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I've had work done in the past and all I have to...

I've had work done in the past and all I have to say is that Dr. Timothy Marten is probably the greatest thing to happen to me. Especially since I've had IPL laser damage. I've spent the past two years watching my cheeks and face either away. I was only 27. Out of all the doctors I've consulted in regards to fat grafting (and believe me, this was not a small list), Marten stood out. The other doctors lacked compassion, greedy and some even rude bc all they cared about was defending lasers since they were profiting hugely from them. They didn't seem to care about what had happened to me. I am SO thankful that I waited to have the procedure done with Marten. He listened to everything I had to say very attentively and actually CARED. He told me that many people came to him basically in the same shoes as me. He was very sympathetic and understanding. I was blown away by his compassion and sincerity. He's in very high demand due to his exceptional skills in combining fat grafting & face lifts - so it may take a while to get a consult. It also took some time to save up for him but it was worth every penny! The wait was even worth it. Some people fail to realize that fat grafting is NOT an easy procedure and it's rare to find doctors who specialize in it, let alone those who actually have an artistic eye for how fat should be placed on the face. quite frankly, most doctors suck at fat grafting. Since the risks are overlooked, a lot of people choose any random doctor for this procedure and later regret it. Dr. Marten is more than a plastic surgeon - he is an artist and he focuses on making people look naturally beautiful - I do put emphasis on the word "natural". I flew in from out of town so his staff made me feel immediately at home with kind gestures the day before my surgery and even texted/called me to make sure I got to SF safely. I was even greeted with the most beautiful flowers in my hotel room from Dr. Marten and his staff. He made sure I was comfortable before the procedure and gave me the proper meds to ensure I felt fine. During my 9 day stay, I was truly grateful for everything Marten and his staff had done for me. I'm still very swollen, but I can already see that the results are going to be nothing short of amazing! My fat is actually back! Yay! And he made my cheeks even more beautiful than before the fat loss - though it's too early to truly tell - I can still see where things are heading as far as my results go and I can't be happier! My skin is even starting to look alive again. Thank you, Doctor Marten for being so wonderful! You are the BEST!! I'm never going to another plastic surgeon again!

I did far grafting/temporal brow lift, scar revision and my boobs redone with Marten.

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Still swollen

I'm told I will be swollen for a while and will most likely be presentable in 8 weeks. The downtime is so far worth it. I like where things are going. I'm eager to see the final result!


Jikai11 That's amazing to hear you've had such great results with fat grafting after ipl damage. You're story keeps me hopeful. I too have been damaged by stupid ipl and I'm only 28. End of January is when my horror with ipl began and 2 months after that my cheeks melted and under my eyes hollow, my skin changed rapidly I have hyper/hypopigmentation and scarring all over not to mention the dr blasted my nose and deviated my septum somehow. Half of the damage was immediately apparent, that I could see. But when my cheeks and under my eye started disappearing I didn't know what was happening. At first I thought my brain was malfunction because when I looked in the mirror I didn't look like myself, I kept telling my husband that my face looks like its melting away, cheeks turned to more of a jowl look. Now my cheeks crinkle when I smile. Ugh the whole thing is terrible. So to hear your story keeps my hopes up. I now dream of the day When I can get Fat grafting. How is your skin? Do you have shallow scarring. If so has the FT helped with that? Did you get FT on your whole face? Did you have forehead and temples done?
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I'm so sorry to hear your story. :( I really wish you a speedy recovery from this. Time does heal a lot. My story sounds a lot like yours - I didn't know what was going on as my face melted away, week by week. I looked like a different person every week and it frightened me. Especially since I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Every other Doctor I consulted with were only concerned about the money and lacked empathy. That's why I connected with Dr. Marten. He was not only sympathetic to my situation, but he went out of his way to make sure I was happy throughout the entire process. He literally revived my self-esteem. I owe him everything. I got fat grafting on my cheeks, temples, eye area, and forehead. Not all of it retained, but most of it is still there. Most fat usually goes away with fat grafting, so repeated visits are sometimes necessary. But if you retain even 40-60 percent - that's very successful. Dr. Marten places fat on the face so it looks very natural. I've seen some other people get fat grafting from Coleman and Glasgow and their faces just look way overstuffed.
Swelling is going down big time - I can finally see my eyes! I definitely don't look gaunt anymore and have received a lot of compliments about my face already. I'm healing very nicely. I've lost some fat (which is expected), but I plan to do a touch up around the 5-month mark. Dr. Marten and his staff have been wonderful so far and I'm just so thankful to be around such a compassionate staff.
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1.5 months post op photo

Here's a photo of me about 1.5 months post op - as you can see I'm still a bit swollen but the results are still very natural looking despite the swelling. :)

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flowers sent to my suite from Marten's clinic

They were very hospitable the ENTIRE time. VERY FRIENDLY staff! Just amazing!

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2 days after procedure

Very swollen and bruised up.

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about 5 months post op

Swelling is gone, bruises gone.


Hi jikai, you look stunning. I just joined realself because of your review (and also, because I've been meaning to share my own IPL horror story...) Your story and the story of Hopeful2heal is identical to mine. Although I am not sure how many treatments you girls had, I got a single "full face" IPL treatment back in August of 2013, only a month after I turned 28 (can you believe they still haven't outlawed these devices? I've read stories from like 2008 and they are still ruining ppl's lives..) My damage is exactly what Hopeful2heal describes, so I am not going to go into details. I used to have beautiful feminine cheeks (and porcelain skin), which made me look like a teenager despite the fact that I was nearing my 30s.. anywho, we all know the sad story that follows, the reason I am messaging you is because it seems like you are someone who has done her research in the fat grafting department and I am contemplating having a face graft (most likely in a couple of years, as I can't take time off for recovery atm) and I really wanted to ask for your advice. As much as I want to restore my youthful appearance some of the reviews for fat transfer scare the crap out of me, especially after what went/going through with the IPL damage. Thanks again for your review and I am really glad you are happy with the way you look again.
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*fat graft
There are risks with fat grafting as there are with every procedure, however, I did do my research thoroughly and went through many doctors before deciding to go with Marten. I'm very happy with my results and my skin finally looks better. I'm sorry about the fat loss. IPL is very dangerous and there should be more warning signs everywhere about the dangers of it. It's unfortunate that a lot of us have gone through this. I went through the damage when I was 28 as well. Worst years of my life. I'm finally living my life and happy again. Feel free to PM me if you need to talk. I am here for you.

Very happy with results

It's been almost 10 months since my procedure. I've retained a lot of the fat...no complications so fat and very happy with the results.


Hello! Thank you so much for your review. I am going to Dr. Marten at the end of July for face, neck, and brow lift with fat transfers to my lips and face. You are so stunningly beautiful! Very natural results. I will post some pictures soon and hopefully will also have a great review to write!!
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Dr. Marten is amazing. I wish you great luck with the procedure and a speedy recovery! :) You will be more than pleased with the results. He is an artist and a genius.
Glad to hear about your results! Thank you so much for sharing.
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Before & After Photo (profile shot)

You can see my cheeks sagging at 29 from IPL damage in the "before" picture. Fat loss associate with IPL damage is serious! For two years I saw my face melt away. Dr. Marten restored the fat from my IPL damage and I can not be happier with the results. :)


I'm having trouble finding how to contact Dr. Timothy J. Marten. Does he have a web page?
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He doesn't have web page. Number is +14156779937
Hi, I am SO glad you have had success with Dr. Martin and that you are finally feeling like your face is looking better :) I do not see any pics, did you take them down? Thanks.
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