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I’m starting to get really nervous about my BA....

I’m starting to get really nervous about my BA. I am scheduled to have my BA surgery on August 28th, 2014. I went on a hunt to find the perfect doctor and narrow it down to two doctors that I really liked; decided to go with the last doctor I saw who made me felt most comfortable. He explained everything really well and thoroughly. At my consultation I tried on a couple implants with a bra that was provided by the doctor to have an idea of how big I want to be. I am now a small B Cup and want be somewhere between a full C. I really like how the 350cc implant look and was thinking doing a moderate profile. My doctor didn’t want to give me his opinion on what size he thinks look best on me until our next meeting since he want me to make this decision on my own. Now my problem is that my left breast is slightly bigger than my right. Nothing too dramatic but I’m afraid once the implant is placed it will be more noticeable. I don’t know if I should get two different implant sizes or keep them both at 350cc. I did my research and this seems to be pretty common. Also I don’t not like the round fake boobs I want a natural look where people will not look at me like wow her breast are fake. I will upload photo shortly.
Some patients and doctors find it helpful to look at "wish boob" pictures. This helps assure that everyone is on the same page regarding your results. Yes, two different sized implants are common to help counter asymmetry but your doctor should advise on this detail. Here is a helpful list of recovery supplies you may want to have on hand prior to your surgery. Also, feel free to drop in a forum of women who are recovering from or preparing for their August 2014 BAs. Keep us posted!


I went in the following day after my first post to sign some paper work. I told the nurse that I still have a few more questions for the doctor and wanted to see if I could schedule a day to meet. I was impressed that he came and talked to me right after he was done with surgery that day and answered all my questions and concerns. I was afraid that once the implant was placed, one of my breasts would look a lot bigger. My PS told me that he can put in two different sizes to be more symmetrical which will be 350cc and 325cc and told me the difference is just an ounce. He also said that he felt using the same size in both breasts will be fine as well since my breast is slightly off and not as noticeable. I been thinking about what I should do and still don’t know what the best choice is. I’m leading toward have 350cc on both sides since I lived with it all my life. Omg this is such a hard decision…

Can't decide between 335cc or 350cc

I'm 5'3 and weight 143lbs, most of my weight is on the lower half off my body. I been wanting to get a breast augmentation since I was in highschool over 10 years ago but financially at the time I couldn't afford them. I wear a 34b VS bra but my breast don't fill up on the top. I think im a small B cup. I can't decide if I should do 325cc or 350cc. I want to be a full C cup and don't want to be top heavy just portion to my body and look natural as possible.
I would also suggest ask a lot of questions on the care you will have to endure after the procedure.My mom recently had hers done as well as a lift and she was told shed have to sleep with a bra on for more than a year. Make sure you know all the details like when it comes to having mammograms done alot of the women’s implants break in the process and you also need mri's done frequently to check that the implant has not ruptured.
Hello one less surgery to go, thank you for your comment. My PS did suggested that I get routine mammogram to ensure that the implants haven't ruptured. I didn't know that getting a BA required sleeping with a bra on for that long. Thanks I will make sure I ask my PS what I need to do after procedure.
Quick question I’m pretty new to this site are Dr's supposed to answer your questions voluntarily or are we supposed to direct our questions to specific dr's?

Only 6 days away still need help 325cc or 350cc..

Only 6 days away until my BA and I still can't decide on it I want to do 325cc or 350cc... I know 25cc is not a big difference. Anyone know if once the implant is placed under the muscle will it look smaller than when trying on the sizers? I like how both the 350cc and 325cc look, I'm just afraid that the 350 will be too big and 325 will be too small. I really want my breast to look natural.

My boobies are here. Couple hours after post op.. Will my breasts get bigger as they drop?

Yayyy my boobies are here.. I'm
So glad it wasn't as painful and I thought it would be. My PS and the nurses took really good care of me. I was so nervous going into the operation room, but everyone there made me felt so comfortable. I woke up feeling sleepy still from the anesthesia, my chest felt really tight and heavy some pain but not as bad. I slept through my ride some so I didn't feel any pain then either. The hardest part is getting up out of bed, my sister had to help me every time. She been taking really good care of me. I feel like my boobs are a lot smaller from
when I tried on the sizers. Will they get bigger once it dropped? I got 350cc my right breast and 325cc in my left.

A pic an hour before surgery

3 days post op

I'm 3 days post op. Finally I can move around the house without help and don't need to take my pain med as often. My PS called me the day after my surgery to see how I was doing. That made me felt like he really care. His staff and the nurses also called to check in on me. It's good to know that if I have additional questions I can also call and ask. So at 3 days post op I'm starting to fee like I should've gotten a bigger size. I got 325cc on my left and 350cc one right to even out my breast since they were slightly off. I took a pic of my breast after my BA and I still like really small. My doctor said I once they drop they will get bigger. I really hope so. Right now they look boxy, square and sitting up really high. My right breast is more swollen on top. I dk if this is because I got the bigger implants in it. I been doing a lot of reading online and everyone is saying just to be patient, once they drop and fluff the size will be bigger. I wore a small B cup and hoping to be a full C cup. I also read online that this women got 350cc she was a A cup b4 her BA and after she end up being a full C cup. Is this true for everyone?

Day 3 when can I start sleeping flat on my back?

The worst part is trying to get a good night sleep.. When can I start sleeping flat on my back without my pillow being stack to a 45 degree angel. I been waking up at lease 5 times throught the night because it's so uncomfortable and now I'm having back pain.


Hate that I can't edited my post.. Sorry for all the typo and grammar errors. I'm using the take to text on my phone.

1 week post op.

I'm 1 week post op. I'm starting to like my boobies a lot more. Can't wait until they drop, my right breast is sitting higher than my left but I feel like once they drop my breast should be pretty even. Overall I feel Dr. Elyassnia did a great job.
Hi luvsookie! You look great! I hope your recovery is going well! As for the sleeping, sleeping at an angle on my back was a struggle for me as well. I found that icy hot patches on my lower back or areas of pain really helped for me to get a better nights sleep. I'm about 2 1/2 weeks postop and just started sleeping flat on my back. I try to sleep on my side but it still feels a little funny as if my implant is sliding down. Flat on my back is still way better than flat at an angle! Also, my right implant is the bigger one and that's the one that is sitting higher and seems a little bit more swollen. just try to be patient & hang in there! Happy healing!
Cierra1624, thanks luv.. I started sleeping flat on my back since it's not as painful getting out of bed anymore. I will try out the heat patch. Thanks again. Oh I think your boobies look great and natural.

Boob greed..

I have a really bad case of boob greed ????... I wishing I would've went with 375cc instead of 350cc. I feel like my boobies look the same. I mean it's definitely bigger than what I had before and should be grateful that my PS did a great job but still wish they were bigger. I wonder once they drop and fluff if my breast will get bigger. I went shopping with my sister today and decided to try on some bra to see what size I am. I know it's still early to know my true bra size since it only been a week. As of right now I fit in a 34C and 32D.. Really hoping it will be get bigger by the time my boobs D/F.
i am deciding between 330 , 350 and 375 moderate plus profile I am a 5'2 32b in vs now but am having a very hard time deciding... And advice?
Hi Mpala69, I got 350cc moderate plus profile and at first was very scared that it will be too big. Now Im wishing I should've went with 375. I definitely would go with the bigger size if u was you. Did u try on the sizers? If so take pics with it on. So u can compare. Wish I would've done that too. I do feel like you lose 25cc once the implant is placed under the muscle. Best of luck!!
Congrads they look great!

Post op follow up

Saw my doctor today and he said everything is looking great. I did express my concern of wanting to go bigger but I guess 25cc wouldn't really make a difference and not worth going through surgery all over again. He did a great job on making my incision right at my breast crease. Anyone know if the silicone sheets work on reducing the appearance of scar? My doctor don't think it will help much.
They look so great! We are about the same stats. Like you I carry most of my weight in my lower have and was told by my PS 350cc moderate profile. I am scared it might be too big, but at the same time I want to also even myself out. Hum... But really yours look amazing!!!!
Hi Asheorth1356, at first I was afraid that 350cc will be too big on me too. Now I'm wishing I should've went 50cc bigger. But all my friends think they look perfect and no one can't tell i got them done. 350cc is not big at all if your my size. Best of luck!!
Hello ashworth1356, thank you. At first I was scared that 350cc would be too big on me. But now I wish I would've went bigger maybe 50cc more. My friends think they look perfect on me and no one can tell I got them done. I use to think D cup were super big but now looking at my c cup boobies they don't look as big as I thought they would. Hope this help.. Best of luck!
Dr. Dino Elyassnia

Dr. Dino R. Elyassnia, MD Dr. Elyassnia is awesome. I was really scared at first before my surgery and afraid that my BA would come out looking like two round balls. I stressed the issue that I want a natural look and didn't want it to be noticeable that I have implant. He did amazing job in making this come true. So happy with my result. This staff are also very warming and friendly. I would recommend Dr. Elyassnia to anyone of my friends and family.

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