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I have been getting various fillers for the past 4...

I have been getting various fillers for the past 4 years to fill out my face, which is rather gaunt. I thought that because artefill was permanent it would be more economical than continually spending $900-1000 every 6 months. Well, I have to say I'm pretty disappointed. After the bovine collagen was absorbed I looked as though nothing had been done. I went back to my dr who added another syringe. A couple months later people were telling me I looked tired or ad if I'd lost a lot of weight. I don't know what to attribute to this disappointing experience. I just got 1 vial of radiesse and look so much better now.

Sorry to hear it didn't last. That really is a bummer with how pricey it is. How long did it last before people started making comments?

About 2 months after the second injection. This doctor has done all my previous injections, so I know his experience or skill level was not an issue. I should also say I'm 36 so it's not like I have major sagging or wrinkling, which requires more volume to correct.

-Happier with results the second time...

-Happier with results the second time around---

I decided to try Artefill once more time and I realized that I have to use twice the volume to achieve the same level of volume I had received with other fillers. My doctor explained that in a about 3 months half of the volume would disappear (the bovine collagen component) and the rest would likely be permanent. He said the tests had only followed patients for 5 years so that's why they cannot give a definitive time frame, but that PMMA (the plastic particles in Artefill) are not able to be absorbed by the body.

So, I'm only a few days out and I'm really pleased with the results and hope that most of the volume remains. With the two vials I had my nasolabial lines injected, upper cheek area and chin.

+++Right Tool for the Job++++ I also wanted to...

+++Right Tool for the Job++++

I also wanted to mention that my doctor used a cannula instead of a needle, which drastically decreases bruising and potential injury to muscle. blood vessels or tissue. If you do get Artefill go to a doctor who uses a cannula. It is a thin flexible tube that allows for a more precise injection.
So I wish I had started with this artefill bc all my injectiions have put me in the poorhouse, ydet if I had started years ago with artefill I'd be sitting pretty now! Plus I don't think they say you can put artefill over sculptra which I just got (it was bought on special a year ago, I went ahead and used it and now I feel roped into that.)
My doc told me that Artefill is not like sculptra -- that it fills immediately and does NOT go down. Is this not true? I don't understand.

That would be a great question to pose to the board certified doctors who volunteer on RealSelf.

I've posted the below Q&A so we can all read their opinions on this:

What is the Difference Between Artefill and Sculptra?


A couple months and several thousand dollars later...

A couple months and several thousand dollars later and I'm deflated again!! I'm really upset that I had pulled together all of this money to spend on Artefill thinking that the results would last years (per their info). I've had 3 injections and it's not even noticeable. I'm out of money and cannot afford to correct it. I wish I had just stuck to Radiesse, because I knew that it sounded to good to be true.
It is too good to be true. read about my experience.Be glad you did not have the results my friend and I did. DAMAGE!!
No noticeable improvement at all, just damage (bumps from at several injection areas) and have slight overfill on one side. Chance meeting of another user of artefill has me concerned for others considering this filler, she has major pooling of fluid like sacks on her face plus small bumps. If you decide to proceed, do your homework first and only use a plastic surgeon with years of experience. The office where I had it done (MD) also did not follow FDA or Suneva (Artefill makers) guidelines. It was injected everywhere but where it is recommended and the allergy test was a 5 minute wait. No matter what they tell you, this filler is not permanent, the Suneva rep that I called said no studies to show that beyond 5-7 years. Was also told it was a "lunch time procedure", I was swollen with a reaction almost immediately and bruised for a month, same goes for the other artefill user I met. I have recently been contacted by the MD's insurance company as I relentlessly demanded my money back, had other unacceptable reasons for doing so. All around one of the worst decisions I have made but thankful my damage is not as bad as my new found friend with terrible results. We both spent $5000 and that was a sale.
Who was your injector? If you don't mind me asking? I want to make sure to avoid him/her. I too read that no studies have concluded whether or not it lasts more than 10 years. I've read that though they have no data beyond 10 years, the Pmma beads are indeed permanent material but by law they cannot make claims on how long it will last. I work with a Lawyers so I am familiar with how corporations always have attorneys write out prewritten set statements to avoid major lawsuits or misunderstandings. I am sorry your surgeon overfilled one area. I am a little worried by that. Is your problem a situation of uneven injection. If you had another injection, would it be corrected? Or is it deeper than that? Requiring surgical removal? Thank you for your feedback! Greatly appreciate the warning messages!
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