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Botox - Paralyzed Half my Smile - San Francisco, CA

I have been getting botox for years from a PS but...

I have been getting botox for years from a PS but moved to a new area and went to a new doc. This new doc came highly recommended and I have seen her for 2 years without a glitch.

This last time, however she got a little happy with the injections and I wound up losing my smile. Since I had gotten Juvaderm in my frown lines also, I was hoping that it was just the swelling that was causing my face to react, however as time went by and my crows feet disappeared, my smile went with it.

I know from experience that this will take 4-5 months to go away and am dealing with that now. How sad for me to have to turn my face if I want to smile and not sneer at people.

I am embarrassed and so very sad that I chose to do this. I am taking solace in writing this (though it is painful to fully accept that this is my face for the next 4 months) and am hoping that someone will think twice about botox before they have this happen also.

I am looking forward to having my smile back - wrinkles and all.

Hi Afyre, 

Oh my I'm so sorry. Hopefully that four months will go by extremely fast. I know posting the review and pictures was probably tough, but it is so useful and helpful for the community. We'd love to hear how everything is in four months. 

Thank you and enjoy your week,



I just had to add here that when I contacted the...

I just had to add here that when I contacted the Doctor and emailed her these photos, she first claimed that this would resolve in 2 weeks. I reminded her that it has already been 2 weeks.

She then emailed me saying she could inject MORE botox in different areas to try to even out the smile.

NO thanks.
Hang in there! May I ask, were you getting Botox around your eyes, or were you having the Botox closer to your mouth?
thanks, Shelly
Hi Shelly57 -
Thanks! I had treatment for crow's feet around my eyes and also had the masseter muscles injected in my jaw to try to stop my grinding/jaw clenching.
sorry, i hadn't read this. wow, didn't know they were using botox this way. can you tell if you liked your eye work or no?

I got yet another email from the doc insisting...

I got yet another email from the doc insisting that she can inject MORE into my face to try and balance out my smile. She wants to inject the muscles to lower one side of my smile (the good side!) and paralyze my high lip on the bad side . . . I sent a scalding email letting her know that I no longer have trust in her and that I don't want MORE paralysis. I am quite disfigured enough, thank you very much.

I also notice now that my cheek hangs down on the paralyzed side if I am bent over or leaning to that side -- very floppy! It's hard to speak properly if there are a lot of "F" sounds to pronounce as my cheek puffs out and fills with air.

Lastly I cannot chew foods effectively. While she was trying to convince me that I needed the masseter muscles to be injected (I had come in only for my crow's feet) I was told that the masseter muscle assisted a little on the hardest foods, but that I wouldn't really notice. HA! Even ground beef is too much for me! One would think that I would lose weight, but instead I just attempt to chew it despite the pain, and then end up swallowing.

Probably TMI here, but I just want others to know of the true side effects and possible outcomes of a bad botox job.

Horrible experience and I'm only 3 weeks out now.

It's been a month and a half and my smile still looks the same ... Distorted and pathetic . Why isn't anyone replying to me ???? Where are all of you all ??? Can u please tell me how much time it honestly takes to get back to original ???? Please !!!!
Ms Roshini, I am so sorry you are still suffering. To be honest with you, my smile still has not returned to 100%, and it is now just over a year later. It took about 3 and 1/2 months before I could lift the left side of my lips to smile, but I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never look exactly like I used to look (and the real kicker is that there is NOTHING I can do about it!). I really hope that within the next few weeks you will begin to see some changes and that your smile returns. One thing that I thought helped me on a short term basis was to gently massage the area above my lip, in a circular and upward motion. It might have been wishful thinking on my part, but it seemed to temporarily "loosen" the muscles and help me lift my lip a bit. I truly am feeling your pain. I will carry the regret of taking my natural looks for granted, and trying to change them, for the rest of my life. Please hang in there...it WILL get better soon.
Hello teacher84 Thanks so much for replying to me . I wonder how I didn't see your post earlier . I am so thwarted at the moment .. Wake up every Morning thinking that today I ll see myself smiling normally . It's been exactly 2 months today and there has been sadly no change at all . I hope like you said in another month even I d be able to see some change . I am very sad and sacred that it might not return to 100% like in your case . I hope we both recover a 100% soon . I will surely keep your advice in mind and try doing the same kind of action on my face . I really hope and pray that we both get to see our natural smiles soon on our faces and learn from this lesson to never get into something like this ever again . Thanks for your wishes .
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I had been seeing this doctor for 2 years before this happened and she was very good before this accident, but one slip up and she's out the door. It IS my face after all.

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