Tubular Breasts - One Breast Larger Than the Other

My experience with tubular breasts had many ups...

My experience with tubular breasts had many ups and downs. I started to notice my odd shaped breasts when i was 16 years old. I knew from then on that i would need some type of breast surgery to correct this, which i did march 16th 2010. It has been one week and one day.

My PS told me during our pre op consulation that one breasts would need about 25cc more than the other because i did have asymmetric breasts. My left breast was larger than the right. I had just gotten out of surgery and i noticed right away that he did something wrong. So on my post op visit i pointed out one breast was larger than the other he said that "yeah because one breast is shaped differently and has more skin". I didnt say anything but i thought to myself you knew this and you were suppose to fix the problem like you said.

I live in Vancouver and i flew out to San francisco to fix this problem because he is one of the doctors who is pretty knowledgeable about my condition and from what i've seen he does a pretty good job. I called Dr.R right when i got home and went over my concerns and i finally asked him how many cc's he used, he said 375cc in both breasts he also said at that time thats what he thought was the right thing to do. He also mentioned not to judge to quickly and that i should give it some time for my breasts to drop.

My big concern now is that they are obviously going to charge me to fix my problem, if i am still unsatisfied,but i should bring up the fact that before surgery we decided that i would have more cc on my smaller side?? Im confused i do not understand how he could not see that he should have stuck to what we discussed. UGH so annoyed with all of this. I would never get breast implants but my tubular breasts needed help badly!! and how it seems like i have yet another problem to deal with!

IF some one could get back to me with some advice that would be great!!

It seems to me that surgeons quite frequently deviate from specific pre-surgery oral agreements once they have a patient on the operating table. This concerns me as much as it does you. Why do they do it? And without a second thought for any possible issue of consent? This is an important matter and one that the surgeons need to answer. Having said that, your surgeon's answer "yeah because one breast is shaped differently and has more skin", may be all the info you need. He may be saying that he discovered on the operating table that the asymmetry was not about a different amount of breast tissue in each breast, but a different DISTRIBUTION of breast tissue, leading to different shape and of course different skin stretching as you developed (eg. if all your breast tissue was focused towards the nipple in one breast, rather spread to include the outer regions, then you would have a 'tubular' shape, and implants plus artful redistribution of that tissue could give you the best result IN TIME. Remember, with TIGHT pre-surgery skin there will be SKIN STRETCHING and SETTLING of the implants over a six month period. Of course, having said that, what the surgeon said may just be lip service & delaying. You need to post some photos. Its impossible to tell anything without photos.
thanks for replying, my right breast did have more tissue inverted into the nipple, therefore it was more tubular than the left one. The skin is tighter on the right side which would be my smaller side. He did not make a full areola incision and didnt take any skin out from both sides because he said i did not have much tissue to begin. He scored the tissue in my right nipple so it would spread out eventually. Even if it spreads out you can tell that i will still be left with some asymmetry but i will wait the full 6 months before i get too paranoid. I will be posting pictures soon.Thanks!
Sounds like you're surgeon really had his head around the issues and has approached your surgery very thoughtfully. Focus on the improvements and give it time.

Okay so, it has been just a little over 3 months...

okay so, it has been just a little over 3 months of my surgery and my breasts have evened out in size more, alothough the left breast does seem a little bit bigger. The right breast sits a bit lower than the left and has bottomed out more. The left breast is fuller at the top and did not bottom out as much. I am assuming the pockets were made a little different during surgery. I can tell in my clothes that the right breast sits lower about 1/4 of an inch in difference maybe a tiny bit more. The nipple on the right side is quite central between the breast tissue where the left one due to more fullness at the top the nipple(areola) sits lower. I am a 34c/32d/32dd... like my breast size, but maybe in a couple of years go a tiny bit bigger and get the get the asymmetry fixed. I am going to be more assertive and picky to how i would like my breasts. Before i was happy to just get the tubular part fixed, which he did accomplish wonderfully 100x better than before now its just a bit of asymmetry.

I have been considering this surgeon for my tuberous breasts. I hope that you are satisfied now that they've had time to heal!! If you feel comfortable I would reeeally appreciate it if you would post your before and after pictures. Even though the before and afters on the surgeons' websites are supposed to give you realistic expectations of their abilities, sometimes I worry that they only post their best procedures. Dr. Romano's website pictures are very impressive, but I'm somewhat skeptical. My condition might be considered "mild" compared to a lot of the cases I've seen since starting my research on this condition, but it definately impacts my self esteem (I almost fill out a 36 B, while it seems many women with tuberous can't fill out an A cup). I was wondering if you pursued insurance coverage since it is a congenital deformity, and, if you did, what insurance company you have? Thanks so much!!
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I would recommend him, hes kind and he did a good job of fixing my tuberous breasts. Im just unsatisfied and confused with the little bit of size difference im experiencing, especially since he could obviously see it and discussed it with me...

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