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Dysport for Jaw Slimming - San Francisco, CA

I am Asian with big face, always wanted to slim my...

I am Asian with big face, always wanted to slim my face so I can look good in any selfie. This is my first time getting any kinda facial treatment. I wanted botox for my jaw muscles, but the Doctor recommended me the Dysport saying that it will work better for the jaw muscles. Anyway, she said my jaw muscles are very strong & big, and gave me 100 units botox equivalent of Dysport for my jaw muscles. Procedure was very quick and painless. Jaw was slightly sore the first few hours after injection but It is tolerable. The doctor said I will start seeing results in 2 weeks, but I am seeing my face slimming down every morning I wake up from bed. It has been 1 week only, I can already tell my face is more defined. I will upload more pictures later.
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I just went to a consultation for this! I never knew this existed. I too would love to look good in selfies lol. I've always been self conscious about my big round face as well! Please post update next week with pix! :)
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Thank you for sharing with us.  Yes, please keep uploading the progression pictures.  
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