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Dysport for Jaw Slimming - San Francisco, CA

I am Asian with big face, always wanted to slim my...

I am Asian with big face, always wanted to slim my face so I can look good in any selfie. This is my first time getting any kinda facial treatment. I wanted botox for my jaw muscles, but the Doctor recommended me the Dysport saying that it will work better for the jaw muscles. Anyway, she said my jaw muscles are very strong & big, and gave me 100 units botox equivalent of Dysport for my jaw muscles. Procedure was very quick and painless. Jaw was slightly sore the first few hours after injection but It is tolerable. The doctor said I will start seeing results in 2 weeks, but I am seeing my face slimming down every morning I wake up from bed. It has been 1 week only, I can already tell my face is more defined. I will upload more pictures later.


I just went to a consultation for this! I never knew this existed. I too would love to look good in selfies lol. I've always been self conscious about my big round face as well! Please post update next week with pix! :)
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Thank you for sharing with us.  Yes, please keep uploading the progression pictures.  
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1.5 month later

For the 1st month, I can see changes everyday on my face, and I think my face has stopped slimming down at week 5. By comparing the pictures of before and 1.5 mo later, I can see a significant change. Chin is more defined from front view, and jawline is more visible in profile view. I used to hide my face with my hair down, now, I like to tie my hair up in a ponytail, not afraid of big face anymore!!

Here is a summary of my experience,

1. injection is relatively painless, and the process has no down time, and it is temporary, couple months later, face will slowly return to before.
2. First month, when eating and chewing, jaws would get sore very soon, and I would lose my appetite of eating good food because of soreness
3. Because the muscles that used to support my face is lot smaller, there is less support of the fat on my face, cheeks are relatively less puffy, cheekbone is more define. However, when I feel my face with hands, I can feel that, cheeks, jaws are very soft, not as firm as before, I feel like a little bit saggy face that the fat on my face has shifted downward a little bit.

so my advice is, do not start off with 100 units, should begin with 50 or 60 units, you might not see such a big difference, but there is sure a difference that maybe people who see you everyday might be able to tell the difference, but when you look at your before and after pictures in a month, you will see a difference!!

Since my face has slimmed down quite a lot, I decided to have a radiesse chin filler, I am very satisfy with both results.

I will update more pictures later!


It looks so good!! How often do you have to do the injections? I want to try this w some injection in chin to make mine more prominent. Also, who was your doctor? Thank u :))
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the dysport will last for 6 months, and the radiesse will last from 6 to 12 months, everytime you repeat the same procedure it will last longer, I went to 2 different doctors, I can p/m you the doctors' names.

More pictures 1.5 mo later + Radiesse Chin Filler

Happy with the results!


Wow your results are amazing! I've been looking into getting this done because I'm really self conscious about my jaw line and I'm too scared to undergo surgery. But once the dysport wears off, does the jaw line expand again? Thank you!
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Hi, After the dysport, the jaw muscle will shrink overtime. Depends on the amount you injected, once the muscle shrunk all the way it could, you will feel less sore when you eat, talk, etc. Then, you will use your jaw more from eating, talking etc because you would forget about you had dysport! Do not chew gums, grind your teeth, and i think it will not become as strong as before so soon. Think of it this way, it takes you these many years to have the jaw muscles to grow this kinda big, it will never be that easy to grow like that again unless you constantly working out your jaw muscles. It is just muscle, the more you workout the muscle, the bigger and firmer it gets.
Can u give me your doctor name?
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