had to take several deep breaths and force myself to relax. Even with that my leg would involuntarily shake from the pain. I've had laser hair removal and a tattoo and this was more painful than both. It took about two hours to complete all of the areas. Afterwards I was very sore and a little out of it from the drugs and very tired. I would recommend a late afternoon appointment so you can go to bed soon afterwards.

Today was my first day post procedure and I was worried my morning spin class would be very difficult. I have a very small amount of swelling and bruising and my skin is very tender to the touch. I was able to do spin at about 90%, about as well as when I'm a bit hungover. I'm going to wait a few more days before I try anything really challenging like Tabata. Tomorrow I'll try my first run. I'll continue to post as I recover and hopefully my awesome before and after pictures and results!

5 days post The area has been slightly sore to...

5 days post
The area has been slightly sore to the touch the last few days but not to the point that it interferes with any of my normal activities. I've been able to run, spin, and attend all my normal workout classes. Burpees on Saturday morning where a little difficult as was ab work but manageable. I have noticed some bruising on my arms and flanks. While the discomfort is a little annoying it definitely makes it feel like it works. I mean if it didn't hurt at all I'd be wondering if any of those nasty fat cells were really killed. I'm curious if a cleanse or anything can help speedup the fat removal process. I might try a juice cleanse to see if it can help.
Hi, thanks for sharing your story. I am going to follow your progress as I just had my abdomen treated 12 days ago. My story is similar to yours; I am 5'4 130 lbs (28 years old) and I carry most of my weight around my waist. I also have a high pain threshold but decided to take the meds before the treatment. My legs also involuntarily shook from the pain, but I made it through 3 passes at 60 joules. I purchased 9 squares and I am already seeing results. I have to attribute some of this to my diet, but there are spots on my abdomen that are already starting to look "cut out" which I could never achieve prior with diet and exercise. I also did a liver cleanse to assist with fat burning. I strongly recommend this! I am still doing the liver cleanse and starting today I am carb cycling to get the last bit off. Congrats I know you will love the results; I can feel my body changing... I just can't wait to see what it will look like in the coming weeks. Cheers.
Awesome! I'm considering a cleanse too to try and speed up the results. How long did you cleanse for?
Hi, I forgot to add that I was EXTREMELY swollen for 1 week after, but was still able to do MOST activities. No way could I do burpees haha. You sound extremely motivated. A cleanse is the best thing for you and one that focuses on the liver. The liver is the main organ for fat burning (crazy I know!) so I would suggest the cleanse I am currently using called HEEL Detox. I am going to be on it for 30 days (today is day 11). You don't notice a lot, but it helps your lymphatic system move the fat out of your body. Also, I would suggest lowering your carb intake for faster results as well. I am not a doctor but these 2 things helped me see results after just 10 short days.

Five Weeks Post Treatment

I can already tell that I've lost at least an inch around my waist. I'm wearing all my bras bands one notch tighter and my clothes are fitting better. My partner has noticed and commented on how much smaller my waist looks and my muffin top is improved. I will note the changes are minor. Do not expect all of your fat to sudden disappear. I'd estimate Liposonix eliminated about 1/3 of the fat from the areas treated. So while definitely better than before its nowhere near the results you can get with real lipo. I'm still a little tender around my flanks if I push on the fat. I'm hoping thats fat that still needs to get eliminated! I will post my final measurements at 8 weeks. As of now I would highly recommend this procedure if you are looking for a small improvement but do not expect all your fat to disappear.
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