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Here is my story....I wanna make this short. I had...

Here is my story....I wanna make this short.
I had a small receding chin.....and since I was a litte kid, I never liked my profile,and I always knew it wasn't normal. Anyways...
I figured I post pictures of myself from before and after on the same pic.
My before pic, profile and front view was taken almost 10 months before surgery, which I sent to the surgeon for him to get an idea via e mail. And the after pictures were taken 1 month Post Surgery.
A medium size "middleman" implant was used. And during surgery he decided to do a little lipo under my chin and neck.
The surgery was under generally anesthesia. I barely had any pain but was in discomfort after surgery and pain level was around 5. Due to the wrap around my chin and had and neck, i couldnt eat much, cause i could barely open my mouth. Not because of the surgery, but the wrap around my neck was very tight...It got way better the next.
2 days later I took the wrap off, and I had no brushing at all, totally perfect. Just my cheeks were mainly swollen and my jaw a little...and my chin was numb below. My lips and mouth movements were fine. But it was hard to smile,since everything was a bit tight.

But I was out and about on the 3rd day and could eat and drink anything....I just had to be careful not bending or lifting anything....but I could walk around and go out, like nothing happened. I just had a special bandage under my incision. The swelling around cheeks lasted maybe one week....

Now im one month post op, I feel great....i still have a tiny bit of numbness under my chin, but my surgeon told me right after the surgery that can last for months and its normal.

I was off work for 2 weeks, and i let my beard grow for 2 weeks before returning to work.
Since I didnt wanna give everyone the illusion, my beard changed my new look, and people actually fell for it. They all said, how good i looked with the beard and how much it changed my face, not realizing tho I had chin surgery after a week with a beard I decided to shave my beard...

I would like you guys honest opinion though, if my new chin looks good on me, and if you think the size looks good and or correct on me. And if you think I got the right size, I didnt wanna go too big, but also didnt want it to be to small either. And, I'm still getting used to my new profile and view everyday and sometimes I guess I'm thinking "if its still too small" lol

I didnt wanna post pictures, but I thought its only fair, since so many guys and girls shared their story with all of us, i should return the favor.

Updated Pictures. . . before and after

almost 2 months post op - new pics

almost two months post op, and I wanted give a quick update how I feel.
My chin aka implant feels as bone. No numbness or swelling...i can move my mouth, yawn I did before surgery and everything feels and looks normal. I still have a minor minor tight feeling when looking completely straight up,but it becomes less and less...
The incision has healed unbelievably fast and with barely any scar visible.
On my picture I actually had to circle it, so people can see where the actually incision was.
As far friends and co workers goes, i had a beard for almost 4 weeks after the surgery, so no one noticed the change, i assume it was due to the facial hair, and their focus was about my full beard,they all commented how good the beard looks and how it changed my face....
But after almost 4 weeks when I did shave my facial hair, not one person noticed one said a word. Just one girl asked me "did you do anything to your face, cause u look different" and I just replied " huh, I just lost some weight thats it " and she was like " I guess I never really paid attention to your face before " lol
I told couple people I had surgery done and they didnt noticed what and where....even when i told them its my face, they still didnt figured it out.
But once i showed them my before pic, and how they knew me for so many years, only then, they were shocked and noticed the difference...but not prior!

4 months post op, final pictures

Here are my final picture from August while on vacation.
One front view and one from the side looking up.....
I figured I show my whole face this time without covering my face :)
Bottom line, I love my results and my new chin feels super natural and normal. If anyone has questions, male or female about chin augmentation/surgery I'm happy to answer any questions!

Putting my pictures back up due to request from other members...

Pictures back up!

Update after many requests and being accused of not being legit and genuine!
Here are my pictures....
please keep in mind, the last 3 pictures are taken after my Rhinoplasty, which was done by another physician!
Anyways, hope this helps!
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon

The reason I chose this doctor is because he is not only double board certified, but he loves, doing chin augmentation, and its one of his specialties among other things. My experience was awesome, he is very down to earth, very very knowledgeable. Has an amazing staff, answered all my questions. Took his time with me, explaining every detail. He made me feel very comfy. Couldnt be more thankful!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Love it ! Great results.
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You look great! Glad to see someone that's following their own heart and doing what they want.
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Jess thank you. That's exactly what I did. I never seeked someone elses opinion or views. I knew what I wanted to have fixed/corrected, it just a matter of time. I knew exactly what chin I wanted, or more importantly. What I didn't want it to be. Same with my nose, I knew exactly what my nose should look like,what shape it should have...literally to the point. My rhinoplasty doctor was suprised and appriciated how much thought I spend how I wanted my nose to be and what not to mess with.
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Well you really do look great! I don't think anyone should have to go through life knowing what they could look like but never doing it because someone else thought they shouldn't! You are definitely a wise man. Unfortunately for me, I require double jaw surgery to fix mine! You got lucky lol. I just can't believe what a huge difference it made with you. Makes me look forward to mine even more! Good luck!
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I saw you posted at Bella's review and oh my wow!  I can't believe that change is just from those small tweaks.  Did you lose weight, too?  IMHO, a perfect job--perfect choices, and you look extremely handsome.  Congratulations!  I think the restraint paid off well for you!
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Thank you TwoPlusOne, Wow....nice compliments from gorgeous like yourself, is. Very sweet :) U know, for some picture before with no chin, no proper neckline, made my face look chubby from the profile I believe. I was however always in great athletic shape. But I did lose 8 lbs before the surgery, because of I was a low fat lo carb diet, to get shredded for the summer. Maybe I did lose some "fat" on my face idk.
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I think you're probably right.  A lot of people who do jaw surgery (I moderate dental stuff) end up looking thinner after they get their lower jaws moved forward (and sometimes get a sliding genioplasty).  But if you were deffing that'd definitely show in your face, too!  Either way, fantastic!  Are you planning other stuff or are you done now, after the rhinoplasty? :D
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Nah, I think I'm done :) I do however consider botox between my eyebrow, cause I tend to have that 11 between them, and it makes me look "upset" so those eyebrow muscles need to be relaxed :) Maybe add a little volume under my eyes, to make it look more youthful and fresh. What about you? :)
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Man, I'm still recovering from my last thing (a revision), LOL!  I keep thinking, this is it, but yeah, it's probably never over now that I've started, and it was so pleasant :D.  But I on purpose didn't get implants when I had my breast lift so that I wouldn't have to get implants replaced, and I'd known from the beginning that I would need a revision on the whole shebang, so maybe I'm done, now that I've had the revision.  I hope I'm done!  One of my workmates just got the botox done for her 11s.  I'm super lucky not to get those, even though I pull my eyebrows together all the time.  My skin is too thick there, I think :D.  Anyway, my workmate is super happy with hers.  She's called Jill81, she has a review on here too.
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Chin looks great and then you did the nose wow :) Amazing!!!!
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Thank You, I truly appriciate your kind words :)
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YW! Did you do a separate review for nose with same surgeon?
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I did my nose in May of this year, no it was a different surgoun, someone from Miami. I never did a review on him yet...I probably should.
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Ok. You should do a new review to help others :) I am doing my abs in october :)
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You look great. It's amazing the COMPLETE difference a chin augmentation can make. I'm excited to get mine in March! I hope to get both the implant and the lipo. Videos of lipo looks so horrible, though! What was that like? Is it as awful as it looks? :)
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Thank you. I actually wasn't worried nor cared how the lipo was done. I actually didn't even think I needed it...cause I didn't think I had any fat underneath my neck. But now looking back and I know my doctor did the lipo undermy chin and neck to contour my neck lline to create a normal looking neck to chin balance. Now when I compare my under the chin neck line with other people, I noticed literally every other person has fat hanging down their neck and mine is completely straight and tight. Which I now totally appriciate now :) But I didn't feel any pain from the lip nor did I had any bruising whatsoever. I'm generally a super heathy person and take certain vitamines and eat healthy, so my healing and bruising is different than others. Same with my rhinoplasty. I barely had any bruising at all, maybe two tiny dots under my eye....
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Geeze. You must have scored the genetic jackpot, as far as healing goes.
  • Reply look great! What a change! I can't believer your co-workers couldn't tell a difference. I always hated my weak chin, but not as important as it is with a guy! Love me a man with a big, strong chin! lol And your nose is now 'cute' too. Well..maybe i shouldn't say 'cute'...but you look really handsome...good job!
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Thank you @reaitynut. What a nice compliment. Blush :) I hated my chin and I always knew it made my face look oddand not normal, especially from the side view. Like something was missing. But yes, no one noticed I had surgery, not even with my nose. I think people knew I looked somehow different or better. But I think no one really assumes " oh hehad plastic/cosmetic surgery. Because people hear about cosmetic surgery on tv and dont think, someone they work with went through it. Yes when u compare my pictures its a night and day difference. I also disliked my nose....cause it was straight. But I think if u compare my nose now, u can see how much nicer, straighter, flawless it looks. Thank you again. You are btw pretty gorgeous yourself :)
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I meant to say, I disliked my nose cause it wasn't* straight
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Thanks for posting your pics back up! Definitely inspiring me all the more to consider Dr. M!
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He is truly a artist and very genuine. He is specialist in facial beauty and is well aware what makes a face attractive and what doesnt it. He is also amazing with facial fillers like Restylane, Radiesse he does it himself and is very passionate about it as well. Check out his website!
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I have - I've been researching Dr. Mabrie to do my chin and jawline for about a year now.
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