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I I'm 30 years old 5 ft tall and about 135lbs I...

I I'm 30 years old 5 ft tall and about 135lbs I have a child and about 2 years ago I had smart lipo with fat transfer from a med spa where there they did not clean out the fat whatever they took out they put in my butt when I asked how many CCs were put in they said they didn't know, but hey you get what you pay for $3600. Now I'm ready again and hoping to still be a candidate for a BBL I'm not sure if I need a tummy tuck. I don't have a set budget right now nor do I know what DR but what I am sure of is I WANT this and it will get done one way or another LOL please I'd love to hear any suggestions any of you ladies may have or maybe even concerns. HELPPPPPP

Yily Quote

AS MUCH AS I LOVE THE PRICE I LOVE MY LIFE EVEN MORE! Yes I no so many RS women go to the DR and come back safe but I think I will have to pass for one financial troubles have hit me hard and two I will most likely end up spending the same amount if money in the US esp since you have to pay to stay flight and all the other little things! It's not my final decision who knows maybe in 6 months I will change my mind! Wish me luck I've contacted a few other doctors and will be posting the quotes up!

Quote Total:3,500 $ USD

The above quote total includes the following procedures:

· Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, flanks and waist
· Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting to the buttock

*The quote above is valid for 6 months*

Also included in the quote total are the following:
ü One compression garment (distributed by SILIMED)
ü Pre-operative blood work (TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA,GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) EKG test performed by our resident cardiologist
ü Anesthesiologist Fee (Epidural Block)
ü Clinic and Surgery Fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).


Additional surgeries you may wish to add if they are not included in the above quote:
· Liposuction of arms $300 additional
· Liposuction of inner thighs $300 additional
· Liposuction of chin $200 additional
· Breast Augmentation $1,000 additional. With Lift it’s $1,500 additional in total
· Breast Reduction/Lift $1,000 additional
· Breast Augmentation w/Lift $1500 additional
· Tummy Tuck $1,000 additional if the first quote was just for lipo. If you want Hernia repair done with the Tummy Tuck, it’s $500 additional, for a $1,500 total extra.

The above prices are valid ONLY if you add them to the quote above.

Optional Costs:
· Lymphatic massages $31 each session (10 sessions suggested)
· Additional garment $140
· Compression sleeves for your arms $60
· Compression Socks $20
· Blood Transfusion $250
· Medical Insurance. It covers any complication that may present within the first 30 days after surgery if you’re still in Santo Domingo. $150

Dr. Salzhauer Miami FL and Dr. Edgar Contreras DR quote!

Dr. Salzhauer quoted me 6,900. I posted the picture of the quote. I talked to him over the phone and said he would work with me since he had seen worse cases. He's really nice I didn't feel rushed I asked a bunch of questions that I never asked my first doctor he also said I wouldn't be able to get a huge butt since there's a lot of scar tissue but that max he would be putting in 500 CCs in each cheek I'm ok with that since all I want is to have an even booty!

Ok now for Dr. Edgar Contreras YES I know about all the drama with him but I just wanted to get quotes and compare! His response was unbelievably fast I emailed him late night and he got back to me before I even woke up. LOL others I've reached out to haven't even sent me an auto reply haha well here it is.



RECOVERY CLINIC IS USD 60/N shared 80/N individual




It was $6995.00 NOT $6900.00

my first time after pictures

I loved the way my body looked yes I did have uneven stomach from the smart lipo not being a good choice for me and booty looked good it's gone down and am missing spots on my booty
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Hi! I haven't been turned down yet or told that I had too much scar tissue. But I haven't been personally examined!! I would hate to go all the way to Miami and not be able to get what I want. I'm sure I don't need much more than 500-600 cc in each cheek to even me out. Who told you there was too much scar tissue? Did they examine you in person! Thanks for your information!
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Hi,i can't tell but i know you can and that's what matters. Have you found a new ps yet?
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I haven't I'm still looking around I'm thinking about just losing weight since the doctor had said I have to much scar tissue from the first time around so confusing and a hard decision
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Take your time,it took me 5 years before doing my arms. Happy Hunting :)
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Hi, this ur 2nd round? I've been by 2p ps that they CAN'T guarantee I will get the results that im looking for...due to they could actually feel scar tissue, caused by my first bbl. And because im slim, they wouldn't recommend me gaining weight. However they could sculpture my waist so that my body would have a BETTER appearance. But im not sure that I want to pay another $4K for that. Ive seen several youtube videos where men and women are having success with waist training.
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Real quick you might want to check out bellisima2013 review with Dr Salzhauer I am not sure if i told you about her,but her results are WOW!! :)
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Fisher hasn't gotten back to me with a quote. I'm checking her out right now lol
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I hear Nothing but good things about Dr Sal Hope her review helps you.
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Have you decided on Fisher? That's a great rasonable price,
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I wish. you the BBBEst on your journey!
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Dr. Johnathan Fisher in Miami his great
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I wish you the best on your BBL journey.
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Thank you!
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Another Bay area woman! Yahooooooo! Who is doing your sx?
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I'm hoping to maybe go to Miami with dr fisher but if I find a good doctor in the Bay Area that would be great
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Look up WenDbOOty2014 she has just had her sx done with Fisher an dlooks FAB! I can't find any in the bay :(. I am looking in LA
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I saw a beautiful women maybe on her late 20s I asked for her doctor information and she said she couldn't give it out that information. I was shocked she did tell me it was in the Bay Area but no other details she also said she didn't want anyone else looking like her. I've thought about la as well but it just seems to be so pricey but in reality I'd be paying the same amount by flying to Florida and the stay so I'm not sure I'm confused. Have you had any consults yet?
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I took Dr Hughes off the list,Dr Bruno&Dr Ghavami. i am looking into Dr J Nejad or Patel not sure. Mixed bag of reviews hereon RS. I am determined to find one in the bay too. I HATE LA!
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Some women.
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Are you trying to stay in the Bay Area or are you willing to travel?
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Not exactly I'm just looking to stay in the US I see all these lovely ladies coming back from DR but I don't think I could do that. Do you have any suggestions?
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IKR! I also love how they have services that cater to surgery patients in the DR. I don't wanna travel and I'm trying to have my surgery done like across the street from my house lol, but I know I'm not gonna be happy with my results. Check out a review from girlblk, I like her results, but she hasn't updated in over a year. She had her surgery done in Folsom, Ca.
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Welcome to RS. You have a nice shape already which should help. The docs may suggest a TT if you've got loose skin. However, some of them are truly skilled with lipo so they can likely work some magic. Have you had any consultations yet?
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I got a quote from a doctor in the Dominican Republic but I'm not sure I want to travel out of the country. But today I got a call to set up a skype or phone call consult with Dr Salzahauer. I'm still looking to have consultations with others. Do you have any suggestions?
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