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My overall experience was great, I had my surgery...

My overall experience was great, I had my surgery two weeks ago.

I am familiar with these procedures, I work in recovery for a few surgery centers and cosmetic clinics.

I am a mother of twins, during pregnancy I gained a goof 55 pounds all in my belly. The pregnancy went full term and I gave birth to two beautiful baby girls. I decided that since they recently turned two that it was time for a mommy makeover. I had drains in for a week, and as soon as the took it out I started developing some bulging over the incision... Told the dr and he merely told me it was swelling...

A week later the bulging is worse and is quite jiggly, I emailed the dr photos and he is agreeing that this could be a seroma

Went in yesterday and had over 100cc of fluid...

Went in yesterday and had over 100cc of fluid removed thougha 2.5 inch needle, right through the stomach wall.. now that was fun ;)

The swelling and puffiness is down.. and I am feelingslightly better. I am now grasping the fact that I ill be facing revisions.

Im still having alittle more bluge over the...

Im still having alittle more bluge over the incision, is this swelling??

Happy! I hade the entire procedure redone and I am...

Happy! I hade the entire procedure redone and I am sloop flipping happy. I am very impressed w my surgeon who also listened to me and when he was redoing the procedure found that the seroma had capsulated and could of been a lot of trouble if I hadn't been to adamant

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

Was up playing with the twins today and doing...

Was up playing with the twins today and doing light housework... Suffering from some severe swelling and tightness all the way to my ribs :/ guess I need to take it a little easier

Yay 17 day post op celebration

Finally feeling back to normal. With everyday that...

Finally feeling back to normal. With everyday that passes I get smaller and smaller. The swelling goes down a little more and everything is better :) I'm so happy

Its a few months shy of a year and Ive never felt...

Its a few months shy of a year and Ive never felt or looked better. This entire experience has been fun and educational. Although I cant stress it enough the amount of attention you should apply towards scar therapy, I am happy with the results.
Dr Hallak

The dr was very informative and explained everything in great detail to where I did not have any questions or doubts when leaving my consultation. Day of surgery was nerve racking as it is for many people, the staff at the surgery center were very professional and courteous. I woke up after having my breast and tummy done with no nausea or pains of any kind. My follow up was perfect, and informative about what to expect. I had two drains in and had the first removed after 7 days and the second removed after 11 days. This is because I am prone to having fluid collection. After the first week I hasd a lot of questions about swelling etc and he was always responding within an hour or so with satisfying answers.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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What kind of scar therapy did you use? How is the scar now?
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I am happy you are feeling better you look awesome!
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I am glad to hear you are doing so well:)  Keep up the good work.

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good to know so you love your ne belley button!
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I didn't have the faschia tightened the first time, the second go round he did the full tuck and new belly button. And it was way more pain then the first mini tuck.. The mini was too conservative for what I needed so it was very necessary to go bck and fix it. I am now 2 weeks out of my second surgery and feeling great :)
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For the second, did the PS simply re pull the skin a bit ? How are you both feeling about the integrity of the skin now? You look really great. How long will this recovery be. Is it like being maybe two months into it except for the healing for the scar. 6 weeks ago did you have abb surgery as well and is that now feeling like your 6 wks into it as well.
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Yeah I bet it was a night mare for you i am glad it is over with for you though sweet victory!!!! Now it is all about taking things slow. 6 weeks wow you look awesome though.Congrats on everything so were you nervoues abt 2nd time around!
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Jen you look awesome. my friends mother in law had @ tt and she looks awesome too!
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Thank you. Im sixe weeks out from the original surgery and two weeks and some change from the last one... What a nightmare, but so worth it
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Looking awesome :)
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Ok great I have encapsolated serroma (sp) No wonder my tummy is hard as a rock. New pics look good.. I cant have another TT there is no skin to pull. :-( Wait how long did you have to wait to do second TT? Not the normal time because of why?
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I wrote you an email :)
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Jen wow, Can't wait to see the pictures and happy you have the background in this field that you can see whats what and get to the result you deserve!
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You look great!  I am glad that this was all figured out so that you could end up with the results  you expected.  

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Turns out I had to go back and have the entire tuck done again! I appreciate all the kind words etc... But I'm a nurse in this field and knew it was right... But now I am soo happy with the results it looks beautiful, I'm now two weeks out. I'll port pics shortly
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JEN no it's fine!!!!!! I went through this. I couldnt find a sole on here that looked like me. My PS said I was going to look awesome. I couldn't believe him. I thought he was nuts. I'm almost four weeks. Now Im even more swollen HOWEVER I have really found enough info to ease my mind. This scar is perfect!!!!! It's not the scar, it's not the incision its just the area beneath the skin that is swollen and in shock. Now think about it, could your healing area underneath stay in this condition? Hardly! Of course it's going to attache it's self, the limpnodes will re attatche properly fluid will move up not just down. It's not the scar. Look at the line under the ridge. It's perfectly clean and neat and an excellent job! This is not the start of kiloid or damage beneath the skin that was not done properly. This is how your body reacted to a fantastic surgery. If the fluid is pulling the skin your PS will take care of it.
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Jen OMG your boobs are knock out freekin beautiful. Your PS is a talented guy or girl :-) wow look at your boobs! Have faith in this PS he seems very attentive and taking great care of you.
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Oh, the needle in the abs. So sorry you had to go through this!

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I saw the Dr today, we have to keep an eye on the fluid collection, we are afraid that the pooling may stretch out the skin since its so thin from bearing twin full term babies in the first palce ;)
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When do you see the doctor again? Please keep us posted!

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