Lollipop Breast Lift on Small Boobies - San Francisco, CA

I've always had saggy boobs for as long as I can...

I've always had saggy boobs for as long as I can remember.

I'm size 36B or 34C and hoping I can stay around the same size. I would love to have bigger breasts, but don't want fake objects in my body.

I'm really worried about the scarring since I'm 31 and single(hopefully men don't freak out about this), but after looking at some of the pictures here post-op 3 months I'm really hoping I have the same results!

Surgery day

Had the surgery this morning and it was a breeze. I'm crazy scared of anesthesia, but they drugged me up before hand. I peeked under the bandages looks amazing but I'm sure they are swollen and will get smaller :-(

1 day post op

First Post-Op

Got my bandage off today. Still looking good, can't see the scars yet, but cant wait to start treating them asap when I can. My recovery is going really well, I've barely had to take any pain pills and have been up and about a lot.

1 week post op

I'm getting worried because I can still tell I have extra skin the doc could have taken off and one areola looks bigger than the other. I hope he fixes that... Otherwise I'm Happy with where they are sitting and hoping they stay there.

issues with stitches

I'm having issues with some stitches making holes in the incisions :( I currently have a huge hole in my left breast.

I also have some areola pigment left over that hopefully the doctor can remove in a few months.

5 months almost post-op and sagging

So I'm a little upset and maybe regretting not getting full anchor lift because when I lean over my boobs still look like saggy sausages :(

Not sure what to do about that thats a lot of more scarring. I also suddenly have this fairly large painful underneath bump by my nipple that I just discovered that is freaking me out.

5months post op

6 months still spitting stitches

Apparently my body hates sutures/stitches because it doesn't want to dissolve any of it so everything is still coming out and leaving small holes. I have an issue with 2 lumps now that have formed around sutures that were unable to make it out of the skin so seems my body is attacking them. This is so depressing :(

Pay for another lift?

So I told my doctor I'd like to make my areola smaller (which after researching on here seems to be pretty simple). However he said then I would have to have more skin cut off and do a lift all over again and pretty much quoted me for a whole other breast lift. I'm really upset about this!
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