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I had a tummy tuck in 1995 - he did a good job...

I had a tummy tuck in 1995 - he did a good job with the cut and muscles he "tied together" but the navel he created was too large and I was never happy with that - it is about the size of a quarter with darkening all around it from the scars. I know now that when you have liposuction it will appear in another area. It did - the pubic area which is a VERY large fat pad now - it looks as though my stomach wound up down there. And the upper stomach has fat on it too - but in between where the fat was sucked out hardly any. Frankly, it looks really bad now, but I will not have any more procedures on it since I am now 58 (I was 43 when I had it done).

I would recommend that if someone is thinking about doing this they ASK how the navel will look after and what to expect (although doctors will tell you anything for $$$). Use caution in who you pick for the procedure.

I'm sorry your long term results weren't more satisfactory! I will tell you that quite a few women on RealSelf are older than 50 and some older than 60 and 70. My own mom had it done at 55 (about 8 years ago) and has been happy with the results. Though if you don't eat well and keep up exercising then, yes, the fat can come back. Age, too, of course, slows down our metabolisms and makes it even harder to keep the extra weight off.

If you ever did want to consider a revision, you could seek out a second opinion and you might get results you're happier with.

There's something to be said, too, for accepting what we have and aging with grace :)

Take care and thanks so much for posting your experience here. Stories of long term results are invaluable to our community.

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he created a horrible navel that i hate to look at in the mirror - when i went back to him he wanted to do more surgery costing about $6,000

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