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I am 57, female, and had just hated my weak...

I am 57, female, and had just hated my weak jawline and saggy jowls for years! In August 2012, I went to Dr. Timothy Marten, SF, and he did a lower facelift, neck lift, upper eyelid bleph, plus fat injections to my face and hands. At just 6 weeks out, I can tell I'm going to LOVE the look.

My biggest issue - sagging jowls - has been completely resolved. I now enjoy a very defined jawline and beautiful profile. Dr. Marten also did a conservative upper eyelid bleph that is looking excellent already.

Dr. Marten suggested fat injections to numerous areas of my face, including the temples, nose bridge, upper eyelid area, cheeks, lips and jawline. The fat has completely rejuvenated my face, taking me from a 57-yr-old's face to someone in their late 30s. I especially love the fat placed in my lips.

Dr. Marten also placed fat in my hands and did a superb job of blending it from the wrist into my fingers. My hands look awesome - no more bones, veins or knuckles showing.

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I had researched surgeons renowned for fat plus facelift and Dr. Marten's name kept coming up. I talked to several of his patients, saw their results, and had my consultation. The time, care, information and advice Dr. Marten provided sold me on him right there. He is a recognized leader in the technique of combining fat injections plus doing exquisite facial surgery like the SMAS lift I had done. His incisions are nearly all faded in just 6 weeks, and I have had no issues with the fat so far: no uneven swelling or asymmetry either. I would not hesitate to return to Dr. Marten for touch-ups or future work. I highly recommend him for those seeking a natural-looking and even beautified result.

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I had traumatic fat loss from IPL damage. My face melted away basically - all the underlying fat. He was the only person sympathetic about my situation and has turned my life around. I'm sorry if you had a bad experience. I don't wish that on anyone bc I went through hell for many years with IPL damage. The IPL doctor screwed my face up. So as you can see, this is why I'm very thankful for Marten. If anyone wants to see more pics, I'm happy to share. Simply message me your email.
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I'm sorry about your IPL issue. I have heard that before from others. I just hope you know the fat doesn't last If you retain 10-30% it will be a lot. Be prepared for spending more money. All my fat is gone and I am virtually where I started. Saggy, baggy skin that looks terrible. Worse than when I started.
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My skin looks better than before, but I plan to do continuous touch ups. I'm prepared to spend more. I am aware that it is more difficult firvipl victims to retain fat than non IPL victims. It's been one hell of a journey. But things are looking optimistic for me so far. I'm thankful for that.
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Good luck. Hope it works. Just be prepared to spend $
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There are a few articles and some from real self. Call his office and ask for his booklets.
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He doesn't have pics on the web. He has no website.
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You are one of the lucky ones. Some of us look like creatures from another planet. Don't care how good these docs are. Fat is too much of an unknown and distorts the facial features. These doctors only care about money.
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I empathize with your sentiments Blondie22. I was VERY leery about getting any fat injection in my face. I thought it would look dimply, calcify or just dissipate. I really am lucky! I don't know if the reason is Dr. Marten's many years' experience with fat injections (i.e., technique) or just my own body not treating the fat as an inflammatory to fight! I had zero dimpling, track marks, lumping or any other deformity from the 99 cc's of fat (A LOT!) injected into my face. I have two small lumps of hardened fat on the outside of my lips that are still resolving, but I am not even worrying about them for several more months. I wish I knew what the secret was, but likely, it is a combination of factors. Thanks for sharing your perspective.
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I also did fat grafting with marten with no complications. I'm loving my results! No bumps, nothing. The results are natural. The thing with him is that he doesn't overstuff. That's why there really aren't as much complications with him.
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I don't believe you went to Marten then. He over stuffs. That's his MO
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I have many pics to prove I went to him. I've been documenting my procedure. Everyone is swollen at first like crazy. The goes away over the course of a few months or so and continues to heal.
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Check out his work on the web and his booklet. Going natural is his MO not over stuffing. He doesn't believe in that overly fake look. That's the only reason I went to him bc I just turned 30 and I don't want to look fake.
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You just turned 30 and had fat. That right there should be a big red flag Why would someone your age need fat unless they were in a traumatic accident
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Red Roxie I too was distorted for years beyond recognition by Dr.Timothy Marten of SF. This can only be described as a living nightmare with this Dr, who takes no responsibility .For those of you who may have been fortunate enough to like your result, do not return to this DR as he will only want to do additional fat. Unfortunately the fat will leave your face in some areas faster than others which will require constant fillers and as the fat continues to leave your face you will be left with uneven, lumpy, sagging tissues. Anyone considering this DR, please do your resarch and find the reputable, conservative Drs that will look out for your best interest as Dr. Marten only has concern for himself and his financial situation. Please don't be taken in by the seemingly overly caring and interested in your welfare demeanor.
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