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I think if I start a journal on realself, I'll...

I think if I start a journal on realself, I'll actually start making the moves necessary to obtain the bunz of my dreams. I have always hated my body since the start of puberty. I guess it started normal(?) deodorant and training bra at age 9, in the 4th grade when I turned 10 I went from 80 lbs at the start of the semester to 120 lbs by the end of it and 4'10 and still an A cup. It is at this time I started getting teased at school for being fat and became self conscious and dropped out of gymnastics. I begun checking out diet and recipe books at the library and wrote up a diet plan for myself, but my Mom wouldn't buy the foods or make changes in the preparation of meals. I come from a family of meat eaters and a normal meal would usually consist of fried chicken or pork chops with creamed corn from a can and rice with sugar and butter added. Eating a second plate of food was encouraged at dinner b/c my family doesn't waste food and if it didn't get ate that night I would have to take it to school and I hate left overs so I would eat 2 plates of food. Oh and I can't forget the cornbread! My family does not like fresh green vegetables, just veggies in a can. Terrible right?

Anyways, she told me it was just baby fat and would go away wen I got my period. Well it didn't and I continued to gain weight and cup sizes. I woke up one day over 5th grade summer with chicken pox, stretch marks, and huge ass boobs! My Grandma had to give me some of her bras to wear. I finished 6th grade weighing 165 lbs and a 36 DD, don't remember how tall I was, but by 10th grade I was 177 lbs and 5'5 and had slimmed down a tad bit, I guess my fat redistributed itself since I got taller but I was still on the chunky side, but instead of being teased for being fat dudes were saying that I was thick. I hate that word by the way.

I always thought my butt looked long and wide, but looks ok when I'm wearing jeans and then Sisqo came out with that damn Thong Song and my friends and I, bought our first thongs at Dollar Tree in the 10th grade lol.


Welcome doll.
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Thanks, honey.
Welcome and congratulations to you my hometown girly! What PS have you chosen dr Hughes? Are u willing to travel a lil further or do u just prefer to stay n Cali?
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Flabby Cakes Continued

So after we left Dollar Tree we went back to my friends house and tried on our thongs. All my friends have nice bodies and were walking around modeling their thongs. I refused to show them my thong b/c I was so self conscious. From that day I wanted my cakes remodeled lol. This was in 2000 and I new they had butt implant surgery b/c of this cartoon called Daria where a cheerleader got butt implants on one episode and they slide down into the back of her thighs.

So when I was grown and could get the surgery that episode kept playing in my mind and I was like "Hell nah I don't want my ass to slide down my leg" and what if I sit down too hard and pop it and then I was worried that it wouldn't feel right to the touch. Plus like with breast implants you need to get them replaced every once in a while and I didn't wanna deal with that. So I gave up on the bunz of my dreams.

I guess if it's placed behind the muscle it might stay in place, I've never spoken to a plastic surgeon so I don't know the risk. I'm going to do some research on that now and get some wish pics. But my dreams were back on when I seen the bbl procedure on tv a few years ago. I've wanted one done ever since then.

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Torn between the two

I'm torn between the bubble and the tear drop shape booty. I think the teardrop looks most natural, but I do want some projection, but not like Buffie, Nikki Minaj, Kim K, or Deelishis. I want a combination of both so the surgeon would have to be really good at sculpting and contouring b/c I don't want my cakes just filled up with fat, I have plenty of booty meat it's just not shaped right. I'm afraid that b/c I have a large frame and lots of square footage that I'm gonna require lots of cc's to get projection and then I'm gonna end up with a big ol' dookie booty= big ,but not in a good way!

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Do you guys remember when you first heard about the BBL? When/where was it? What was your first reaction or thoughts? I wanna know lol. I first heard about it years ago on a realty show called Dr. 90210. I was like that must be how Deelishis, Buffie, and Kim K got those big asses and small waist. I want that! LOL


Congrats and good luck
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Yes they are stingy with the booty out here! Thanks for the "conservative" tip, I probably wouldn't have brought that up in a consult.
Uw! I learned the hard way...lol

I don't wanna look like a Centaur!

To each her own, but I don't wanna look half human, half horse. I prefer even proportions but that's just my taste. It's also a personality thing as well. You would have to enjoy all the attention that comes with having a donk. I don't even like the attention I get from having big boobs. I enjoy all the snatched waist and donks I see on this site, but y'all know you have seen some and thought to yourself "Damn that's too much booty for her frame" .


YES INDEED! ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! I prefer natural BEAUTY w EYE CANDY LOL!Great point and topic!
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Yeah I think it takes away from your natural beauty when you do too much, but everybody see's something different when they look in the mirror. I don't see nothing wrong wit a lil eye candy (in my R. Kelly voice) LOL.

Butt Acne, WTF man!?!

I want to go on consultations and post pre-op pics, but I'm suffering from some butt acne smdh. I need to go back on birth control so that I can stop breaking out. I currently have 4 pimples that will not go away and have turned purple. WTF man!!! Any suggestions? I want to have my surgery in August so that gives me 6 months to lose 60 lbs. I'm 5'5 and currently 210 lbs, lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks just working out no diet so hopefully I can get to my goal weight by that time.

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Yoga Pants

I hate going to the gym, I wish I could workout in the dark. My yoga pants keep falling down b/c I have noazzatall. Doesn't that sound like a real medical condition? It should be covered by insurance lol.


I think your results will look really good when they are done. You have a good frame to work with.
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I first found out about BBLs in 2010. I was looking up all different types of lift procedures cause I had just lost a lot of weight. So that when I first heard of it but I didn't actually look into it. Then by 2011, I had gained back all the weight I had lost, and then some (due to major health issues) so I kinda gave up. But two years later, my health started looking up. So I started getting motivated again, started looking procedures up again. That's when I started looking up BBLs in detail. Then I found RealSelf. That was in September 2013. I've been obsessed with BBLs ever since! Lol! .....So how's your journey going? Any updates?
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I'm glad your health is better and your feeling motivated to improve yourself. No new updates for me. I'm just trying to lose weight and save money. I usually only allow myself to come on RS once a week b/c I'm too obsessed with booty lol.

Dr. Fisher got me ready to fly to MIA

Fisher sure has been putting out some nice round bubble butts lately. I'm so ready to put down a deposit, but the only thing stopping me from contacting Vanity is how they run that office. So unprofessional!!! I would be traveling from California and I would also want a buddy. So my question for Fisher Dolls is who is the best cordinator there? Should I contact Fisher through Vanity or RealSelf?


Alexandra so far my experience with her has been awesome she is patient and knowledgeable she has answered all of my questions and we have developed a rapport she utilizing active listen skills and calls me to checks to see if every thing is okay she keeps me posted on any specials @vanity and not once have I felt like I was dollar signs to her so yes I would recommend her and that's a lot because you really have to go the extra mile for me to feel this way now we've only worked together since June that's when I decided to get.a bbl and my surgery isn't until Dec however my money is paid and I feel just as important to her today as I was before she got my money
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Good luck on your bbl have you scheduled a date or have any new updates
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Liking like a Centaur...HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! That cracked me up!!! Now that's funny!!! U hit the nail on the head with that one!!!
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