Ready to explant!

Hello ladies! I've been reading your stories for a...

Hello ladies! I've been reading your stories for a very long time, and am ready to share mine. I had implants put in 05/2003. I was 18 years old, and had the mindset of just making them bigger. My Mom had implants, my Aunt has implants, so I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. Worst decision I've ever made for myself. Less than a year later I was diagnosed with Chronic Fibroadenoma Disease, which is just a fancy way of saying "lumpy breasts". I've had 2 cysts removed, all Fibroadenoma (benign) as well as scar tissue removed-- all of this (so far) only in my right breast. Twice through my areola, and once on the side of my breast near my armpit. My right breast is in pain every single day. I'd measure it about a 2, pretty tolerable just very annoying. Some days, although far and few, I'd measure it between 5-7. The cysts will always be there, it will just be based on my pain tolerance level whether I decide to keep removing the ones that are hurting the most.

Anyway, a few years ago I decided I wanted to remove my implants. I hate them. I do not have the mindset that I had at 18, where I wore tight clothes and was proud of my cleavage. They make some exercise nearly impossible, they're uncomfortable when I sleep, my right one began rippling a few years ago, and now when I lift my right arm you can completely see the lining of the bag. I generally wear a sports bra, sometimes two just to push them down. I recently moved back to the city where I got my initial surgery done, so I have made a consultation for the explant surgery for Wednesday.

The stories on this site have been so helpful and inspirational. So many of my personal questions have been answered, giving me the boost I needed to just make the appointment for the consult.

I am eager to learn whether or not removing my implants will subside the pain in my breast from the cysts. I'm not sure if it will put less pressure on them? Give them more room. Does this sound silly? Even if it will not help my pain, I'm hoping removing the scar tissue around my right areola may help a bit, for I can feel how hard it is again underneath.

I'm also concerned that the cost will be more than what I paid for them to be put in? I think the price will have inflated since 10 years ago. I just want to feel better. I wish I'd left myself alone. Oh, on that note, I will be 29 next week. I am 5'5", about 140 lbs. I was a full B cup pre-op, I got 360 cc's (I think?!) and I'm now a full C or a D depending on my weight gain.

Looking forward to continuing to read all of your stories, hear your input, and hopefully post some updates.

Good luck, RtR! Sounds as if you're ready to join all of us....get them out, you certainly won't feel worse than you do now. Exercise will be easier, and your pre-op size was perfect anyway. Do it while you're young....I got them in at 31 & wish I never I'm 66 & so happy to be finally getting them out. It'll be easier for you since you aren't ruptured, anyway. I would imagine from all the posts that it'll cost you somewhere between $3K & $7K....mine's 4750, inclusive. Maybe it depends on the city you're in. There's always a credit card, Care Credit, or a bank loan, but whatever you do, it'll be worth it!
I also had very cystic breasts. I am 5 ft 6 135lbs and probably your mom's age. Also with 300ccs. See my picture to know you will be at least a B probably a C - we get bigger with age - yeah! As soon as my implants were out, the pain with the cysts subsided. If you need encouragement, all my family members too endorsed them and even paid for my implantation. If you have a rupture, insurance (in my case) did pick up for it. MRI will confirm. The pictures I have posted are only 2 weeks out...I was told I had skin of a 30yr old so they should by sassy even though smaller. In anycase, these days I personally feel fat transfer is safer than these foreign objects. Let us know if you do decide to explant.
My best guess is that the pressure of the implants is, yes, causing extra pain to your cysts. Sometimes we have to follow our instincts. I finally had mine removed when after a few months of neck and shoulder and rib pains.....doctors were stumped, then I was the one who realized that I had my implants, submuscular, 20 yrs ago, and my guess was that the weight and pressure of the implants were the cause. I WAS RIGHT! Blessings on you in your journey, Mary

Good morning! First I need to say how incredible...

Good morning! First I need to say how incredible all of your messages and comments have been for me. I've never been able to talk to anyone else about my experience, and from the day I uploaded my review I've gotten nothing but helpful and positive feedback. So THANK YOU LADIES!

I had my consultation last Wednesday and I'm so glad that I finally did it. I was able to go in with so many more questions thanks to this site. I am going with the same doctor who did my initial BA, so there's some comfort in that. I am going to explant without a lift, and have a capsulotomy done on my right breast, as well as removing scar tissue around my right areola. He said he can "almost guarantee" that the right capsule is what's been causing my pain, rather than just my lumps themselves. I just thought my right breast was unattractive after a decade, I didn't know there was actually something wrong with it! Even if this doesn't relieve my pain, which I truly think it will only benefit me, I still want them out. I can't stand them! The cost was less than I expected, I was hoping for under $5K. It would've been $1,900 if I went with local anesthesia and $2,500 for general. I had a lumpectomy once under local, and I can still hear the crank of the machine that pried my skin open, while the nurse asked me questions about my favorite music so I would be distracted. I'll take general! ;) The earliest I could get in for surgery is June 21. It feels so far away, but at the same time I've waited this long, so what's two more months?
June 21 isn't that far away....mine's the 17th...52 days!! So, not too far. Before you know it,, we'll feel wonderful!
When you put it like that.. 56 days doesn't sound so far away! ;) I'll definitely be thinking of you on your day! Hopefully it comes quick.
Hi, so pleased to hear your on the road to explant and you've got a date set. I'm July 1st, so I'm right behind you. At times its felt so far off but we'll be in May next week, and you're right, a few more months is nowt compared to how far you've come already x

I've been noticing that some of you ladies have...

I've been noticing that some of you ladies have purchased your own post-op bras to wear after explant. I'm trying to find one that a woman would actually recommend, and not Google. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Hey ginerelle: RE: PAIN - If you can, don't take pain meds. It is very very tolerable. Most people if they feel alittle warm burning pop meds. I used ice and got a remarkable result. Less meds = easier recovery. Good luck with your surgery. I love how I came out. Wonder why I waited so long. I now look modelesque rather than burlesque LOL
Love that...modelesque/athletic vs. burlesque/floozie looking...:)
Men always use to comment on my bodacious they say my smile lites up the place. They seem to think I am still good looking. Just takes a bit to get use to. Its so nice to wear blouses that don't pucker and other low cut things and not worry about being a floozie

Only 2+ weeks to go!

Hello again ladies!

My surgery is only 16 days away!! These past two months have gone by much faster than I thought they would. I don't have much to update, except after recently moving back to California I finally got a job. I start tomorrow, & they even approved my time off for my surgery. Such a relief!

I'm still very excited to have the explant surgery done, but almost equally as nervous as the surgery date gets closer. I still read all of your stories, you're all truly an inspiration to me. I hope to continue to learn from you all, as well as be able to contribute once I'm on the road to what I hope is a healthier version of myself.

Hi Gingerelle: New job - congrats!
Hey Gingerelle, great to hear from you. I've found these past 2 months have gone quicker than I thought. I've 3 weeks to go on Monday. Congrats on the new job. Hope you're first day is going well :o) x
See my postings for post op bra. I wore it one month and look amazing. PS - re: cysts. I also was highly cystic. The implants are known to exacerbate them. Post op they are no longer painful. Also magnesium, b vitamins help shrink them. Who knew? I can only wish you good luck and hope you too have success in ridding yourself of this autoimmune problem

Here today, gone tomorrow!

My surgery is tomorrow morning! I've had an emotional day. I hope I get some sleep tonight. Thank you all for your help these past two months!!
Hope you're doing well and feeling lighter today!

Thinking of you today! When you feel up to it, please let us know how you're doing.

Yay!!! You're going to feel like all the waight of the world has been lifted off your chest, and that alone will make you so happy that you'll appreciate your small breast so much more! The best of luck for tomorrow!!! You'll do great!!!

I did it!

My surgery went "smoothly" this morning. I feel great, considering. I got a little emotional when I went into the surgery room, I started to cry & my doctor held my hand. I must've knocked out pretty quickly because I don't remember anything after that. I'm a little sore in my right breast where the capsulotomy was done, but it's tolerable. I've taken my pain medication since I've been home, & have taken a few naps. I will probably take another pain med before bed, hopefully to help me sleep-- but depending how I feel tomorrow I may just switch to Tylenol.


I didn't mean to submit my post surgery update just then & I can't figure out how to edit it.

Anyway, I'm feeling so much better than I had anticipated I would. I was able to eat & have been drinking lots of water. My doctor called me to see how I was feeling, which I really appreciated. I have a follow up appointment in the morning, so I will update again once I know what's going on under these bandages! I am SO HAPPY that I did this. Good things to come, I hope.
You look great so far gingerelle, pretty profile;)
Thank you!! :)
Reply look much you butterfly too xx

One day post-op!

Last night was a little rough. I slept in incriminates of about a half hour, not so much because I was in pain, but because it was just awkward. I'm in a lot more pain today, but it's still pretty tolerable. I just got home from my follow up appointment, & everything looks great. I've got more natural boob than I thought I did. They're a little sloped, but I think it'll fluff up in time, & even if they don't I'm still pretty impressed with the results. My right incision is much uglier than my left, but if that's my biggest issue physically, that's alright with me. I have another follow up appointment Tuesday afternoon. I can shower today but I don't think I will. I have to put on a liquid bandage each day, & wear bandage with a strap across the tops of my breasts to push them down a bit & hopefully keep the bottom of my breasts from creasing. All in all, I'm happy. Sore, but happy. ;)
Wow you have very nice full natural boobs, especially after so many years of implants! Congratulations! Not only do you look fantastic, but I am sure this will make you feel much better, and help you get the proper monitoring and treatment for your breast health.
Awe, thanks a lot Luv! They are quite sloped but I think they could fluff up with time. I was very surprised to see how much tissue I had under there!
Congrats! Looking great and natural! Happy healing!

My miniature rant.

Today has been a really good day pain wise, & I haven't taken any pain medication since yesterday. Everything else is irritating me today. I don't have a headache anymore, but my stomach is very bloated & I can't eat much of anything before it upsets it & just makes me feel off. It doesn't really hurt, it just doesn't feel good. I'm itching so much I might go crazy. I want to yank the bandage & compression strap off. I'm so tired of sitting up to sleep, & relying on my boyfriend to help me change, open bottles of water for me, take food out of the cupboards, etc. I'm definitely thankful these are the worst of my problems, but I needed to vent somewhere! I'm just extremely uncomfortable today. :( Again, the pain in my breasts is very minimal, & I feel pretty good. I was able to shower & check myself out some more, still very pleased with what I have left! ;) Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. I have another follow up appointment, I will update this again afterwards. Thanks ladies for all of your support & giving me a place to feel comfortable enough to gripe about the little things today. XO
I hope your appointment goes well today. You look great. Lots of boob left :o) Fingers crossed for me lol. Where is the itching? I've heard a few ladies complain of this. I dread it happening to me too. I can't bear itchiness. Hope it gets better for you soon x
Thank you! I was very surprised to see that I had this much tissue left. At least I can say they're all my own now! ;) I was itching terribly last night, but it was my underboob & not the incision itself. As suggested by someone, I took a Benadryl & it seemed to help enough that I could go to sleep. Or maybe it put me to sleep? Either way I slept pretty good last night & am not itching yet today! The wrap & compression strap aren't very comfortable though. How are you doing? You go in on Monday, right?
The itching has been driving me crazy too. I took benadryl and it helps. I have been failing at letting people do things for me. I even went out and pulled weeds in the garden today....... I am awake because I have a hard time sleeping on my back. I feel your pain. I know next week at this time its gonna be better! I hope your appointment goes well. Its all gonna be worth it (it already is) vent anytime!! Makes me feel like I am not alone.

5 days post-op!

Feeling great today! I showered & was able to lift my arms long enough to wash my hair :) Pain is very minimal, some things are just uncomfortable if I move in a way that moves the muscles underneath my breasts. I had my second follow up appointment yesterday, incisions are healing well & I was cleared to wear a sports bra. Much more comfortable than those bandages/strap! I still have a crease underneath my right breast, I suppose from the capsule. I had hoped it would go away when I had the explant, but I guess not. I go back to work on Monday, & have another follow up appointment on Tuesday, so I'll update my review then. xo
Looking good girl!!! :)
Thank you!!
Glad the itching has eased for you :o) and you've got a good night sleep. I'm doing ok thanks. Yeah its Monday. I was getting restless earlier this week. With going in the hosp for a pre-op, I just wanted to do it there and then. Now I'm on Friday, I'm nearly here so feeling relieved. I think I'll be sprinting through the hospital door! I'm hoping I'm surprised too re more tissue than I thought but will see how things go. You look great! An yeah 'they're all yours' :o) that must be such a fab feeling! X
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