Switch dates!!!! SALAMA!!!

Hey everyone!!!!! I've been lurking this site on...

Hey everyone!!!!! I've been lurking this site on and off for about 4 years now and now I'm FINALLY going to do the bbl procedure and I'm excited!!!! I will be going to DRA. BAEZ aug 2013!!!!! She is the sweetest lady!!!! She RESPONDS TO ALL EMAILS IN A TIMELY MANNER (30mins-1hr)NO MATTER WHAT TIME IF NIGHT OR WHAT DAY IT IS! I can ask her questions and u would think that she right in front of you giving you all the info because she is so detailed!! I love it!!!!! I had Yily in mind but get attitude is horrible and I'm not the one to have attitude with if I'm giving u my money!!! So she was out! Now duran was on my list too but she takes to long to respond like weeks smh!!! I also have SALAMA in the back of my mind also but he is booked until MAY 2014!!! I can't wait that long smh but hopefully someone cancels before 2014......

So if anyone is interested in going to Baez around the same time let me kno and we can buddy up :)

Boooooya!!! Nevermind ill be going to SALAMA JULY 26 2013!!!

Mannnnn I'm soooo freaking stoked all I can say is that NANCY is the best!!!! I LOVEEEE THAT LADY!!! Long story short ill be getting my surgery 7/26!!! Just in time for the mayweather fight in September!!! I'm going to be looking delicious honey lol I'm so stoked!!! Altho 7/26 is literally right around the corner I don't have anything in order!!!! Like no supplies lol so any advice would be more than appreciated!!! Also if anyone has any recommendations on caregivers, and hotels or condos etc!!! I would love u long time :)

Praying for EVERYONE!!!!

Omg my heart is extremely heavy!!!!! My condolences and prayers go out to the families that lost their daughters at cipla in Sanyo Domingo!!!! I know everyone has certain flaws and want to be beautiful!!!! I kno I'm a person of flaws and I want to be beautiful!!!! I'm not saying there is anything wrong with getting surgery abroad...hell I was about to go to Dr Baez in DR my damn self!!!! But ladies PLEASEEEEEEEEEE DO YOUR RESEARCH! RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!!! I can't stress that enough!!!! Now everyone gets so hyped up because they see someone in another country can do the same big booty results as Dr J and Dr Salama for wayyyyyyy cheaper prices!!!! But sometimes if the shit is too good to be true then guess what???? That's exactly what it is!!! I kno I've read review after review stating how unsanitary some of the facilities are in DR!!! I'm on this site probably 20 hours a day lol..... To the ladies that are still choosing to go abroad to have thier procedures done please do your research and make sure that u are in really good health for this procedure!! This is NOT no out patient procedure!!! This is a life changing event and you need to make sure that ur safe, have proper post op care and that your doctor is board certified along with being sanitary!!!!

Again my thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones that just lost their daughters also I'm PRAYING FOR EVERYONE THAT IS GETTING THIS PROCEDURE doesn't matter if its abroad or in the states!!!!

Stay strong ladies!!!!!!!

Gained apprx 15 pounds for this procedure :-/ I feel disgusting

I gained weight so that I can get some good results... But I've also been working out constantly.... Gotta keep it tight!!!!

I hoping I get results like pinkmommy88 or Enjoyself they look beautiful!!

Right now I weigh 140 :-( ugh

Ugh I'm sad

Some days I'm super excited about this procedure and then some days I get really down on myself!!! I've gained so much weight for this procedure tht I catch myself looking in the mirror in disgust!!!!! this shit is ridiculous!! I just want to cut this damn pudge off and throw it away and go back to my flat tummy!!!!! Somedays I think maybe I should just workout and go back to my tones physique that I had a few months ago!!! But the show shall and must go on....

Sorry that was my lil vent lol

No big ass booty

I'm really hoping that salama can give me this petite classy looking ASS!!!! I'm so short and I'm just nervous that he is going to give me a ghetto bodacious ass!!! :-(

Discoloration, bruising????

Any post op ladies like 4-6weeks plus....do any of you all still have bruising???? Or discoloration??? Also about how long will the incisions stay opened???

Hiding this whole procedure?!?

So I'm trying to hide this whole procedure from my boyfriend lol he plays basketball in turkey and so he won't be here when I get the procedure done in July BUT we will be moving to London in sept soooooo how am I suppose to do this?! Lol help!!!! Does anyone think I can completely hide this from him?


So I don't have a PCP or health insurance I'm self employed! Anywho! I need to know how can I get a medical Clearance for this surgery???? Do I just go to a doc and get a reg physical/ check up??! Someone please help me

My sister is going to DR for her bbl procedure

My sister is going to Dr Yily for her bbl procedure! We are in search of some place for her to stay!!! CAN SOMEONE PLEASEEEE give me a recommendation as to where she should stay???? What's the best RH in DR or should she just get a hotel??!?!


Anyone going to Dr Baez in August?????? Aug5th or Aug 27th My sister needs a buddy!!! She's scared to go alone! Unfortunately I can't go with her :-(

Ugh! I may have to change dates!!! :-(

Ugh I may have to change dates for my bbl!!! I'm in nursing school and they are giving me hell about me missing class in July!!! So with that being said I may have to switch with someone for a later date this year!!! BUT NO LATER than JAN 2014!! If u interested PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PM me!!!!

Still need an earlier date!!

Please PM Me!!

Later date this year!!!!

Morning!!! I'm in search of a later date this year!!! I need to switch from 7/26/2013 to a later date this year towards the end of 2013

Switch dates!!!

Does anyone know how I can switch dates for salama from July to a dec or jan date?!?!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr salama 7/2013

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Wilson's recovery house
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I was told the magna 365 was a nice hotel in dR
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Plus the Plaza Florida Suites r couple blocks away from Cipla :)
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Thank you so much! Ill be contacting them! By any chance do you know how much they charge per night?
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Maybe a hotel.. Ill be staying at the plaza Florida suites.. Duran suggested it. She will send a nurse for 3 days n I plan on hiring one as well... I think the hotel route night be the safest cleanest n most predictable stay over a RH although an RH if properly inspected n clean may be more convenient ...
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I was wondering the same thing I dnt have a pcp or insurance so how would I get the medical clearance and the medicaine the dr asks for before I head out there because we wont get a prescription till after the fact so im lost can someone please help
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Did you find out abt the medical clearance without insurance. I have no insurance either so I'm trying to figure out where I can get medical clearance and cheaper prescription meds
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What exactly happened in CIPLA?
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Locate a labcorp in your area on labcorp.com to get your testing done all you need is your scrip from Dr Baez the testing cost about $75
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Thank you so much
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You can try to hide it but I don't think it's possible. He will def. notice
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hey girl, just reading your blog, what happened to the girls in cipla in Santo Domingo?? I'm just curious. My doc is dr. J but I agree, going abroad is risky.
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ladies how can i get in contact with Dr. Baez?
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Thank You!
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After 10 yrs of having my BBL...the only scars are showing are the Keloids from the Lipoprotein injections...bruising goes away few weeks after Sx...everyone's body has its own healing processes...smiles...Congrats...girl...
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Thank you so much
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I say take that ghetto booty cause it would drop but lord girl when that fluffing take place it might be that STALLION ghetto booty lol idk up to u. I'm 6 weeks girl and I'm still damn near black lol I need some bleaching cream to get this process going smh I need my skin color back Shawty tryna hit the beach soon. Well good luck to you on your journey can't wait to see u Salamafied. Oh just realized u about the Mayweather fight thanks girl gotta tell my girlies ASAP
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Yea chile I'm trying to be ON POINT for sept!!!! I don't wanna be wobbling nshit when I get there lol u kno in sept Vegas still be a lil warm so my black ass is trying to be beside the pool with the rest of the chicas lol I need NO BRUISING come sept lol
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I'm 5'4, trust me a big booty fits well on us short chick's, if you tell him you want petite and you loose volume you will be sad I say GO BIG LOL
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Lol I guess I will tell him to go big then!!! Lol I have no choice now since I done gained all this weight lol thanks Hun
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Girl we all go through that emotional roller coaster, you will even have some of those feelings after you have the surgery because you will want to sit or lay on your back its normal
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Thanks so much Hun!!!
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Hey...I am looking to get a bbl in dr with dr.baez. Why did you change your mind and went with another doctor? Also I see you have a post in reference to someone that die. What happen?
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