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I'm currently in my early 20's. This has been a...

I'm currently in my early 20's. This has been a problem for me for years but only started looking into it recently. This surgery was not for cosmetic reasons at all. It has been very uncomfortable to live with. I finally went to my gyno and they right away suggested labiaplasty and surgery was scheduled for the week after. It all happened very fast
I had my labiaplasty done Monday around 12pm. I am on my 3rd day post op and am very uncomfortable. I'm wearing pads, putting on some antibiotic ointment and cleaning with a water squirter. I'm trying not to look down there because it looks discusting but I'm very worried that the surgery didn't work for me.

My problem before the surgery was that my labia stuck out and was VERY uncomfortable against my underwear among many other things. But I still feel my labia touching my underwear. It Seems like the right side is fine and not sticking out. But my left side does not seem to be better :-(. I'm very uncomfortable and had to take time off I work. I'm taking pain killers, ibuprofen, as Advil.

It's been a hard week for me because I only told my sister and stayed with her the first night. Now I am back home and have to lie about why I'm in my bed all day. It's been hard for me I lie to everyone, but it's personal, and I'm embarrassed about it. I really hope his surgery was worth it, I hope I don't have to go through a revision, but from what it looks/feels like it half of my Labia is still very uncomfortable and sticking out

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Post opp

Went to my doc today because I was so worried about the swelling. She said the left side has swelled up a lot more than the right but no infection and I just have to wait it out. I'm still really nervous for the final result. I hope the swelling goes down. My labia is still sticking out and it is so uncomfortable


It looks great! Mine looks worse than yours at this point, i don't think you had anything to worry over.
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Stitch near labia?

When I was putting on my ointment I noticed there is a stitch poking basically on my clitoris.... I sure hope they disolve. And I hope this surgery didn't effect my clitoris

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5 days post op

I'm definitely in a lot of pain today. It's not getting worse, but also doesn't seem to be better, I'm just used to the pain now. I saw my gynecologist who did the surrey and she said it didn't look infected but that there was a lot of tissue damage and I'm bruising and swelling a lot. She says to just hang in there......
I'm still a little worried about the stitch near my clitoris but I won't mess with anything



I'm sure both plastic surgeons do it more, but my gyno does them all the time and she was able to perform the surgery. It's worth it. But I think recovery is a LOT more than they make it out to be. I'm 5 days post op, probably going to take next week off of work. Just prepare yourself and take enough time to recover
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People say plastic surgeons is better but everyone going to say that. If your gyno can do it an their trained and it's under insurance than go for it!!
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Keep us posted pls im planning to undergo same surgery soon but im still reading posts if i should go to o gyne or syrgeons. .im from the philippines.early 30''s
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6 days post op

Seems to look better.


U look great dont worry about the stitches near ur clitrios mine left at at week 5 nothing to worry about u r gonna look awesome but dont expect to feel more comfortable befire 2 weeks i stayed home for two weeks cause i wasnt comfortable to go iut or sit on any surface just hang in there ..u r gonna look awesome. Did u had ur clitrol hood removed ?! I didnt because my dr told me its better to leave it as it is to maintain sensation but still looks great although i wanted it :)
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I'm glad to hear that!!!!!! Didn't do anything to my clitoris! I'm taking the beginning of this week off. I have to go out of town next weekend for an event and I hope I'm okay for that!!! I'm worried to mess it up from walking. I sure hope my final result turns out ok!

1 week since surgery

I had a really bad night last night. Sharp pains, stinging, and some itching. Not fun. Hoping it get betters soon. When do these dang stitches disolve


Awe, sorry to hear it was a bad night, don`t worry...it will get better. Take care :)
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week 1 done! we're on the home stretch!!!
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8 days.. A little worried

I can't see much improvement.
I am still worried about my clitoris area and how I can feel a stitch in that area
Another thing I'm concerned about, my left labia you can see clearly but my right one hiding. I can barely feel it. You can't see my right labia when I don't part my outer lips. I took two pictures.
My right labia also has some spotting don't know if it's blood or bruises

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It almost seems like my left labia and clit are all together, but my right labia is just kind of by itself

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10 days post opp

Things feel better seem to look a little weird. Seems like my left labia is connected to my clitoris and my right labia is just teeny and by itself. You can't even see it if I don't spread my area out.
Also still have that darn stitch in my clitoris. I feel like my clitoris is looking a little weird.


Just my copay and meds. Sooo about 40$
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How much did it cost you?
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i hope i could have mine done and heal faster thnx for sharing ur experiences that is very helpful to me
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15 days post op

2 weeks is the true recovery time!!! About Friday I felt a lot better. No more pain. No more meds.

One thing I am a little upset about is that she completely took off my right labia. There isn't even a little flab. The stitches just seem to run along the inside of my labia majora now.
Oh well, better than it was before. I'm just hoping it won't be noticed by future partners :-0


Cheap if you don't mind the lengthened healing with the Trim. I'd still have done mine with my plastic surgeon using his wedge method. :)
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I meant the procedure? Or you insurance paid for it? And if so what insurance do you have so I can switch:-)
Yes that's what I meant. Kaiser!

Almost 3 weeks post op

I have a stitch sticking out near my clit that hurts very badly if it's touched sometimes

Also my clit seems to feel larger than before. Like it almost seems to be poking out.


Looks great! I'm in San Francisco too and am thinking of getting this done as well. Would you mind sharing the name of your plastic surgeon?
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Hey there, just checking in for an update. How are you doing? 
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I'm okay! Had my post op this last week. I'm disapointed with the results. But still happy I did it. She completely amputated one of my labia and there's literally nothing there except for my incision line. And I seem to have excess skin near my clitoris and is now poking out and rubbing. :-(. This has not been a good experience.
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