Young and Dumb! Two Years Post-op and Very Unhappy

I had my son at age 16; obviously I'm not so...

I had my son at age 16; obviously I'm not so bright. I've always wanted bigger and firmer breast. At age 22 I decided to go under the knife. I just wanted them done, didn't do any research. I regret not doing my homework especially on the scars that's left behind.

It's been two years since I had them done. I got a breast lift and implants. I love my breast they look nice when I have clothes on but the scar kills me. My breast, one is bigger, nipples are not even, and I have dents where the scar is at. The incision is from my nipples down 1/3 of my breast and it looks like when the Doc closed it up, he half assed it leaving some of my extra areola on the scar which makes the scar extra dark. I feel ugly and I'm not as confident any more. I don't want to have sex because of the scars. Is there any way of fixing this? I want to feel beautiful again. HELP!


im 16 and wanna grow my chest and backside i really need some helpful advice please
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Scar revision will solve that
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It appears to me from the photos that the main issue is the scarring and the symmetry of your areolae. These can probably be corrected under local anesthesia..I would go to another plastic surgeon for a through evaluation. Your skin appears pigmented and is more likely to darken than lighter skin, but I think you can be improved .
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