Trying to Find a Doctor in the San Francisco/Bay Area - San Francisco, CA

I have been researching like crazy trying to find...

I have been researching like crazy trying to find a surgeon in the Bay Area whose work I like but it seems like all the photos I like are from surgeons on the East Coast or South East. Can anyone recommend someone in the San Francisco area? I have a consultation scheduled in May with Dr. Ghavami in Beverly Hills but he seems a bit pricey and Iam also REALLY considering Dr. Yily in the DR. I want to have this done by October the latest. So any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Circular Belt Lipectomy??

I have just received a few quotes from Dr.s about lipo on my arms,back stomach and thighs and a bbl. One of the Dr.'s strongly suggested I get a circular belt lipectomy. Since I didnt know what that was I looked it up and I'm not sure if I really need that. I do plan on having the surgery in August/September and will be losing another 15lbs before I get the surgery. I currently weight 170lbs and 5'4. Since I'am not a Dr. I wanted to get other opionions. Also if I do need to get that done is it possible to get my healtlh insurance to pay for it because I had the lapband surgery about two years ago and have lost 70lbs. He was the only one that suggested this surgery which seems very severe and I want to do what is best.

Burnt Out!!

So I have been searching like a maniac trying to find a surgeon that I will feel comfortable with and that will fit within my budget. Unfortunately, this search has become so overwhelming and stressful for me that I had to take some time off and stop looking. So here's where I'am at as of today. 1) I've narrowed it down to Dr. Perrry, Dr. Yilly, or Dr. Duran. 2) I've had some Dr.'s recommend a Tummy Tuck which I absolutely don't want but I do want the best results possible. 3) I'am trying to calm myself down at the thought of leaving the US to have my procedures done In terms of body contouring nobody does it like the DR. After I get my quote from Dr. Perry I will make my choice which hopefully will be by the end of the week!

Places to Stay for Yily Patients

I have been reading some unpleasant things about the recovery house and CIPLA (I think that's right) and was wondering for those of you that have not stayed at either place are there other places that you would recommend?

OK, So Dr. Duran It Is

After an insane amout of research and debate I have decided to go with Dr. Duran. I know this is an important decision that one should take their time with but I'am exhausted with the whole process and ready to get this done and over with, I got other stuff to do ;) Now my problem is getting in contact with Dr. Duran. I have been calling her up to five times a day and emailing her. I know I want my surgery done the week of August 6th. She suggested I get a TT and even though I REALLY don't want to I will do it. I want the best results possible. If I can't reach her by Friday I may have to really consider Dr. Baez. August is right around the corner and there is so much prep work that needs to be done.


FINALLY got ahold of Dr. Durans assistant and scheduled a surgery date of August 2nd. I was told to deposit the money to lock in the date and then call back which I will do on Monday. As soon as I got off work I deposited my $$. I can't believe that I'm going through with this but I'am so unhappy with my body I had to do something. From here on out only positive thoughts and for those family members and friends of mine that don't support it I will no longer be discussing this with them. I can only have positive energy around me from here on out. I have enough to worry about and alot to do!! Anyone having surgery the same day as me that would like to buddy up?

Ladies, I Need Your Help, Not Sure If I Want to do a Tummy Tuck???

Ok, I have 8 days to take off MAYBE 10 so I now have been having some serious doubts about getting the TT. I also feel that because I haven't had kids and what not I don't know if I really need one. (Dr. Duran did reccomend) I know I have a gut but if you feel my stomach you definitely feel muscle. Iam also wanting to avoid the scar by any means neccessary. Her quote includes the TT so should I call and let them know I won't be doing a TT or should I wait until I get there and work out the details? I'm so overwhelmed I dont know what to do :( I still need to get my supplies, buy my airfare, book the recovery house or hotel. . . . I called this morning and the date is locked down she got my deposit.

Some Wish Pics and Recent Pics of Me

Not looking for anything to drastic.

More Photos. . . .

Almost Ready. . . . .Can't Wait for the day to come August 2nd

***$500 Deposit already put down (Dr.Duran)
***Bought Plane ticket on Sunday $747 Ouch!!
***Made Reservation at Angela's Recovery House (TODAY!!!!)
*** Will Finish buying supplies by Sunday :)
*** Got all my blood work done by my Doctor and will be getting pain meds( She was not/is not happy about this decision but is somewhat supportive)

For the ladies that have already "been there,done that" is it cheaper to get the post meds here?


So, eventhough I have made a reservation for Angela's Recovery House (which I could use a buddy for) I'am also thinking about getting a nurse which I understand Dr. Duran will send to the hotel if that's where you choose to stay instead but the hotel (plazaflroida) is a bit on the pricey side, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to buddy up for a hotel and nurse? I will be getting to the DR on August 1st and Leaving August 12th but I'm thinking of shortening my stay to exactly ten days. Anyone interested?


I pretty much have all the things I need in terms of medications, clothes and toiletries. I will be staying at Angela's Recovery house for eleven days. So now it's just the waiting game. . . . . My nerves are a mess right now. I cannot wait until this is done and over.


I got the lapband back in 2009 and wouldn't you know it, a week left before my surgery and I start vomitting and not able to keep foods down, by Friday I can't keep down liquids. Have to go to the ER for pain meds until I can get in contact with my surgeon which won't be until Wednesday the day I'm supposed to leave for the DR. Iam sooooo heartbroken and the tears just won't stop. Partly because of the pain I'm in with the band but mostly because of having to postpone the surgery.

Getting Back On Track

So many things have been going wrong I had to postpone my trip from August to December, going through a messy breakup from a relationship of 10 years, had my hours cut at work . . . Things just keep coming at me one right after the other. BUT I'am determined to get this done. I'am back to exercising hard core(two hours a day and six days a week)and working on my diet which is a HUGE struggle.Unfortunately because of all the stress me and wine have become very good friends.. . .ok and grey goose (lol) I have scheduled an appointment with my doctor to get fluid put back in my band which really helps to limit the amount of food I can take in and I'm back on my vitamins!! Now I just need to get back to planning for a place to stay. This time around my niece insists she goes with me and looking for a plane ticket.


I will keep this as brief and as short a possible, I personally hate reading through extra long updates. I had my surgery on December 2nd with Dr. Duran and got a TT, BBL, Lipo of the arms and back.

DR.DURAN-Very busy woman but is very concerned and caring when it comes to her patients. I had a great experience with her and highly recommend her. Even though it is very early I'am very pleased with my results.

SUPPLIES-I have read alot of posts that are pages long but for me I found that the only supplies you will need and USE while in the DR are:
SOCKS-CHUXS-PADS-ARNICARE-PAIN MEDS-2 MAXI DRESSES AT MOST-BENADRYL-BABY WIPES-STOOL SOFTNERS-URINE FUNNEL-ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP-A FRIEND, SPOUSE, SIBLING, SOMEONE ELSE! Most of my time was spent sleeping I was so tired and in pain. I had to have a blood transfusion and recovery is no joke this is a major surgery.

ARMONIA RECOVERY HOUSE- Mxed feelings place was clean, it's brand new and they are still decorating. Flaca, Patricia, and Ruth are the bomb. I felt so safe and well taken careof when I was there. The $ituation was sketchy. All the girls in the house including myself noticed that we were going through our money REALLY fast. We weren't given receipts most of the time and when we brought this to the attention of the owner we were promised receipts but were never given any. I personally can't account for some of my money BUT I feel like before you call someone a thief you damn well better have proof. That's why I can't stress the importance of bringing somone with you because you will be a hot mess after surgery, especially with multiple procedures.Money situation aside I would recommend the place.

RECOVERY- When I tell you it's unreal, believe me it's unbelieveable. The pain on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 20, I can only speak about getting multiple procedures. Tummy Tucks are no joke they will leave you absolutely helpless and 100% dependent on someone else. You will never get used to the rock hard feeling of your stomach and the numbness on my back from the lipo and arms. It's a slow process just be patient.

I think that's why girls post like crazy before the surgery and then disappear after the surgery. Recovery is exhausting. I had to force myself to write this post and I only did it because it is frustrating when you are trying to do your research and you never get to the after part.

It's only been two weeks and four days since surgery but I will add photos gradually, I don't have the energy to add photos of myself is different outfits yet.



Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Hi, I just read your profile....I wish you a smooth recovery. I'm the same height as you and I'm down to 170lbs now, can you please tell me how much you weighed when you made it to the DR. I like your results so far so I was wondering should I lose more or stay where I am? Thank you so much!!
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I would definitely stay where you are. I actually gained weight unintentionally due to stress (relationship ending, work hours being cut, etc;) So I was 185ish when I got my surgery and when I got back home I was down to 175lbs. You really don't have much of an appetite for the first two weeks or so and you sleep ALOT. So I wouldn't drop any more. Good Luck!
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Thank you.....I was trying to get down to 160 but I will take your advice and stay where I am. If my results look anything like yours I'll be happy. Happy Healing!!!
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hi hun have u went for surgery yet?? im also from cali lol modesto!
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Yes I had my surgery December 2 and left December 10th. I just did this update with photos and everything but maybe it takes 24 hours to post? If you have any questions feel free!
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Goodluck with everything and take your time. You cant keep letting that goose get u loose when ur trying to stay tight & rite guuuurl lol ;) im scheduled 4 Duran 10-28 & this was my last party hard/drinking weekend . Time to get rite.I will be following your journey sista. Thanx for the update. Be well
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Best of luck to u & chocdrop! Ur day is almost here! I will c Duran nov 5th for my bbl n breast lift with implant.. Best of luck to u n can't wait to c ur transformation! :)
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Thank You! I'am a hot mess right now just want to go through this procedure safely and get it over with!
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That's who I decided to go with. Dr. Baez is a sweetheart and got back to me in no time but she will suggest a tt as she does with all of her patient. She quoted me $4500 for everything; which includes lipo to back, flanks, waist, legs, bbl, tt, and a bl. Contact her.
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Yes I have contacted her already she is prompt, very informative, professional and seems like a sweetheart and is really concerned about your health. I got quoted $4200 which would include everything you stated. Are you going to go with a tummy tuck? I want to put a deposit down with someone this Friday if possible.
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Yes, I will be going with her. I don't want to do a tt but I do want the best results. I hear she cuts thin lines but I haven't seen pictures as of yet. The good thing is she doesn't require a deposit :) I will be getting my plane ticket soon and would like to put down my deposit by the end of the month.
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Can you give me her contact info?? I've been looking into getting a tummy tuck and my booty done :)
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I would recommend Dr. Kenneth Hughes I love his hip to waist ratio. He does excellent work and he can get u an appt within a week. He come highly recommended in the Cali area.
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I tried to get my insurance to pay to...damn kaiser won't do it, hate my doctor :/ Duran does excellent work but I love Yily's waist and hips. I am looking for the booty but not overpowering. Did you check out iwantawaist. She just came back from Yily's and looks fantastic. Duran gives too much booty fir
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I will be getting BBL,lipo of the arms, back , flanks, waist possibly thighs and the stomach. I want my breasts done but I'am actually trying to go through my insurance to have them pay for it by saying my neck and back hurt. I want my procedure done in mid to late August. Is there a reason why you didn't choose Dr. Duran? Iam somewhat torn between the two.
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Oh, forgot to ask, what all do you plan on having done? I am having bbl, lipo to full back, upper and lower abs, flanks, arm pits, thighs, and arms. I am considering a breast lift at this time but not sure. If I don't have it in October, I will be returning in February.
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I live in the bay area and plan on going to Dr. Yily in October. It is a scary feeling of going to another country for cosmetic surgery. I choose yily for her sculpting abilities :) I received my quote last week and for the price and her's worth it. If you find a doctor in the bay let me know. Maybe we can plan our trip to DR together. Good luck sweetie.
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Hughes or Dass
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My Dr., Elizabeth Morgan, did large volume lipo on me. She took out 7400 ccs at once. My procedure was done at a hospital and I stayed overnight for monitoring. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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Thank You, I will definitetly check her out.
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I had surgery with Dr. Yily in the DR on March 14. Will put up pics and review over the next two days. I picked Yily because of how she sculpts. The only doctor I found that did Large Volume Lipo, like Yily, in the US was Dr. S. Sean Younai in Los Angeles. However Yily's prices will be way lower.
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She really is my #1 choice but my nerves are starting to get the better of me. Iam scared going to a country where I don't speak the language, and worried about something going wrong and being by myself. . blah blah blah. When you get a chance can you tell me of youre overall experience. I received my second email from Yily giving me her account number, places to stay, choosing a date, etc; so it's all on me now.
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Completely understand. I kept thinking that I was going to die in this foreign country. LOL! But I didn't find another doctor whose patients had that waist (I've never had a waist). I was motivated because I kept thinking I know she would do good work on me. Because her prices are low compared to any quote received in the US I paid a friend that speaks Spanish to go with me. She actually lives in LA and we left from the east coast to the DR. I posted some pics and a short review last night. They said it will be posted in 1 business day which is Monday. If you go you should take some one and if they don't speak Spanish bring a translation App on your phone or laptop. I suffer from Anxiety so I had my Xanax. Must say I didn't use it that much. If after reading the review you have any questions let me know. I learned so much from people on this blog so I went prepared. I can say that the results was worth it for me, but whether you have surgery done here or there this is major surgery so be prepared for a long recovery.
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