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I Really Want to Get my Butt Implants is 500cc Great Size or Too Big - San Francisco, CA

Hello Im 22 years old. I'm 5'0 feet and 135 pounds...

hello Im 22 years old. I'm 5'0 feet and 135 pounds. I feel that I i need a butt. My confidence is low and i do not like to wear dresses because im in need of a butt. I seen a Dr. in san francisco he has gave me a great price for size 500cc. Im saving up an hopefully by june my surgery is setup.I feel that I will look sexier and my self esteem will boost.

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Hello I live in Frisco aswell & trying trying to get butt inplants please let me know the doctor.
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From what I understand if you get them too big for your frame that it can be too heavy for the pocket and later you may need to replace or restich the pocket... ask questions and be sure before you make that decision as well as be sure he is placing your implant under the muscle verses over the muscle. I found some doctors do it that way for the sake of pain however it can get lost flip especially if its too large and heavy.
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Not sure if you got your implants done yet but it all depends on the shape. Of its 500cc round then you expect a lot of projection. Now at 500cc oval and your height and weight, that might just work. Expect I would not get them placed under the muscle intramuscular or on top of the muscle have less complications IMO
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