Getting Them Out! But Have a Question About an Internal Lift.

Hi Ladies! It has been really great to see all of...

Hi Ladies! It has been really great to see all of your similar stories leading up to your decisions for removal. am hoping to get mine out in April. 5 years ago, I went from a B in one breast and C in the other to a full D, and it is WAY too big for me. I have not been happy since I got them. My main evidence that tells me I am not happy is that since I got them, I go out of my way to hide them and conceal them, when before I got them, I was always wearing low cut tops and liked showing cleavage. They were uneven before, but no one else noticed but me and looking back at pictures, you couldn't even tell! I had great boobs! I really miss being able to just buy any bathing suit and buying cute bras with padding. I always wear shirts that are loose and baggy and I am super self conscious in a bathing suit. Ever since I got them too, I feel like a part of me died. I also was recently in physical therapy due to neck pain which I feel may be from the implants. My physical therapist knew right away I had a procedure because she noticed my peck muscles were extremely tight. She said most of the women she had treated for issues with their necks and posture had implants!!
Anyway, I was reading about something called an "internal fit"and was wondering if anyone has had this? It's spreading the tissue after the implant is removed to create more volume. Had anyone had this and if so, do you like your results? Im scared they will sag but my surgeon (who put them in) said they won't sag. Also, I'm having anxiety because my boyfriend loves them and we;ve been together since right after I had them done 5 years ago so he's never seen me without them. He is upset but trying to be supportive. I keep telling him I had great boobs before. I go back and forth about this but I know in my heart that something just isn't right about them and if I really did like them, wouldn't I want to show them more and be proud of them? My best friend has them and went really big and loves hers, she's always showing them. I just don't feel the same way. Anyway, will post pics later, thanks!

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You quote $2,200 for the procedure... would you mind sharing what doctor you went to see? I'm getting quotes that are closer to $4k
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Hi I actually got a cheaper price because my surgeon who did the implants I think felt bad that I wasn't happy. He is in Palo Alto. His original quote was $3500. If you still want his info I can give it to you. I'm still on the fence but know someday they will be coming out. I'm just having a hard time deciding and worried they'll sag :(. Don't want to get a lift since my original implants were $7000. So much money down the drain :(
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Shoot, in the second paragraph, I meant internal "lift" not FIT...
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Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! Here's what some doctors say about an internal lift.

I'm sorry you've felt uncomfortable with your implants all these years and I hope you like being au naturel again!

Please keep us posted!

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