Hey guys I'm doIng well** Aventura, FL

I am going nuts!!! I sleep, eat, drink all related...

I am going nuts!!! I sleep, eat, drink all related to my BBL. I'm so conflicted I live in California & Dr. Hegg is highly recommened and awsome. Yet that "Salama Bootay" just wont let me rest - it keeps "popping" up in my head. I can't let it go. I would hate to regret my decision either way. However, I cannot deny the amazing testimonials I've seen from Dr. Salama patients. I am a bit worried too cuz Nancy told me to gain weight. But, I'm just a smaller sized girl. I already feel like I'm gunna explode :(

My current stats:
134lbs (regular wt 118lbs)
Chest: 32", D cup
Waist: 29"
Hips: 38" (wide & flat..ughh)

Money is not a consideration for me with regard to deciding on a doc, as I am very blessed with a great job it's more the distance that is scaring me. I would hate to have a terrible complication & to be so far away. I would be wrought with terrible guilt if I put my family through something because of my vanity. Yet, I've want this sooo bad!!!
Please help me out felllow BBL girls specifically those that went to either doctor & how you ultimately decided. Thanks!

While I am leaning towards one of the two docs...

While I am leaning towards one of the two docs above I also booked a consult with Dr. Ghavami for this July. The receptionist was a doll :) Said I had her laughing with all my 1000 questions. I first heard of him when I did a BBL search on youtube.com and then went to his site. He too seems so have awsome technique though almost no reviews on this site....:( http://www.ghavamiplasticsurgery.com/beverly-hills-plastic-surgery-video-gallery/viewvideo/19/brazilian-butt-lift/buttock-augmentation-dr-ashkan-ghavami.html

OMFG what to do?!!! decisions decisions.....
I have not done my sx yet but I'm booked with Dr Salama, his work lately has been phenomenal.
Yes Afrobeauty I agree -thanks for your note - wishing you the best :)
lool i just read nini's comment now i didn't even know she was in this thread :-| damn she know's she looks good!! haha

Oh my freakin God I just booked a consult with Dr....

Oh my freakin God I just booked a consult with Dr. Salama & put a deposit for Feb 17th! I am officially nuts... lol Rueben was very nice and answered lots of my questions. I will keep you all posted. Traveling so far is still a concern to me I am usually a very rational person - I sooo hope I am not making a rash decision...
Good luck
Good luck to you to missmiami - your surgery is before mine wishing you the best :)
Thx wnt2shine, I wish u the best too and will be following ur journey.

Now that I've decided on Salama - I'm actually ok...

Now that I've decided on Salama - I'm actually ok with the wait -because it'll give me time to plan and mentally prepare for it. I'll be a new me in the new year -woohoo!!! & hopefully be able to rock my new curves for the summer. The only thing I am worried about is that in every pic I've seen with his work no matter how awsome the results are I can see the lipo incision scars. I luv luv luv bikinis I have tons and would hate to not be able to where them do to scars bumps and lumps.... when I'm in my usual shape I acutally like my body. It defeats to have a booty but not be able to be comfortable in bikinis :(
U welcome love:) that's y I decided to choose him..due to excellent results...I don't mind playing the waiting game either..its getting me prepared to..love the fact of eating like everything on site,lol
Congrats on your decision with doctor Salama:) Now we play the waiting game, lol
Thanx justmeoriginal_Re my fellow Salama sista!!! Yes, I finally decided on him after seeing all his incredible results. I'm actually ok with the wait - prepares me more mentally. And with the holidays coming I'll get to stuff my face with all the great food & gain more weight :)

Ok about 3 days ago I received my directors chair...

Ok about 3 days ago I received my directors chair from Homedecorators but it wasn't until today I took it out of the box. I was so disappointed - it was filmsy and I am definitely returning it. I'm so glad I opened it - i wasn't going to until months from now. The good thing is now I can return it. So, ladies I don't recommend the directors chair from Home decorators.

I also bought the epifoam from contourmd. 7.50 per sheet (8 1/2" by 11". I have read that Dr. Salama gives us 2 sheets. I just wanted more in case they get yucky. Well that's all for now.
Welcome to team Salama!...I see u in the city n I'm from the bay ;) Gurl these local doc's are wayyyy to conservative for me and overpriced!! So I'm going all the way up to florida to claim my bootay lol lol but the wait is driveing me bonkers , he is definately in high demand ! And we kno why...cuz hes the BEST duh? lol well ok keep us posted on your journey
Gonna order my urinal now

Hi Ladies Salama does such an amazing job I can't...

Hi Ladies Salama does such an amazing job I can't deny that heck he's gunna be my doc but, I am concerned because I've read quite a few girls getting seromas. Seromas, though a complication of lipo is still rare so I'm worried that many are ending up with them. What do you ladies think?
Hi Missmiami, I don't recommend the directors chair anymore I returned mine - it was a bit awkward sitting in it. I got it from homedecorators and it was quite filmsy so I don't recommend it.
How do u use the directors chair to sit? Just curious? Also i will order more epifoam too thanks
I'm from the bay area too :) . Im August 16th

Ok so I have to share this with you ladies - one...

Ok so I have to share this with you ladies - one thing that mortifies me is jacking up my stomach with all this lipo. So, I came up on this video which shows and instructs on how to use Rolling pins to do your own massages. I plan on getting lymphatic massages but will be using my rolling pin in addition to that. Lord, soon as I saw this i ran out and bought my rolling pins. You can get them anywhere, Target, Walmart, etc.

Here's the link to the video:
Buy Rolling Pin Roller (Large & small) use 3x/day for 30min
Let me know how it goes for those of you ladies that will use it :)

Oh and one more thing that I think is critical in...

Oh and one more thing that I think is critical in keeping good results post-op. I came across this article and a couple others that actually encourage exercise post-liposuction. I will definetly get to working out - ASAP (obviously lite walking). But, its equally important to workout prior.

Also, I've read that putting some cotton in your belly button post-lipo will help retain its shape :) I like my belly button, don't want it to collapse or lose its shape.

I would think you could use a foam roller as well. I'm going to try and use mine after sx. Not right away though.
Perhaps, but you want the firmness of a hard roller - makes for a deeper massage. And I figure it cant be bad to try after one week because I believe I've read here that Salama pts get lyphatic massage massage on 3rd or 4th day. Maybe others can help us with that.
thanks for the useful info. I love your page

Ok so I just received the rolling pin and duh! I...

Ok so I just received the rolling pin and duh! I should have gotten the non-stick surface which has a plastic lining. Anyhow, do not get the wooden one because when I tried it on my skin I could feel a little roughness like very very fine sand paper. Also, I thought oh no you can potentially get tiny splinters. So no wooden rollers. Highly recommend you buy the non-stick surface ones.
Missmiami you are very welcome - hope you are doing well :)

I so want an earlier date!!! If anyone is...

I so want an earlier date!!! If anyone is canceling please please message me - Thanks!!!
Haven't been on this site for a while. Don't trip to much on allthe gadgets and tricks of the trade people are telling you about. You will be tired and sleep a lot!! Very sore too! Just let your body heal naturally.
Hey girl. great tips just read your post !! :-) fyi: we have the same month too feb 27 #team salama! Have you researched hotels yet?
Yay!!! No, I haven't - figure all start looking maybe in december any luck for you?

OMG!!! OMG!!! I just received my packet - holy...

OMG!!! OMG!!! I just received my packet - holy moly this is gettin real!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I am so anxious & yet so dang excited!!!!!!! I'm doing my happy dance!!! Can't wait especially after I;ve seen Dr. Salama churn out some amazeballs results as of late!!! I am hoping he only gets better with time :)

Oh yeah one more thing I forgot to mention I was...

Oh yeah one more thing I forgot to mention I was quoted 7799 but when I got my packet it sai 7899???!!!! What is that about?!!! I'm going to have to call Nancy or Reuben. Did this happen to anyone else?

Hi My fellow BBL sistas :) I bought extra epifoam...

Hi My fellow BBL sistas :) I bought extra epifoam & wanted to know how to use it. Do you put it right over your skin and then put a camisole over it then the garment?
So, confused...Also what brand is the garment that Salama uses? I'd like to buy an extra small. I'll get a medium & small from him. Thanks so much!!!
Idk the brand but u put the foam over the camisole. They will show u.
Thanks missmiami :)
hey hun, I was wondering where you are with your weight. We're the same height and weight and pretty much similar frame I'm guessing although my hips are a bit smaller than yours (36) and my chest is WAY smaller than yours **jealous** What kinda booty are you looking for? Have you gained weight or do you plan on it?

I spoke with Nancy, she's such a sweetheart and...

I spoke with Nancy, she's such a sweetheart and was able to take care of the $100 difference. I suggest if you have any concerns you please run it by them first to take care of any questions or concerns you may have. Anyhow, I am in such a good place in terms of accepting my date. I've actually thought of changing it & have had quite a few opportunities but, in the end it all worked out and now I am just preparing for that special day when I meet my fairy booty godfather....hahahaha. The way I see it now - is it will give me time to workout and stay as healthy and fit as possible. I will just have to increase my dietary intake with healthy food (avocado shakes, whey protein, larger servings or a lot more servings throughout day) to try and maintain my current weight (131lbs) because as soon as I workout it drops really fast :( I think we need all the energy we can get through the surgical recovery. Exercise will increase blood flow, circulation and hopefully speed recovery too :)
Hello, I was wondering about your date and if you would like to switch for March 18,2013. I have spring break in Canada in Feb and since i'll be coming all the way from there, this would be a really good rest period for me after the surgery. Please help me out if you can, I would really appreciate it:)
Sorry SweetIe I'm ok wIth date I defInItely dont want It later. Put It on your post people r always changIn. All the best :)
Okay....thanks anyway! please let me know if you know anyone who can help out also

If my waIst Is currently 29" I am soooo hopIng...

If my waIst Is currently 29" I am soooo hopIng that It be atleast 25" shoot 24" would b even better post-op. Becuz when Im my normal wt of 118 Its 26" so yeah I am wantIn an Itty bItty waIst. Plus havIn such a small waIst gIves IllusIon of bIgger booty :) Also I want to keep my butt dImples dont know what else they're called -gotta remember to tell dr. not to lIpo them. Anyone know what Im talkin about? & those that hav them dId he lIpo them away?
I have those but I decided if they are there still after healing it'll be a plus ... I wanted to keep them but didnt want the dr not to lipo that area if he needs it .. I think they are cute
Yea I was really torn but turns out he needed it and said he'd reshape my hips so that settled that in my case lol
yes if he needs it take it no argue lol

OK I'm officially coo-coo!!! I want to switch with...

OK I'm officially coo-coo!!! I want to switch with someone if and only if they want to cancel with a surgery dates on/or between November 7 thorugh November 14. I am not interested in anything later for now. Thanks!!!!

Hi Ladies, Just wondering how long it took...

Hi Ladies,
Just wondering how long it took generally for your bruising to subside. Did it take 2 or 3 weeks? I'm going to a friends wedding and the dress I was going to wear has an open back - ugh might just have to buy another dress. Thanks :)

Oh no I'm dropping I'm 129lbs today...ughhh...

Oh no I'm dropping I'm 129lbs today...ughhh highest I ever got was 134lbs but kept it on for only 2 1/2 weeks :( Damn. And my height is technically 5'3" and 3/4" ha! So almost 5'4" lol I sound like a kid!

OMGosh I am so scared my new butt won't match my...

OMGosh I am so scared my new butt won't match my stick legs...I have sum serious stick legs :(

Hi Ladies, I can't find the number to the driver...

Hi Ladies, I can't find the number to the driver (Larry) I guess it is. Can someone please private message it to me. Thanks!!!
Are u ok can u let us know I pray u are ok..............
Wut is wrong? Please let us kno.... Praying for u!
uh oh, whats wrong?

I am doIn well n wIll update at later tIme. RIght...

I am doIn well n wIll update at later tIme. RIght now my only focus Is on healIng :) WIshIn the best to all my bbl sIsters.
Any update? How Do you like your results?
Glad you to hear from you & best wishin your healing process.. My prayers go out to you..
Happy healing girl
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Thorough research. So happy I found him.

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