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Exilis definitely reduces fat, but you can gain it back - San Francisco, CA

Want mostly skin tightening w/ minor...

Want mostly skin tightening w/ minor reduction/'sculpting'. Have researched Exilis, Ulthera, Cellulase. Ulthera sounded painful. 1 Cellulase review said derm mistook loose skin for cellulite and my doctor thinks that's my situation w/ buttocks-thighs; expects me to meet 50% of my goal in 4 sessions.

Hi. Here is the link on approval in Canada.

"Exilis Focused RF™ technology hit the “superfecta” with Canadian clearance for use in non-invasive body contouring, fat removal, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening. Health Canada approval is similar to U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance."


I only found general references to US FDA approval for wrinkles: "Exilis™ is FDA approved for the non-invasive treatment of wrinkles". Clearly it would be published if FDA approved for tightening and fat loss also. It's not like they post that is ISN'T approved...

They did win this 'award' from US professionals for 'best skin tightening device'. It says it was voted on by medical professionals. But I have no idea if they were voting based on demos and claims, versus actual usage. (e.g. the concept vs the untested reality).


My view? Some things work for some people and not for others. Definitely all this has risks and any new device needs years to be truly vetted (like the old Fraxel). Have no idea if it will work for me or not, and how long it will last. So far no bad and no results. They did measure me, but like most here, I know my body well. I am impatient and would like to do more in parallel, but too much risk involved. Plus I don't know how much new collagen a body can generate at once, and how much fat it can process.

Day 2 update: Zero redness or evidence of treatment. I feel no pain for normal activity. If I push on my arms or lower thighs, they are a touch sore.
@ 4ever Young - Can you please send me the link to the information about the FDA approval in Canada and how you found out it was not approved in the US. Thanks!!! And thanks for the update.
Just did 1 session of 2 areas. Picked upper arm and lower front thigh (changed my mind after 'always truthful' comment - avoided organs!).

Was tolerable. If too hot I just told her and she moved it around. I wouldn't call it 'comfortable' though. Took 2 hours, was a very very long 2 hours...This will a looong haul if I want to do my butt and stomach. Will wait for some results first. Don't want to through money away. 2 areas $2250, 4 areas $4250.

Got red, a couple of small patched left.

Nurse did 1/2 and 1/2 of fat reduction and tightening. She wanted to do even more tightening and less fat but I said 50/50. She set the fat reduction for 20% cooling vs 10% (normal) because she said I had less fat.

Next time I will let her decide. I guess if I need more tightening past the 4 sessions, need to save some fat.

Can't tell anything yet. One small area on one arm slightly sore.

Been drinking lots of water and did 15 minutes of aerobics as requested. Optimistic, because I checked online and was actually approved for both tightening and fat loss in Canada. So yes 'off label' in US, but better than no approval anywhere.

Sorry no pics for you. I will decide at the end.

I had my second session yesterday. But I did...

I had my second session yesterday. But I did different areas, because my upper arms and lower front thighs were still a touch sore. Granted, they didn't hurt unless you pressed on them, but I felt that meant more healing was needed.

So I did my Face (tightening wand only, not fat reduction), and the outside of my upper thighs. Thigh area kept hurting so they put on lidocaine for the 2nd thigh and it helped a ton. Lidocaine on my stomach also. Upper thighs not sore at all today.

So only 1 session for these 4 areas, and no I cannot tell.

Am drinking lots of water, exercising, and eating healthy but I do that anyway.

It has been 2.5 weeks. I've been 1-2 times a week...

It has been 2.5 weeks. I've been 1-2 times a week and now done: front of thighs 2x, upper arms 2x, face tightening 2x and upper outside thighs 2x.

So hard to tell. I dropped 2 pounds from dieting, so I do look trimmer, but THINK it may also be from the exilis...? (proportionately). I do not notice tightening yet, but I assume that will take longer, since collagen must build, plus I just did face #2 today.

The face treatment is so 'comfortable' that I worry it is doing nothing. (only partly kidding!). But I do see tightening right after the treatment, then it sags a bit again by the next morning.

The body treatments are on this side of tolerable, and when it crosses to intolerable, I tell her and she adjusts the temperature.

No residual pain after treatments (only the first treatment had mild soreness if I pushed down on it, but that is gone).

Big investment, my fingers are crossed. I will definitely keep posting until I am done with the treatments.

I have now done 2 face sessions. I cannot see a...

I have now done 2 face sessions. I cannot see a difference in skin tightness yet, but I noticed today that my skin texture is dewier - something I have read about, and the technician said was common. However, I do know that micro-swelling alone can bring that impact, so again, need time.

Also, I do feel that 2 sessions on my lower thighs did show some 'relative' reduction, even with me losing a couple of pounds from dieting.

Maybe maybe a reduction on my arms - really too soon there.

Jury is still out on any tightening at all, but 2 sessions is not enough..

9/11 Just did #4 on upper arms and lower thighs....

9/11 Just did #4 on upper arms and lower thighs. I put my face on hold after 2 sessions and focused on stomach and outer thighs (just did 2 sessions of each).

I am worried a bit because a doctor posted you need a min temp of 43 and the nurse was happy with 41-42+. I think I have a little fat loss, but I also lost those 2 pounds dieting so hard to tell.

Right now I don't notice tightening, but I need to see the pictures to be sure. They take pics and measurements 2 weeks after the final treatment.

I definitely don't notice a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. The doctor thought the tightening would help there. I will have put at least $5200 into this when done (I changed the price from $4200), boy oh boy, I shouldn't have been impatient and just waited to see if it worked for 2 areas first.

Though my fingers are crossed that it still will work. I just have to be optimistic.

BTW, this is mostly uncomfortable and definitely hurts a lot at times, where it is hard not to jerk away. Then she turns it down.

Pay attention to the grounding pad. It got hot for me a few times and I'm glad I stopped her (someone else's post made that point, thank you to them!). Once it burned too fast to stop her and I got a couple of small marks (like minor electric burns) which went away in a couple of days. Just an inch long each, was okay. My point: Don't 'power through' a hot grounding pad, it shouldn't go there.

Finally, in 10 days I am going to try Ulthera for my upper face (browlift/eyes) since it goes deeper.

One great thing about Exilis: I had Radiesse injection in a scar on my cheek once and it got infected and left scar tissue. This was a couple of years ago and it was still uncomfortable to sleep on, and that cheek was bigger than the other one. Well a round of Exilis in that area brought the size down and the pain. It's been 2 weeks and still doing well. I will do one more round to see if it gets the last of it. Have to admit, if it works, that will have been worth all the money because I will finally be able to sleep on that side again normally after so long.
I am nurse practitioner and your clinician who treated you should know about your side effects. I've had 5 friends/colleagues who've had Exilis all with good results. Just so you know... Botox and Restylane were used OFF LABEL by physicians for many years before becoming FDA cleared. Ultimately, it is up to the physician to decide what is
safe for patients. I truly wish you good health and suspect your "knot" will resolve.

9/18. Last week meant to say did #4 on upper arms...

9/18. Last week meant to say did #4 on upper arms and outer thighs (not lower thighs).

I did only #3 on my front thighs by then. I noticed some reduction for SURE, but also a bit more loose skin. So today I did #4 on lower thighs and did only tightening. Let's see, my fingers are crossed, I didn't like the loose skin.

Ok, so I only did 2 rounds on my lower face, but it has been about 2.5 weeks since round 2 and I can now definitely see some tightening. That is exciting! I will do round 3 next week.

As for my stomach, it is odd. In the morning it seems smaller, then in the evening, almost the same (I mean more than the normal change during the day after eating). Next week is #4 on my stomach.

As for my upper arms, I do think they are slightly smaller and without any visibly loose skin (I didn't notice loose skin before though). We will measure and take pics next week.

Bottom line: Evidence of fat loss in front of thighs and maybe arms. Evidence of tightening in face. Waiting to see if it all comes together before I decide if worth it.

We measured my upper arms today (2 weeks after the...

We measured my upper arms today (2 weeks after the 4th session is the target date). Each arm lost about 3/4 of an inch, which is pretty remarkable! So I wasn't imagining that it looked better.

I did lower thighs #4 last week, so will measure it next week. I sure hope it worked. To me, the sagginess looks exactly the same, but if it is because I lost volume, that is okay, because I can then just do more tightening. Plus it is still early. I did notice that the minor cellulite is unchanged, but Exilis doesn't claim to improve that, I was just hoping. I cared most about this one.

I did my stomach #4 today, so in 2 weeks will measure it. It does seem to be slightly tighter, not sure if any smaller though.

I have to say, the nurse is extremely nice, and cooperative and is really rooting for me, which is nice.

So next week and the week after are the big results and when I may be able to finally give Exilis a thumbs up or not.

I now did stomach, flanks, 4 sessions each...

I now did stomach, flanks, 4 sessions each @250/session, so $2K. It definitely improved the size.

I did lower thighs and inner thighs.4 sessions each @250/session, so $2K. Then an extra (5th) tightening only on the lower thighs. One thigh was an inch bigger than the other and we spent more time on it. Now they are both the same size. It did zero for any look of 'cellulite', and because the part right above my knees did shrink, the skin is actually a bit saggier there right now, but just slightly. Am assuming it will improve over the next 2 months.

I did my lower face also (which included under my chin), 4 sessions. ($1K) It tightened it a bit (I was pretty good to start). Right now I can't tell under my chins, but my lower face looks a touch tighter. I do think you must be very careful of losing a bit face on the face, so don't overdo one area too much. I have one spot on one cheek that is a touch 'flatter', so I would just avoid the cheeks.
I did my eye area a couple of times and couldn't really tell. Just did it a third time, plus Ulthera, so I need to wait.

The biggest thing IMO is the fat reduction. However, when I eat a lot, I feel like it comes back, remember, this isn't lipo, you must maintain it. ie I think my initial results were better than where I am right now, and usually my weight is pretty stable.
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I found the clinic on the site for Exilis, and then looked at their Yelp reviews. Since the doctor did both laser lipo and Exilis, I assumed doctor would know about 'body sculpting'. Still not sharing the doctor's name. The clinic was great, my jury is still out.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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